Quick Update

Cat hair and limoncello…

Winter Walk
Winter Walk
  • Week of 25-31 May.
  • Monday, woke up in the Waterfront, office, Michael’s first day, website tinkering and creative writing, a beer with Michael at La Perla, early moussaka supper at CaffeNeo, some photo processing and backups.
  • We now have a website for Octotel… (yeah, I built it with WordPress and Layers) …and it should look good on your phone too. I also made a super amazing favicon and we have a LinkedIn company page and a Facebook page for you to go like.
  • Tuesday, I think all my AfrikaBurn bumps and scratches have finally healed, walked to work, fetched my watch – with a new strap… joy, rainy day, but I managed to avoid getting wet in the walk home, soup, tea, dark chocolate, blogging and photo processing, in bed early.
  • I have a watch again, after only about 4 months. I really missed it at AfrikaBurn.
  • I feel like I might still be recovering from last year.
  • Wednesday, gym with Wouter, walked to work, some DStv over IP research and website building, walked home, caught up on some reading.
  • Thursday, mega winter hibernation, played with Pipedrive CRM, fibre supplier meeting, watched Mia’s astro hockey match… the net around the astro court is not great for photography, we did homework at W Cafe in the mall… Andrew joined us for some tea and cake, school socks and school shoes shopping… Mia insisted on Green Cross school shoes, dropped Mia at her gran’s house, sunset drive to Cape Town, photo processing, some website tinkering and backups (aiming for inbox zero before the weekend).
  • The Gust Pay and TrustFabric servers which were hosted at Hetzner died (was shut down), which is kinda cool actually, less email to process.
  • Mia has been reading a Harry Potter book. Not sure which one, but she says she’s 150 pages in.
  • Friday, gym, office, fetched Mia from school, drove to Franschhoek, T10 G&T, dinner at Foliage with Nikki while Mia watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).
  • Saturday, watched Star Wars Rebels with Mia, took a longer than usual rainy walk with Nikki and the dogs, picked some lemons and limes, made some limoncello and lime-monchello, watched Mega Mind again… great movie, made margaritas with the extra lime juice we had, a great curry with some Kevin Arnold Shiraz 2010, made a custom gin infusion.
  • Paul went on a date with Christina, The Christina, of AfrikaBurn 2014 fame.
  • Sunday, watched Star Wars Rebels with Mia, another long rainy day walk with Nikki and the dogs, listened to Mia practice her oral about leopards a few times, sunset walk, some cat photography while Nikki was out, great wintery weekend.
  • No more RSS graffiti – but I found Dlvr.it to post my blog post to FB.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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  1. The Gust Pay and TrustFabric servers which were hosted at
    Hetzner died (was shut down), which is kinda cool actually, less email to process.

    Nice opt out there.

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