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Quick Update

Waterfront weekend…

Den Anker
Den Anker
  • Week of 18-24 May.
  • Health week 2/8… kinda, erm, more of a catching up with friends week.
  • Monday, school run from Franschhoek to the tune of The Black Keys, work, gym, lunch with Andrew, worked at Manuka, fetched Mia from school, we had tea and scones while doing homework, kids/family shrink visit with Mia and Naulene… fairly productive, sunset drive back to Cape Town, a catch up chat with Wouter, went to bed at 21:00 because of load shedding.
  • Seems Andrew is back in SA for good, but he sounds like he wants to move to Joburg.
  • Tuesday, gym with Wouter – I need to work on my dead lifts, failed plan to return Mia’s book bag via a friend driving to Somerset West… Naulene refused to fetch the bag from SW, an early lunch with Ernst at Sababa Deli in Bree Street and a catch-up chat over a latte at Jason Bakery, WordPress tinkering, Sportsman’s Warehouse forgot to send my watch to Joburg for the strap to get fixed, winter food craving – soup and rye bread, some blogging with tea and dark chocolate.
  • It seems I’ve managed to adapt to not need breakfast. Two meals a day.
  • Wednesday, gym at 6:30ish, listened to the first episode of, office, I won the PayPal refund case against the two international theme camp grumpy weirdos, pulled pork tacos at The Fat Cactus in Woodstock with Jonathan, a catch-up T10 G&T with Al and Diabi at Ricks in Gardens.
  • I still have a bit of an annoying heel injury from AfrikaBurn.
  • Thursday, office, a drink with Paul, Al, Claus, Janey and Melissa at Up Yours.
  • Nice to catch up with Andrew, Ernst, Jonathan, Al, Paul and Claus this week – and nice to meet Diabi and Melissa.
  • Cape Town is awesome. Yes, it’s winter and I tend to forget… but all I have to do is think back to London last year to really appreciate it again.
  • Friday, car wash, office, weekend with Nikki at the Waterfront, Nobu, Bascule.
  • Saturday, gangster theme party at James’ and Malu’s house in Noordhoek.
  • “…just once, I would like to hear you scream, in pain.
    Joe Hallenbeck: Play some rap music.” — The Last Boy Scout

  • Sunday, early morning grapefruit, brunch at Mondiall, sunset walk, watched parts of Kick Ass 2 again, a drink at the One and Only, a great pot of muscles for dinner at Den Anker (see above), watched Divergent again, super weekend.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Sportsmans Warehouse Muppets

Dear Sportsmans Warehouse, Sea Point – you guys suck.

In fact, Polar watch straps also suck – but that’s another story. I’m trying to get my watch strap repaired for the 2nd time.

My watch has been at your Sea Point branch for more than a week and you still have not sent it off to Joburg to get fixed and nobody has phoned me with a price for a new strap.


Is it that hard to courier something to Joburg overnight and get me a price?

I visited your shop two days ago to hear what the story is. I was promised somebody would phone me yesterday. Nothing.


UPDATE 25-05-2015:

I received this:

Text message
Text message

“Winning Starts Here!”

UPDATE 26-05-2015:

I have a watch again. It cost more than R0.00 to fix, but I’m happy.

