Quick Update

Waterfront weekend…

Den Anker
Den Anker
  • Week of 18-24 May.
  • Health week 2/8… kinda, erm, more of a catching up with friends week.
  • Monday, school run from Franschhoek to the tune of The Black Keys, work, gym, lunch with Andrew, worked at Manuka, fetched Mia from school, we had tea and scones while doing homework, kids/family shrink visit with Mia and Naulene… fairly productive, sunset drive back to Cape Town, a catch up chat with Wouter, went to bed at 21:00 because of load shedding.
  • Seems Andrew is back in SA for good, but he sounds like he wants to move to Joburg.
  • Tuesday, gym with Wouter – I need to work on my dead lifts, failed plan to return Mia’s book bag via a friend driving to Somerset West… Naulene refused to fetch the bag from SW, an early lunch with Ernst at Sababa Deli in Bree Street and a catch-up chat over a latte at Jason Bakery, WordPress tinkering, Sportsman’s Warehouse forgot to send my watch to Joburg for the strap to get fixed, winter food craving – soup and rye bread, some blogging with tea and dark chocolate.
  • It seems I’ve managed to adapt to not need breakfast. Two meals a day.
  • Wednesday, gym at 6:30ish, listened to the first episode of Binary.fm, office, I won the PayPal refund case against the two international theme camp grumpy weirdos, pulled pork tacos at The Fat Cactus in Woodstock with Jonathan, a catch-up T10 G&T with Al and Diabi at Ricks in Gardens.
  • I still have a bit of an annoying heel injury from AfrikaBurn.
  • Thursday, office, a drink with Paul, Al, Claus, Janey and Melissa at Up Yours.
  • Nice to catch up with Andrew, Ernst, Jonathan, Al, Paul and Claus this week – and nice to meet Diabi and Melissa.
  • Cape Town is awesome. Yes, it’s winter and I tend to forget… but all I have to do is think back to London last year to really appreciate it again.
  • Friday, car wash, office, weekend with Nikki at the Waterfront, Nobu, Bascule.
  • Saturday, gangster theme party at James’ and Malu’s house in Noordhoek.
  • “…just once, I would like to hear you scream, in pain.
    Joe Hallenbeck: Play some rap music.” — The Last Boy Scout

  • Sunday, early morning grapefruit, brunch at Mondiall, sunset walk, watched parts of Kick Ass 2 again, a drink at the One and Only, a great pot of muscles for dinner at Den Anker (see above), watched Divergent again, super weekend.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.