Quick Update

SAWi / Grootbos weekend…

  • Week of 15-21 June.
  • Monday, school holiday, Mia and I made high protein pancakes with coconut oil and cream, we watched Jurassic World at the iMAX… very cool experience, attempted to go for a late lunch at Noble Hill / Cosecha and visit Colmant but that failed, a walk around the Franschhoek town centre, chocolate shop visit, a hot chocolate, sunset walk with Nikki and the dogs.
  • “The key to a happy life is to accept you are never actually in control.” — Jurassic World

  • I’ve been pondering what we can do for kids to give them a head start, like giving them a computer in the old days… are things like Raspberry Pi the answer (hacker toys) or should we rather be teaching them farming / AgTech… I guess anything that stimulates creative / design / inquisitive thinking.
  • Tuesday, public holiday, rainy day, morning walk with the dogs, a nice lunch with Stephanie and Guy, somewhat stressful day.
  • I’ve recently found two people who love Campari, almost as much as I do. Christina and Stephanie.
  • Kinda forgot my laptop PSU at the office and did not touch emails for 5 days, joy.
  • Nice to see Mia for 7 days in a row.
  • Wednesday, bulletproof coffee, school run, gym, property manager meeting in the CBD, Plessey meeting, got out of the office after dark, Wouter made steak and broccoli, some photo processing and backups, a drink with Georg and Aiden at NV80 in Sea Point.
  • Georg moved into his new Clifton 1st pad.
  • Managed to squat 80kg this week (squat rack / free weights), up from 50kg two weeks ago – I suspect it’s more the recent lower back stretching I’ve been doing than a big increase in strength. If you sit in front of a computer a lot you should really look into squats and functional training for posture.
  • Thursday, walked to work, investor pitch day, walked home along the beach front, caught up on some photo and notes processing.
  • Charl started blogging again. Keep it up (-:
  • Friday, Link Africa meeting, fetched Mia from school, fetched some wine from Andrew in Strand, drove to Grootbos (near Gaansbaai) with Mia, pretty spectacular 8 course food and wine pairing dinner, I played event photographer – I kinda forgot my flash in my collection of AfrikaBurn hamster fret, so I used my 85mm at f/1.4 and the photos worked out pretty well, Georg and I ended up sitting at the main table with the owner of Grootbos and family, good fun.
  • Try the Saronsberg Viognier, exceptional.
  • Turns out Paul is kinda dating a married woman… totally alien concept. She’s getting divorced soon it seems. She told him she’s married one evening early on, but he did not remember… for 4 weeks, until she reminded him this week. Hehe.
  • Saturday, breakfast at Grootbos Forest Lodge with Mia, SAWi media briefing session, classic wine tasting in the woods with a snacky lunch, pony ride (with a guide wearing an NA tshirt… not the worst place to go chill out, I’m sure), petting zoo rabbits with Mia and Megan, epic nap, SAWi 2015 awards evening, tasted 101 ridiculously good wines…. well, at least all the Chardonnays, loved the Diesel Pinotage, as always.
  • Check out SAWi, cool concept. Data driven approach to recognising South Africa’s top wines.
  • Sunday, breakfast at Grootbos, beer tasting at Birkenhead in Stanford with Georg, fish and chips (actually.. and veg) at the old harbour in Hermanus with Georg and Mia, ice cream, walked up and down Pringle Bay beach with Mia, dropped Mia at her gran’s house, sunset drive back to Cape Town… memories of listening to Another Universe / Arno Carstens on the radio driving into a glowing orange Cape Town… nice end of Father’s Day tune (yeah, because of a car ad), post sunset promenade walk, photo processing (~700), tea and a smoothie with Wouter, in bed by 21:30, super weekend.
  • “We used to microwave;
    now we just eat nuts and berries.” — Talking Heads, 1988

  • I think I’ve pretty much walked right trough my latest pair of slops, took me a year – two summers.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

2nd photo for the week…