Quick Update

Grumpy weirdos…

Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay
  • Week of 11-17 May.
  • Health week 1/8.
  • Monday, walked to work via the scenic route, booked my Polar watch in for a watch scrap repair (again), played with Layers for WordPress… pretty cool, drove to Franschhoek after the traffic, phoned Ernst on the way.
  • Tuesday, woke up thinking: 2015… Rugby World Cup and Star Wars!, phoned Anton and Georg on the way to Cape Town, work, processed some photos from the other two compact cameras that went to AfrikaBurn, gym… the pool is broken till June *sigh*, walked to The Ambassador Hotel in Bantry Bay, an early salad and a glass of Ataraxia Sauvignon at Koi with great views to catch up on some work, epic sunset (see above), a sunset G&T with Georg and Aiden at La Vie… nice to see them – Aiden had some crazy stories, arrived home to a totally empty kitchen – we’re having some floors redone at home.
  • Started reading The Four Hour Body book again.
  • New hobby, phone friends while driving… using that car phone I almost never seem to switch on… better than the false sense of friendship we have from using Facebook.
  • The troubles with Naulene seem a bit better. She agreed to go see a child psychologist with Mia.
  • After 4 AfrikaBurns, I think it’s safe to say I don’t really like the whole dress-up thing. No real desire to be somebody else. I get it – I should make more effort. Needs more thought. Nothing worse than seeing some half baked attempt to decorate something – two ribbons on a bike – waste of time.
  • Wednesday, up at 6:00, gym, office, R16 paleo brunch, Michael’s 2nd interview, sunset walk along the Promenade, Chinese for supper at Dynasty in Sea Point with Georg… pretty good.
  • Thursday, arrived at gym just before 7:00 – still dark, listened to Sam’s Town – great gym album, office, doc signing in Durbanville – kinda exit #4, made my first Contactless card payment in SA – buying hockey snacks for Mia along the N2, watched Mia’s hockey… mildly annoyed that I drove all the way to watch a game and Mia did not get a chance to play, talked to the coach, Mia played in the next game for one half and scored one goal, kids birthday present shopping, clothes shopping with Mia… winter socks, stockings and a training bra (which kinda failed because of the unhelpful shop assistant), tried to drop Mia off at home but Naulene had a moment and would not let Mia in the door without having all her homework done – so we sat in the back of my car and she did all her homework while Naulene yelled at the other two kids, arrived late to Jacques’ snoek braai in Durbanville, nice evening, Jacques showed me all his new paint ball toys.
  • Jacques still does not have fibre broadband in London.
  • I never really liked Sea Point, but it’s growing on me.
  • Friday, woke up thinking aB was a very big production – lots of logistics, Sam washed my car, I have a new floor in my room, office, fetched Mia from school, drove to Franschhoek, watched Star Trek (2009) with Mia.
  • Mia volunteered to do a 5min talk about AfrikaBurn for her class at school.
  • Living in 4 houses is tricky. Mia’s stuff is all over the place.
  • Saturday, rainy morning walk with the dogs, Greg and Stevi’s 3rd birthday party… lots of fun, I played photographer, epic afternoon nap, braai with Nikki, Tony and Dane.
  • Sunday, morning walk with the dogs, lazy Sunday, we managed to almost finish watching When Harry Met Sally before falling asleep, nice day.
  • I think it’s safe to say we will not be looking to include any internationals in our next AfrikaBurn project / theme camp. Having to deal with grumpy weirdos is no that much fun.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Back from 10 days in the desert with only a few minor scratches…

Fog at the Waterfront
Fog at the Waterfront
  • Week of 4 to 10 May.
  • Monday, packed up our living camp at AfrikaBurn – huge mission, stopped for a curry and rice at the Tankwa Padstal, we managed to get off the dirt road before sunset, drove to Franschhoek, great to sleep in a real bed.
  • 12th time I’ve been on the R355 without a flat tire. Very happy.
  • Tuesday, unpacked, a Hammam scrubbing and a great salad at Babylonstoren with Nikki, sunset walk with the dogs, in bed early.
  • Wednesday, up at 5:00, drove to Cape Town, some photo downloads and backups, office, lots of email to process, City Fibre planning meeting, a slice of raw pizza at the Waterfront Food Market for lunch, Octotel catch up meeting, dropped Mia’s school clothes at CafeNeo with a pretty hysterical Naulene, some Thai food and answering theme camp member posts, a bit of photo processing, in bed early.
  • It really is winter now in Cape Town.
  • Thursday, some quick photo processing over breakfast, walked to work for a change… very nice, long day at the office, walked home around 19:00, in bed early.
  • Inbox zero! …and RSS feed zero.
  • Nice read on the logic behind IF.
  • Friday, walked to work, R16 paleo breakfast at Checkers, claimed a free coffee with the Vida app – it works well, Wade Bales wine show with Paul at 15 on Orange, in bed early.
  • At first I thought there were no photos of me at this year’s burn, but I found two in Gerry’s collection… both very random and from the back.
  • “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss

  • Another 8 week health plan coming up. Only managed 7 of the 10 weeks of the last round.
  • Saturday, woke up around 8:00, fell asleep again, got out of bed around 10:00… so nice to not have to do anything, brunch with Wouter at Bootleggers in Bantry Bay, photo processing, sunset walk along Clifton and Camps Bay beach, Wouter’s famous steak with temperature probes and broccoli for supper.
  • I want to go back to AfrikaBurn and take more photos.
  • Sunday, very relaxed day, caught up on 5 weeks of blogging, chilled breakfast, nap, unpacked some (more) AfrikaBurn stuff, played with the new Macbook at the Waterfront… nice, but almost no travel in the keys – not sure I could get used to typing on that, got a new (fav) hoodie for the winter, a haircut at Mr Cobbs barber – trying a very adventurous new hairstyle, a misty walk past the Mouille Point lighthouse, soup and rye bread with lots of butter.
  • Check out the Dymaxion map.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

