Sportsmans Warehouse Muppets

Dear Sportsmans Warehouse, Sea Point – you guys suck.

In fact, Polar watch straps also suck – but that’s another story. I’m trying to get my watch strap repaired for the 2nd time.

My watch has been at your Sea Point branch for more than a week and you still have not sent it off to Joburg to get fixed and nobody has phoned me with a price for a new strap.


Is it that hard to courier something to Joburg overnight and get me a price?

I visited your shop two days ago to hear what the story is. I was promised somebody would phone me yesterday. Nothing.


UPDATE 25-05-2015:

I received this:

Text message
Text message

“Winning Starts Here!”

UPDATE 26-05-2015:

I have a watch again. It cost more than R0.00 to fix, but I’m happy.

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