Quick Update

Onward to the dust…

Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay
  • Week of 16-22 March.
  • Health week 5/10.
  • Monday, fibre route planning meeting, read all the Constantia Fibre responses – very interesting and kinda ironic that of the bunch I think Octotel and Frogfoot are the only real Open Access options, a sunset promenade walk, some blogging at home.
  • Mia went on a Grade 3 camp.
  • Techstars London Summer 2015 applications opened this week.
  • In case you were wondering, I’m back in the telecoms game. Open Access fibre networks. Looking to launch the new products soon.
  • I might actually unpack my things in Bantry Bay soon, when I’m bored one evening.
  • Tuesday, walked to work, in the office till 19:00ish, post-sunset swim at home, some theme camp related tinkering – we have a new colourful logo now, kinda missed St. Patricks day, productive day… happy that we found a creative crew name – at last – and a theme/story that can have some continuity in coming years, bugged me for months (read: years).
  • Very cool to have people to be creative with. Pro tip: date a geek.
  • We renamed the theme camp / creative crew / collective to Atomic City (go like our page). Think 100 years after the 50s – how would you have imagined the future way back then? …”welcome to the 21st century, Marvin the Martian”.
  • Should GUST become open source? Johann’s idea.
  • Wednesday, walked to work… scenic route next to the sea, R16 paleo Checkers breakfast, busy day – bit of a blur… lots of context switching, at the office till after 19:00 again, post-sunset swim, tried to catch up with some reading.
  • Interesting read: Why women leave men they love.
  • The beginning of impossible things happening…”

  • “Pablo Picasso said it best: The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.” — from here

  • Pre-registered for my 6th Rocking the Daisies.
  • Bucky Fuller Rogers… having fun with this retrofuturism thing.
  • Thursday, walked to work, a swim at home, sunset walk to Clifton 1st and back, the usual tinkering, tea and dark chocolate, ordered some LEDs and ELwire from China, blogging.
  • This paleo + 16h IF weekday routine seem to match my (probably sub) 9000kj mcJob activity levels. Lost about 8kg since London… 85kg now, another 2kg for 25 BMI, lightest I’ve been since about 2002.
  • Seems Jacques and Georg are not going to AfrikaBurn anymore. It’s not for everybody.
  • Jacques sent me this recently – kinda related to why I think things like Burning Man are cool – getting back to building stuff and understanding the fundamentals – like growing food…

    “The skills are never going to be equal and there will never be a totally technology age. Even in ancient Rome, the further you moved from the center, the more primitive it became. We have that today. Those in cities would starve for they know nothing about growing food etc. The city dweller may be at the head of technology, but they are also the first to crash and burn in the decline for they leave behind important basic knowledge. Ask yourself, do you know the phone number of everyone you call? I have a BMW with all the gadgets. The light come on automatically to the point I do not need a key to get in or start the car. When I have to rent a car someplace, I suddenly see how dependent I have become on that technology. As we advance, we leave behind skills that we still really need.

    So look to technology, but do not forget your basic engineering skills. Develop both. The top jobs will be in computer skills, but you still need to understand what you are programming about.”

  • Friday, woke up after a fog horn interrupted sleep, two interesting meetings, crazy traffic leaving Cape Town – passed 3 accidents, fetched Mia from school, we drove to Franschhoek, some tennis with Mia, sunset swim.
  • “The thing is, Joe, we never do fly off to Rome on a moment’s notice.” — Sally

  • Saturday, Campari and tennis with Mia, swim, Nikki baked (great) scones, registered our AfrikaBurn art project – a “welcome home” sign, watched Avatar again with Mia (should have rather had a nap), sunset walk with Nikki, Mia and the dogs.
  • Looks like I’ll be spending a winter in Cape Town.
  • Some wise guys stole Nikki’s Telkom copper lines – but they were caught a few days later… ran out of fuel on the way back home, slept in the car and got woken up by the police who spotted the cable in the back. *grin*
  • Sunday, vitamin and immune booster party with the kids, watched The Wind Rises (Ghibli)… beautiful but boring, afternoon around the pool, some more LED/ELwire ordering from Andrew in China, impromptu sunset tennis party with my favourite Chardonnay in plastic cups, sunset walk, lettuce shell ~tacos.
  • “Ten years in the sun, did you live them well?” — The Wind Rises

  • Mia managed to swim a full length underwater after I gave her some tips on breathing and keeping her heart rate down – she looked very happy with herself.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.