Quick Update

Single dad adventures and a bit of home schooling…

AfrikaBurn prep
AfrikaBurn prep
  • Week of 13 to 19 April.
  • Monday, up at 5:30, school run to from Franschhoek to Somerset West, sense of humour failure with Naulene again – she did not pack school shoes for Mia and knew that they were missing but did not tell me, drove to the office in Cape Town, fetched Mia from school in Somerset West, some shopping and an early supper with Mia, back to Cape Town, some theme camp planning and sign building.
  • Somerset West: a town where the highway has traffic lights.
  • Tuesday, up at 6:00, school run from Cape Town to Somerset West with some Bohemian Rhapsody, a meeting with Naulene at Manuka, a quick swim and sauna to de-stress, fetched the (China election strength) ink for our theme camp stamps, a meeting in Cape Town, fetched Mia from school – she found her school shoes again, took Mia shopping for stationary, back to Cape Town, a quick sunset promenade walk with Mia, helped Mia with some homework, wrote Naulene a long email, wrote Mia’s name in her school shoes, in bed early.
  • Wednesday, home schooling day, got up at 6:00 to discover the power was off, got back in bed and slept till 8:00, some home schooling and work from home, Mia did Mathletics on her laptop and managed to get a high score of sorts, sunset Glen Beach and Camps Bay Beach walk with Mia, calamari platter at Ocean Basket in Camps Bay for supper, processed all the notes on my phone, bought Mia an AfrikaBurn ticket, in bed early, great day.
  • Thursday, up at 6:00, school run, we fetched a new hockey shirt for Mia, worked at gym, figured out the stretch tent logistics for our camps, gym, swim, fetched Mia, shopping and a burger at W cafe, sunset drive to Cape Town, gluing and cutting parts of the Vegas sign with Wouter, in bed after 0:00.
  • The Vegas sign is taking shape, very cool little industrial design project.
  • I’ve been pondering 2nd relationships and blended families recently. Pro tip: you really should work out if you are dating somebody you want to be a co-parent with fairly early on. It really helps if they are fully functional humans.
  • I’m about to introduce Mia to the 12 Star Trek movies. Not that I’m that big a trekkie, but I figure it’s something you need to see.
  • Friday, up at 6:00, school run, car wash day, got a gift wrapped and found a UniqueHorn card, nice breakfast at W cafe… bumped into Theo, gym, swim, watched Mia’s hockey… she scored 7 goals, drove to Franschhoek, had some The Botanist Islay G&Ts… try it.
  • IF does not work with kids around, somehow you always have to buy them ice cream.
  • Our 12 pairs of Elvis shades arrived.
  • Saturday, AfrikaBurn theme camp building day with Mia, Nikki, Felix, Paul, Wouter, Storm and Angilique. Good fun – this was the first actual building and painting day.
  • “I might have bought up all the gold splay paint in Franschhoek.” — Nikki

  • After three years of theme camp projects for AfrikaBurn, I really feel we’ve stepped things up and have something cool to put on the Binnekring this year. Much more work than past years. We camped next to the Ledhedz camp in 2012 and I remember being inspired by all the work that went into that. I remember having a chat with Jon Cline towards the end of that burn and thinking I really want to do something that cool.
  • Sunday, more theme camp painting work with Nikki and Paul, sunset walk with the kids and dogs.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.