Quick Update

No more iceberging…

View from the Bakoven rock.
View from the Bakoven rock.
  • Week of 22-28 June.
  • Monday, walked to work, we started distributing our Octotel flyers in Sea Point and finished a proposal for two ratepayers associations, I had the best intentions to finish some photo processing and go to bed early but ended up drinking red wine with Georg at La Vie because of load shedding… so no gym the next day, load shedding is evil.
  • Death of the ringtone. I don’t think I’ve used my phone’s ringtone this year.
  • Tuesday, walked to work, tinkered with PDFs and logos, finally finished processing all the SAWi photos with orange dark chocolate and some of Wouter’s special green tea and ginger tea combo.
  • I kinda like my morning routine of just drinking two glasses of water for breakfast.
  • Wednesday, early gym session with Wouter, haircut at Yogi’s, fetched my snail mail – 1st time in six months, meeting in the De Waterkant area, Waterfront visit, browsed the L’Occitan shop and got some shower gel, my first visit to the Nu Metro VIP cinemas (only 16 big reclining seats in the cinema)… pretty cool, lame movie – The Riot Club… they should not have made a movie out of the play, was hoping to catch Ted 2, some blog notes processing at home and tried to get yr.no to rename Nikki’s weather location.
  • Even though Georg has fibre internet available in his building, Telkom ADSL is still a better deal for him. Pretty sad. Proves the case for an open access model.
  • “Paying interest is for losers.” — Spotted on the Techstars alumni mailing list.

  • Thursday, walked to work, made a booking or two for my birthday weekend… might be a record for early planning anything for my birthday, some document writing and a bankers meeting, Wouter made chicken schnitzel with zatar + mint + coriander sauce with some yoghurt and olive oil – very good – I love zatar spices, some notes processing, we rearranged the kitchen, as you do.
  • I came up with three pretty cool startup ideas this week. Might sound a bit strange, but I figure after 6 months of recovery time I’m getting some entrepreneurial confidence back.
  • Naulene is back from Italy. I really hope she chilled out a bit. Mia’s school shrink seems much happier these days. Mia is now living with her gran most of the time it seems.
  • Friday, gym, breakfast with Michael, great pastrami sandwich at Kleinski’s… hipster deli in Little Tel Aviv with nice art, went to go see Georg’s new apartment on Clifton 1st, a walk to Moses Beach, nice sunset, sushi at Codfather – I should not have eaten those three tempura prawns – all for a low light food blog-off with Paul, a Jameson 1780 at La Vie.
  • La Vie is Georg’s new Van Hunks.
  • I was supposed to see Mia this weekend, but Naulene changed her mind, rather predictably. *sigh*
  • I think I might be missing Nikki’s dogs.
  • Saturday, breakfast at the Bantry Bay Bootleggers with Wouter and the cyclists, almost feel like you need to dress in lycra to fit in, caught up on some blogging, walked from Bantry Bay to the end of Big Beta Beach and bumped into Malu at the big Bakoven rock – had an idea for a project Georg and I are busy pondering, Argentinian Rib Eye with some Middelvlei Free-Run Pinotage with Georg at The Butcher Shop and Grill (next to the Mouille point lighthouse), La Vie, Koi.
  • “Most woman view men as accessories to their lives.” — Wouter

  • Sunday, very chilled morning, Waterfront, beer and muscles starters and oysters at Den Anker with Paul, Wagyu burger at Mondiall, chats about dating alpha females, Ferrymans, Rafiki’s, Up Yours, Yours Truly… nice to catch up with Paul.
  • Memories of watching 12 Monkeys at the Waterfront in 1996, could have been the very first movie I watched there (my blog notes don’t go that far back).

Have a fun week, crazy kids.