AfrikaBurn 2015…

AfrikaBurn 2015
AfrikaBurn 2015, photo by Gerald
  • Week of 27 April to 3 May.
  • That place we go to not sit in front of computers and play with phones…
  • My 4th AfrikaBurn, 1st with a SO, Mia’s 2nd.
  • My phone was off. Not too many notes to work with here.
  • Monday, I volunteered for gate greeter duty from 15:00 to 18:00, epic sunset.
  • Tuesday, hmm.. hung out with Mia, cycled around, took some photos at a sunset wedding.
  • Wednesday, Mia played marriage officer at the wedding chapel… Paul missed his shift, watched some Mary Poppins with Mia at the Sweet Love Cinema.
  • “I just got married by a nine year old.” — o/h as I cycled by some people.

  • Thursday, dropped Mia off in in Ceres, water refill and shopping for supplies, back before sunset.
  • We had great food this year (thanks!), managed to actually keep the same weight – not just protein shakes and trail mix. Also managed to get some sleep every night.
  • Try some dill in your next salad.
  • Friday, the Chris and Chris swimming pool camp in the afternoon, watched some things burn.
  • More than one cool cycling adventures around the desert. Mia loved the cycling.
  • Saturday, swimming pool camp in the afternoon and a spitbraai, watched some things burn… like I said, not that many notes.
  • Sunday, cycled around and found Cub Scout her bag, packed up the theme camp, a hot shower at Lynne’s camp and some T10 G&Ts, in bed early.
  • Activity levels at the burn are so much higher, makes you think that we were not designed to sit still for 8 hours a day.
  • Not enough photos taken. Next year I should really take out my camera more. I say this every year.
  • Some photos from the DSLR – I still need to process the photos from the two compact cameras.
  • It was great to meet a lot of new people, Gerald the Swiss guy in our camp in particular.
  • Separating the living camp (quiet zone) from the theme camp was maybe a bad idea. Can’t really work out a solution to this one. I’m thinking – next year I want to still camp in the quiet zone, but maybe have a lookout deck.
  • Many other learnings, lots of notes for next year.
  • The (two days of) packing up was a real bitch.
  • All in all, it was great fun and very rewarding, thanks for all the hard work everybody.
  • I’m kinda happy I still have a SO after this adventure, not that I doubted it really, but I think it’s very cool to be able to share experiences like these.
  • “For those that have been no explanation is necessary, for those that haven’t none is possible.” — Devin Ross Herd

This week you get two photos…

Our Vegas sign
Our 5m high Vegas wedding chapel sign

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Week before AfrikaBurn…

  • Week of 20 to 26 April.
  • Monday, new school visit with Mia and Naulene, hardware store, meeting with Naulene and a salad at Sacred Ground, afternoon walk with Nikki.
  • Trying to get some new parenting agreement with Naulene has been really painful.
  • Tuesday, school run, gym, swim, LED light order, fetched Mia from school, bike shopping.
  • Gym has been reduced to squats, abs and swimming.
  • More drama with Naulene.
  • Wednesday, some Vegas sign building, we found Mia a new 24″ bicycle in Paarl… bit of a late birthday gift, awesome dinner at LQF with Nikki.
  • Mia is now 150cm, 43kg, shoe size 5, hmm – I think the length chart at the Woolworths is wrong, she was 148cm in July – need to find something more accurate to measure this with.
  • Thursday, Cape Town day, Wellness warehouse shopping, vitB shot around Kloof street… first one in my arm (not so much fun), Orms visit to get some Polaroid film.
  • Remember: it’s unlikely for people of divergent mental health levels to remain in a relationship. The crazies mostly have short relationships. The sane ones get taken out of dating pool so there is a bigger % of crazies in dating pool.
  • Friday, storage visit, fetched my bike, shopping, scones and cream with Mia at Somerset Mall and ginger shots… just for the expression on Mia’s face, Wouter and Gerry came to visit, lots of (reluctant) packing.
  • The start of 10 days in the desert, 6 days for Mia.
  • Saturday, final packing, we drove to AfrikaBurn with the Vegas sign and two pretty full 2Ton trailers, a quick stop at the Tankwa Padstal, Nikki rang the first-timers gong around early evening, found a spot to camp just before sunset, T10 G&Ts with Storm and Angelique.
  • Sunday, a day of theme camp setup, Mia convinced Wouter to assemble her bike and went off exploring.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Single dad adventures and a bit of home schooling…

