Quick Update


Cape Town
Cape Town
  • Week of 30 March to 5 April.
  • So easy to get 5 weeks behind with blogging.
  • Mia has been staying with me for the whole of April, while her mom is busy working out if she wants to look after Mia or not. Pretty ridiculous.
  • Health week 7/10.
  • Monday, walked to the office, sunset swim at home.
  • The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things
  • Tuesday, bullet proof coffee and gym with Wouter while my car was getting a wash, squats, military press, dead lift, very light weights working on the technique, building site visit with a hard hat, fetched some Vegas sign stuff, Michael returned the aquaponics book, left the office after 19:00, Wouter made his signature steak with temperature probes and broccoli dish, some theme camp member wrangling and artwork blurb updates, Wouter and I cut the corners of the aluminium frame for the Vegas sign and confirmed the size of the plexiglass we need laser cut.
  • Mia turned 9 on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday, city fibre meeting, sunset beach walk towards Bantry Bay, mini theme camp meetup with Paul, Warren and Graham at Up Yours.
  • “D.H. Banes: I believe, umm, that certain people in life are meant to fall by the wayside; to serve as warnings to the rest of us; signs posts along the way.
    Igby: To where?
    D.H. Banes: Success.
    Oliver: Our father would be a ‘slippery when schizophrenic’ sign, for instance…
    Oliver: … along the highway of life.” — Igby Goes Down

  • Thursday, bulletproof coffee and gym with Wouter, some creative writing, school shrink phoned, late afternoon Waterfront shopping – bought Mia a new sleeping bag and some other camping things, fetched Mia from Manuka and a grumpy Naulene, we drove to Franschhoek, T10 G&Ts, lettuce tacos and 1/2 a dark chocolate bunny.
  • Friday, early morning birthday present opening party for Mia, breakfast at Deli Cat / Tokara with Mia, Nikki, Greg and Stevi… try the the coconut bread with marmalade, a swim at home, sunset walk, Pesach dinner in Franschhoek – second time I had to wear a yarmulke, some matzos, nice dinner and some salted caramel ice cream.
  • Saturday, some theme camp planning, sunset walk, braai with Graham and Lexi, (note to self: get meat temperature probe), we hid some easter eggs and Kiki drew Easter bunny footprints around the house with chalk.
  • Favourite Sodastream flavour: Campari.
  • Sunday, Easter egg hunt with Stevi, Greg and Mia, Easter lunch with Lexi, Graham, Georg, Esmi(?), Felix and Paul (who arrived on time)… Nikki made a great roast, some orange boules with Mia and Felix, epic 3 hour nap, fun evening.
  • Finally managed to set the DStv decoder to record Star Wars Rebels.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.