Quick Update

Surveillance for ants…

Berg River Dam walk
Berg River Dam walk
  • Week of 23-29 March.
  • Health week 6/10.
  • Monday, school run from Franschhoek – 1 hour drive, work, gym, swim, haircut at Yogi’s (who removed SnapScan because of “tax reasons”), nap, very nice 2 hour walk from Bantry Bay to the Bakoven and back, watched the sunset from the Beta Beach big rock, post-sunset swim at home, tea, dark chocolate, photo and notes processing.
  • We had this idea for an NSA ant farm with CCTV art project at AfrikaBurn. “What is this? Mass surveillance for ants?”
  • Tuesday, walked to work, catch up meetings with Giuliano and Ben at Bootleggers, watched the last over of the cricket, investor meeting, sunset swim at home.
  • “Is FB flakey one level above CPT flakey?” — about Cape Town people attending events.

  • Seems Teraco was sold for around 140m USD.
  • “You have to die a few times before you can really live.” — Charles Bukowski

  • Wednesday, up early, walked to the office, Anton bought Mia a pink rabbit onesie for AfrikaBurn / her birthday, great lunch at La Perla with Chris, sunset swim at home, 90% dark chocolate and tea and blogging.
  • Naulene phoned me, she seems to have made up her mind that Mia should stay with me soon – …or maybe Mia engineered this.
  • Thursday, interesting meeting… learnt a bit more about fibre link budgets, drove to Franschhoek, afternoon catch-up walk with Nikki, some AfrikaBurn planning, we managed to order all the things for the Vegas Sign… laser cutting etc, dinner with some Groot Constantia Chardonnay 2013 – best Chardonnay in the world… very good – I like it.
  • I think I’ve gone more than a week without taking my phone off silent – who needs ringtones?
  • ERnst. HilAH. – hehe.
  • Really wish there was an 85% dark chilli Lindt version – 70% seems sweet.
  • Friday, some remote working, sunset walk with T10 G&Ts with oversized ice cubes.
  • “I don’t want more choice, I just want nicer things!” — Absolutely Fabulous

  • Saturday, a morning walk with Nikki and the dogs in the hills around the Berg River dam (see above), lots of swimming, sunset walk.
  • Sunday, Groovy Troopers with Nikki, great fun, more swimming.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.