Quick Update

Galaxy Quest, Futurama and life on other planets…

  • Yes, yes… I’m a bit behind with blogging again.
  • Week of 8-14 June.
  • Monday, fibre meeting in Milnerton, load shedding supper – 1/2 a bird at Vasco Da Gama’s with Wouter, Luke and Graham in De Waterkant – where the power seems to stay on, some photo processing with Wouter’s special green tea and ginger tea combo.
  • Some recent Octotel press: MyBroadband, TechCentral, IT Web, BusinessTech.
  • Tuesday, Mweb FTTH meeting, a quick sunset walk – watched the sun set from the bench just below Nettleton road, soup for supper, watched an episode of Daredevil on Netflix… not bad.
  • Octotel is a 100% Dvorak typing company. Cable Guy 1 and Cable Guy 2.
  • Wednesday, walked to the office, TE fibre cabling workshop in Century City, finally watched Mad Max at the Waterfront… very entertaining.
  • Seems Naulene lost the plot and was sent to Italy for a while.
  • Thursday, fetched Mia from school, raincoat shopping for Mia, we had macaroons at Melissas and bought some flowers for Nikki, dropped Mia at her gran’s house, drove to Fanschhoek.
  • Mia finished reading her Harry Potter book (book 3) and started reading the 4th one… at least it gets them reading.
  • Friday, fetched Mia from school, we watched Galaxy Quest… good fun, Mia loved it, Sigourney Weaver crush.
  • Saturday, lazy 12h sleep, Mia, Wouter and I went for breakfast at Bootleggers / Bantry Bay for omelettes, Cape Town natural history museum with Mia, ice cream, tea at Company Garden’s Cafe, a stroll around the gardens… those squirrels are huge and very friendly (in a natives expecting trinkets kinda way), watched Oceans in Space at the Planetarium… good fun – all about live on other planets, De Waal park play area, Wellness Warehouse extended shopping session, frogurt at Myog, early evening pizza at Bacini’s, some random Netflix surfing.
  • I gave Mia a new iPad with all the games removed and a bunch of coding for kids apps installed, including her Mathletics app.
  • Sunday, Deer Park visit for Zander’s 4th birthday… I played kids party photographer, Waterfront toy shop visit, played with the 5k iMac… insanely cool screen – the new OSX Photos app looks really lame *sigh* – must make time to switch to Lightroom at some point, Mia worked out she can go on the Big Wheel on her own now that she’s older than 8, so she did, crazy thick dark hot chocolate from Vovo Telo, bless the Waterfront Cape Union Mart for selling shorts in winter, stopped to take the above photo at sunset, some bday cake for supper, watched about half of the first Futurama season (1-7) with Mia… somehow I never really watched Futurama.
  • Three days of following a 9yo’s sleeping patterns (12 hour sleeps) works wonders, feeling tip-top.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.