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No more text neck…

Tidal Pool
Tidal Pool
  • Week of 6-12 July.
  • Monday, woke up in the Hemel en Aarde valley, Ataraxia visit with Nikki… always awesome, line fish and veg at Bientang’s Cave in Hermanus old harbour, back to Ataraxia to fetch my wallet, meh, Caledon, road trip to Franschhoek via Theewaterskloof Dam, fetched my AfrikaBurn hamster fret (camping gear), sunset walk with Nikki and the dogs, dinner with Nikki and her mom, a long drive to Cape Town – stopped twice to inflate a slow puncture in my front left car tyre.
  • Health week 1/3.
  • I’ve been reading the 4hr body book again and I really like the concept of “minimum effective dose”.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, caught up on some email, lunch time walk around Bantry Bay (see photo above, pretty zen), borrowed an air compressor from a neighbour on the walk home, caught up on some notes, photos, backups and an unhealthy amount of backlogged online reading and video watching at home.
  • “We have a romantic ideal in which we turn to one person to fulfil an endless list of needs: to be my greatest lover, my best friend, the best parent, my trusted confidant, my emotional companion, my intellectual equal.” — from TED: Rethinking infidelity

  • Cool video: Captains of Spaceship Earth
  • Start-ups and Emotional Debt
  • I noticed my todo.txt file is more than 6k lines.
  • Wednesday, inflated my car tyre again and took it to get fixed, walked to the office, Plessey meeting, website tinkering, visited Shani’s new Sea Point swimming pool themed photographic exhibition at Kleinsky’s on the way home, Wouter cooked his steak special, more website tinkering and blogging.
  • Thursday, gym, swim, fit two new car tyres and swapped wheels around, walked to work, lunch with Michael and Rob at Kleinsky’s… try the Latke Benedict, all kinds of fibre trench sharing talks, left the office way after dark (20:00ish), salad and a glass of red for supper at La Vie with Georg.
  • Lesson from AfrikaBurn 2015. Theme camp organising is for losers who want to be abused. Living camp organising is the way to go.
  • AfrikaBurn planning has begun – actually we’ve just started talking about it. Not sure I’m ready yet – I suspect my AfrikaBurn ideals have been warped and broken a bit. ERnst is keen for 2016. I’m thinking: a Sunday only bar called Love Drunk Robot, both Sundays.
  • Jacques has announced a new wedding date, 26 Sept, in Pretoria. I need to make a best man speech. Let’s see if this date sticks – it does not leave any room for a Suiced Gorge walk.
  • Friday, drove to Stellenbosch, gym… squats with a Killers soundtrack, swim, sauna, Stellenbosch was pretty quiet – student holidays I guess, investor pitch with Michael and some double rooibos espressos, a very nice lunch with Nikki at LQF… sunny outside Friday vibes, fetched Mia from her holiday school outing (Ratanga rides), Manuka, sunset drive to Cape Town with some Queen (I want to break free etc, Mia’s choice), a salad plate at Tamboerswikel… nice place, drove by Tigers’s Milk for Paul’s birthday, but figured it was a bit busy for Mia, gelato in Camps Bay, in bed early, epic 12h sleep.
  • I was sitting in the Stellenbosch gym, tweaking a presentation deck, and for some reason I remembered the thrill of going to Cape Town around 2002 / 2003 with Anton and Ernst.
  • Saturday, Mia made me some tea, bircher muesli with cinnamon and berries (Mia loved this) at Knead / The Point, we could not find swimming goggles for Mia so I figured I’d go get myself some new (scuba mask-like) swimming goggles – and she can have my old pair, we went swimming at the Wembley gym, watched Inside Out at the Waterfront… a bit sad, but good – the Lava (pre-movie) short film was very cool, introduced Mia to the L’Occitane shop, we found Mia some new shoes and leggings, in record time, at the Woolworths, I watched the rugby at the aquarium restaurant while Mia explored the aquarium (on her own)… she was the last person out – we stayed until after they closed watching with the chef and the security staff – nice guy, free beers, Spur ribs for supper and the 2nd half of the rugby… nice game to watch, gelato, watched five TED talks with Mia on the Apple TV – Netflix / Futurama was not working, 11h sleep.
  • The aquarium should do a dads and kids rugby deal for the coming world cup.
  • Mia is 148cm tall now, just outside the 97th percentile growth curve, 44kg.
  • I ended up getting a pair of Aqua Sphere Vista swimming goggles, see photo below. I should have switched to these open water style goggles a long time ago. Very clear and great fit – really sucks into your face very nicely.
  • Ernst suggested I look into joining the ClossFit cult.
  • How to put grumpy Joe in his box: lose 3kg, get into a regular swimming routine, see Nikki and Mia, eat healthy, don’t sit at a desk for too long, squats.
  • Sunday, ginger tea and TED videos, Wembley gym with Mia, ginger and flu shots (lemon and cayenne pepper)… and made videos of funny facial expressions, swimming, Deer Park, post-noon brunch at Manna (because of their all day breakfast menu, thanks Nick) – coconut breakfast and fresh juices, De Waal Park, Green Point Park outdoor gym and play area, the New Newport Deli, we fetched Georg (mayor of La Vie), Baked Deli it Bakoven, cauliflower base pizza at Col’caccio / Camps Bay for supper… not bad, photo and notes processing while Mia watched Rio 1 again.
  • Third ~11h sleep in a row. It does wonders. Try it.

Live long and prosper (LLAP), crazy kids.

2nd photo for the week…

Swimming goggles
Swimming goggles