Quick Update

Back from 10 days in the desert with only a few minor scratches…

Fog at the Waterfront
Fog at the Waterfront
  • Week of 4 to 10 May.
  • Monday, packed up our living camp at AfrikaBurn – huge mission, stopped for a curry and rice at the Tankwa Padstal, we managed to get off the dirt road before sunset, drove to Franschhoek, great to sleep in a real bed.
  • 12th time I’ve been on the R355 without a flat tire. Very happy.
  • Tuesday, unpacked, a Hammam scrubbing and a great salad at Babylonstoren with Nikki, sunset walk with the dogs, in bed early.
  • Wednesday, up at 5:00, drove to Cape Town, some photo downloads and backups, office, lots of email to process, City Fibre planning meeting, a slice of raw pizza at the Waterfront Food Market for lunch, Octotel catch up meeting, dropped Mia’s school clothes at CafeNeo with a pretty hysterical Naulene, some Thai food and answering theme camp member posts, a bit of photo processing, in bed early.
  • It really is winter now in Cape Town.
  • Thursday, some quick photo processing over breakfast, walked to work for a change… very nice, long day at the office, walked home around 19:00, in bed early.
  • Inbox zero! …and RSS feed zero.
  • Nice read on the logic behind IF.
  • Friday, walked to work, R16 paleo breakfast at Checkers, claimed a free coffee with the Vida app – it works well, Wade Bales wine show with Paul at 15 on Orange, in bed early.
  • At first I thought there were no photos of me at this year’s burn, but I found two in Gerry’s collection… both very random and from the back.
  • “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss

  • Another 8 week health plan coming up. Only managed 7 of the 10 weeks of the last round.
  • Saturday, woke up around 8:00, fell asleep again, got out of bed around 10:00… so nice to not have to do anything, brunch with Wouter at Bootleggers in Bantry Bay, photo processing, sunset walk along Clifton and Camps Bay beach, Wouter’s famous steak with temperature probes and broccoli for supper.
  • I want to go back to AfrikaBurn and take more photos.
  • Sunday, very relaxed day, caught up on 5 weeks of blogging, chilled breakfast, nap, unpacked some (more) AfrikaBurn stuff, played with the new Macbook at the Waterfront… nice, but almost no travel in the keys – not sure I could get used to typing on that, got a new (fav) hoodie for the winter, a haircut at Mr Cobbs barber – trying a very adventurous new hairstyle, a misty walk past the Mouille Point lighthouse, soup and rye bread with lots of butter.
  • Check out the Dymaxion map.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.