Quick Update

Week before AfrikaBurn…

  • Week of 20 to 26 April.
  • Monday, new school visit with Mia and Naulene, hardware store, meeting with Naulene and a salad at Sacred Ground, afternoon walk with Nikki.
  • Trying to get some new parenting agreement with Naulene has been really painful.
  • Tuesday, school run, gym, swim, LED light order, fetched Mia from school, bike shopping.
  • Gym has been reduced to squats, abs and swimming.
  • More drama with Naulene.
  • Wednesday, some Vegas sign building, we found Mia a new 24″ bicycle in Paarl… bit of a late birthday gift, awesome dinner at LQF with Nikki.
  • Mia is now 150cm, 43kg, shoe size 5, hmm – I think the length chart at the Woolworths is wrong, she was 148cm in July – need to find something more accurate to measure this with.
  • Thursday, Cape Town day, Wellness warehouse shopping, vitB shot around Kloof street… first one in my arm (not so much fun), Orms visit to get some Polaroid film.
  • Remember: it’s unlikely for people of divergent mental health levels to remain in a relationship. The crazies mostly have short relationships. The sane ones get taken out of dating pool so there is a bigger % of crazies in dating pool.
  • Friday, storage visit, fetched my bike, shopping, scones and cream with Mia at Somerset Mall and ginger shots… just for the expression on Mia’s face, Wouter and Gerry came to visit, lots of (reluctant) packing.
  • The start of 10 days in the desert, 6 days for Mia.
  • Saturday, final packing, we drove to AfrikaBurn with the Vegas sign and two pretty full 2Ton trailers, a quick stop at the Tankwa Padstal, Nikki rang the first-timers gong around early evening, found a spot to camp just before sunset, T10 G&Ts with Storm and Angelique.
  • Sunday, a day of theme camp setup, Mia convinced Wouter to assemble her bike and went off exploring.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.