AfrikaBurn prep
AfrikaBurn prep
  • Week of 13 to 19 April.
  • Monday, up at 5:30, school run to from Franschhoek to Somerset West, sense of humour failure with Naulene again – she did not pack school shoes for Mia and knew that they were missing but did not tell me, drove to the office in Cape Town, fetched Mia from school in Somerset West, some shopping and an early supper with Mia, back to Cape Town, some theme camp planning and sign building.
  • Somerset West: a town where the highway has traffic lights.
  • Tuesday, up at 6:00, school run from Cape Town to Somerset West with some Bohemian Rhapsody, a meeting with Naulene at Manuka, a quick swim and sauna to de-stress, fetched the (China election strength) ink for our theme camp stamps, a meeting in Cape Town, fetched Mia from school – she found her school shoes again, took Mia shopping for stationary, back to Cape Town, a quick sunset promenade walk with Mia, helped Mia with some homework, wrote Naulene a long email, wrote Mia’s name in her school shoes, in bed early.
  • Wednesday, home schooling day, got up at 6:00 to discover the power was off, got back in bed and slept till 8:00, some home schooling and work from home, Mia did Mathletics on her laptop and managed to get a high score of sorts, sunset Glen Beach and Camps Bay Beach walk with Mia, calamari platter at Ocean Basket in Camps Bay for supper, processed all the notes on my phone, bought Mia an AfrikaBurn ticket, in bed early, great day.
  • Thursday, up at 6:00, school run, we fetched a new hockey shirt for Mia, worked at gym, figured out the stretch tent logistics for our camps, gym, swim, fetched Mia, shopping and a burger at W cafe, sunset drive to Cape Town, gluing and cutting parts of the Vegas sign with Wouter, in bed after 0:00.
  • The Vegas sign is taking shape, very cool little industrial design project.
  • I’ve been pondering 2nd relationships and blended families recently. Pro tip: you really should work out if you are dating somebody you want to be a co-parent with fairly early on. It really helps if they are fully functional humans.
  • I’m about to introduce Mia to the 12 Star Trek movies. Not that I’m that big a trekkie, but I figure it’s something you need to see.
  • Friday, up at 6:00, school run, car wash day, got a gift wrapped and found a UniqueHorn card, nice breakfast at W cafe… bumped into Theo, gym, swim, watched Mia’s hockey… she scored 7 goals, drove to Franschhoek, had some The Botanist Islay G&Ts… try it.
  • IF does not work with kids around, somehow you always have to buy them ice cream.
  • Our 12 pairs of Elvis shades arrived.
  • Saturday, AfrikaBurn theme camp building day with Mia, Nikki, Felix, Paul, Wouter, Storm and Angilique. Good fun – this was the first actual building and painting day.
  • “I might have bought up all the gold splay paint in Franschhoek.” — Nikki

  • After three years of theme camp projects for AfrikaBurn, I really feel we’ve stepped things up and have something cool to put on the Binnekring this year. Much more work than past years. We camped next to the Ledhedz camp in 2012 and I remember being inspired by all the work that went into that. I remember having a chat with Jon Cline towards the end of that burn and thinking I really want to do something that cool.
  • Sunday, more theme camp painting work with Nikki and Paul, sunset walk with the kids and dogs.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

A Tenenbaumsy week…

Spice Route
Spice Route
  • Week of 6 to 12 April. Mia’s school holiday week.
  • Health week 8/10, not so much – seems I only managed 7 weeks.
  • Lots of time with Mia this week, which was been great.
  • Monday, Easter Monday, lots of swimming, great frittata for brunch, Paul went off to break up with Hilah and returned a bit later, sunset walk.
  • We have a plan to make Limoncello. Thanks Felix.
  • Tuesday, work, Mia painted two flamingos, lunch at Bread and Wine with Nikki and Mia… nice seared tuna, great souffle for dessert, sunset tennis with Nikki, Dane and kids.
  • “What did your last slave die of?” — Nikki

