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My birthday weekend…

Newton Johnson Views
Newton Johnson Views
  • Week of 29 June to 5 July.
  • I’ve been suffering from “Text Neck” this week, swimming and a massage seemed to help.
  • Week three of not seeing Nikki. Somehow I managed to end up in a long distance relationship with somebody living 75km away.
  • Monday, dropped Paul off, very nice Smoked Salmon Bagel at Kleinsky’s, bumped into Paul at the Woolworths again at around 18:00, sunset walk to Clifton.
  • Michael pointed me at the Dunning–Kruger effect… everything seems easy to everybody.
  • Tuesday, very misty day, walked to work, inbox zero and RSS feed zero, SeedstarsWorld Cape Town in Hout Street… Cath did very well, nice quality pitches and organising in general, a drink at Aces ‘n Spades, I was missing Mia on the way home so listened to the Matilda soundtrack – which helped a bit.
  • “Human beings are not creatures of logic; we are creatures of emotion. And we do not care what’s true. We care how it feels.” — Will Smith

  • Wednesday, gym, swim… the Point pool is fixed again, phoned Ernst and Anton, city fibre planning meeting, office – looks like we have a 3rd ISP for the Octotel network, met Aiden and Georg for a drink at La Vie, tried the new Lindt 99% dark chocolate… not bad.
  • Thursday, swim, Capetel meeting, IS meeting, vitB shot and car wash, burger in a bowl with Georg at Da Vinci’s.
  • How to create a grumpy Joe: winter, no exercise, long hours at a desk, gain 3Kg, don’t eat healthy, don’t see Mia for a while.
  • Friday, gym, swim, back and neck massage at Wembley Square, fetched Nikki from Franschhoek, road trip to Hemel en Aarde valley via Caledon, stayed at Cordale Cottage(s) – close to Creation, very nice… must have been a heritage cottage because I bumped my head more than once walking through the small doors.
  • A list of Hemel en Aarde Cottages if you are interested:
    Babylon’s Cottage, Cordale Cottages, High Season Farm, Emetts Country Cottages
    (Thanks to Salome and Carolyn from Creation Wines for the list).
  • Saturday, some tea water tea, Mia sent me a text message for my birthday (on a 10 digit Nokia phone), walked to the top of the farm, nice views, wine tour with some Depeche Mode driving music… Hamilton Russell, Bouchard Finlayson, Sumaridge and a birthday lunch with Nikki at Creation with the food and wine pairing… very good.
  • Sideways (movie) weekend – the R320 (road) pro-Chordonnay anti-Pinot Noir version. Good fun wine tasting in the area. My favourite wine route. Beautiful views. Perfect company. In love, again. Tasted wine from six farms in the area – still need to visit: Spookfontein, Restless River, Jacob’s Vineyard and Mount Babylon at some point.
  • Sunday, I made bacon and eggs, we visited Domaine Des Dieux, drove to Stanford to visit Chris and Chris… of AfrikaBurn Pompeii theme camp fame (the one with the swimming pools), Chris made a delicious Sunday roast – awesome guys.
  • “Everything counts in large amounts.” — Depeche Mode, tune of the week.

  • Nice to not have a laptop for 4 days.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

2nd photo for the week…

Hemel en Aarde Map
Hemel en Aarde Map