Quick Update

A Tenenbaumsy week…

Spice Route
Spice Route
  • Week of 6 to 12 April. Mia’s school holiday week.
  • Health week 8/10, not so much – seems I only managed 7 weeks.
  • Lots of time with Mia this week, which was been great.
  • Monday, Easter Monday, lots of swimming, great frittata for brunch, Paul went off to break up with Hilah and returned a bit later, sunset walk.
  • We have a plan to make Limoncello. Thanks Felix.
  • Tuesday, work, Mia painted two flamingos, lunch at Bread and Wine with Nikki and Mia… nice seared tuna, great souffle for dessert, sunset tennis with Nikki, Dane and kids.
  • “What did your last slave die of?” — Nikki

  • Wednesday, Mia holiday outing, watched Home 3D at the Waterfront with Mia and Nikki… very funny – Nikki’s first 3D movie experience, micro herb salad at Bulducci’s, gelato, quick visit to a LED lighting place and Falcon Electronics in Woodstock and looked at some retail space for a restaurant idea, a quick wine tasting at Plaisir De Merle on the way home, sunset walk with the dogs and some Woodstock gin G&Ts (hmm… it needs work), Moreson Chardonnay 2012 and 2013 tasting, paleo burgers.
  • “It’s like your best friend never goes home.” — Nikki

  • “What is the meaning of your face?” — O, Home

  • Thursday, work, while Nikki took Mia for a haircut, iOS and OSX upgrade day, Spice Route visit (see above) and CBC beer tasting with Nikki and Mia, sunset swim, some AfrikaBurn theme camp planning.
  • Friday, Franschoek hardware store visit, lunch at Babel / Babylonstoren… try the yellow salad, Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm visit with Mia… interesting that you can poke a crocodile’s eye (into the skull) and it pops right out again.
  • “Cold blooded vicious killers – and crocodiles.”

  • Saturday, we found Mia some new (teal) hockey / astro shoes (size 5) and a gum guard for hockey, Brampton play area with the kids and a golf cart ride, espresso Martini’s at LQF with Nikki.
  • I think I’m starting to like Franschhoek… and I’ve gotten used to the idea that you spell it with two h’s.
  • Sunday, swimming, tennis and a sunset walk with Nikki and the dogs, hot water gum guard molding operation.
  • Tune of the week: Somebody to Love, Queen.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.