  • Wednesday, Mia holiday outing, watched Home 3D at the Waterfront with Mia and Nikki… very funny – Nikki’s first 3D movie experience, micro herb salad at Bulducci’s, gelato, quick visit to a LED lighting place and Falcon Electronics in Woodstock and looked at some retail space for a restaurant idea, a quick wine tasting at Plaisir De Merle on the way home, sunset walk with the dogs and some Woodstock gin G&Ts (hmm… it needs work), Moreson Chardonnay 2012 and 2013 tasting, paleo burgers.
  • “It’s like your best friend never goes home.” — Nikki

  • “What is the meaning of your face?” — O, Home

  • Thursday, work, while Nikki took Mia for a haircut, iOS and OSX upgrade day, Spice Route visit (see above) and CBC beer tasting with Nikki and Mia, sunset swim, some AfrikaBurn theme camp planning.
  • Friday, Franschoek hardware store visit, lunch at Babel / Babylonstoren… try the yellow salad, Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm visit with Mia… interesting that you can poke a crocodile’s eye (into the skull) and it pops right out again.
  • “Cold blooded vicious killers – and crocodiles.”

  • Saturday, we found Mia some new (teal) hockey / astro shoes (size 5) and a gum guard for hockey, Brampton play area with the kids and a golf cart ride, espresso Martini’s at LQF with Nikki.
  • I think I’m starting to like Franschhoek… and I’ve gotten used to the idea that you spell it with two h’s.
  • Sunday, swimming, tennis and a sunset walk with Nikki and the dogs, hot water gum guard molding operation.
  • Tune of the week: Somebody to Love, Queen.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update


Cape Town
Cape Town
  • Week of 30 March to 5 April.
  • So easy to get 5 weeks behind with blogging.
  • Mia has been staying with me for the whole of April, while her mom is busy working out if she wants to look after Mia or not. Pretty ridiculous.
  • Health week 7/10.
  • Monday, walked to the office, sunset swim at home.
  • The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things
  • Tuesday, bullet proof coffee and gym with Wouter while my car was getting a wash, squats, military press, dead lift, very light weights working on the technique, building site visit with a hard hat, fetched some Vegas sign stuff, Michael returned the aquaponics book, left the office after 19:00, Wouter made his signature steak with temperature probes and broccoli dish, some theme camp member wrangling and artwork blurb updates, Wouter and I cut the corners of the aluminium frame for the Vegas sign and confirmed the size of the plexiglass we need laser cut.
  • Mia turned 9 on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday, city fibre meeting, sunset beach walk towards Bantry Bay, mini theme camp meetup with Paul, Warren and Graham at Up Yours.
  • “D.H. Banes: I believe, umm, that certain people in life are meant to fall by the wayside; to serve as warnings to the rest of us; signs posts along the way.
    Igby: To where?
    D.H. Banes: Success.
    Oliver: Our father would be a ‘slippery when schizophrenic’ sign, for instance…
    Oliver: … along the highway of life.” — Igby Goes Down

  • Thursday, bulletproof coffee and gym with Wouter, some creative writing, school shrink phoned, late afternoon Waterfront shopping – bought Mia a new sleeping bag and some other camping things, fetched Mia from Manuka and a grumpy Naulene, we drove to Franschhoek, T10 G&Ts, lettuce tacos and 1/2 a dark chocolate bunny.
  • Friday, early morning birthday present opening party for Mia, breakfast at Deli Cat / Tokara with Mia, Nikki, Greg and Stevi… try the the coconut bread with marmalade, a swim at home, sunset walk, Pesach dinner in Franschhoek – second time I had to wear a yarmulke, some matzos, nice dinner and some salted caramel ice cream.
  • Saturday, some theme camp planning, sunset walk, braai with Graham and Lexi, (note to self: get meat temperature probe), we hid some easter eggs and Kiki drew Easter bunny footprints around the house with chalk.
  • Favourite Sodastream flavour: Campari.
  • Sunday, Easter egg hunt with Stevi, Greg and Mia, Easter lunch with Lexi, Graham, Georg, Esmi(?), Felix and Paul (who arrived on time)… Nikki made a great roast, some orange boules with Mia and Felix, epic 3 hour nap, fun evening.
  • Finally managed to set the DStv decoder to record Star Wars Rebels.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.