Quick Update

Monkey Island, foosball and grumpy cats…

Glen Beach
Glen Beach
  • Week of 13 to 19 July.
  • Mid winter week with Mia and a weekend in Franschhoek with Nikki.
  • Monday, Mia and I went swimming at The Point gym, worked at gym, lunch with Nick, pretty much managed to get to inbox zero, a quick promenade walk with Mia… but it was windy and 12deg outside, we watched the Minions movie at V&A… it was long and painful and there is nothing in it for adults, Mia agreed the previous two movies were much better, watched some Futurama (S1E8-9) on Netflix.
  • “Eventually, everything connects.”

  • Lesson from the last week: you can change you diet to only eat two meals a day and only go to gym twice a week, but it’s not that smart, some regular exercise is required. Swimming fixed my text neck.
  • Tuesday, Mia stayed at the office doing Mathletics and playing Monkey Island while I went to an MTN meeting with Michael, blueberry and mint flapjacks at La Belle Cafe in Camps Bay with Mia… healthy choices and 9yo’s don’t always go together, a chat with Dominic (who I have not seen in ages)… mostly fibre conversations and some ISP industry news, Point gym with Mia, 1km swim, Clifton walk from Georg’s house to the end of Camps Bay beach via Glen Beach and back (see photo above), two for one Thai food night… Mia seems to manage her chopsticks fairly well.
  • I suspect the best way to get Twitter followers is to stop tweeting. Nobody wants more tweets in their stream.
  • Safe to say communication with Mia’s mom is now very broken, have not spoken to her since before the school holidays started ~26 June.
  • Wednesday, we dropped my car off at Audi V&A, worked at Wembley gym, fresh juices and ginger shots with Mia, 1km swim, introduced Mia to pulled pork tacos at The Yard… but she did not really like them, we played a few very fun games of foosball, Gardens Centre book shop… Mia loved the Grumpy Cat book – I think she might have a dark sense of humour, fetched my car, showed Mia the new A8L… very cool, Green Point park walk, we shared the 1kg T-bone steak special at Hussar Grill in Green Point… first time I’ve been to this one, also very good, Mia had three helpings of starter olives.
  • Pro tip: always have your wheel alignment done with the car dealer if you have a car with air suspension, the regular tyre places have no idea what to do with them.
  • Thursday, walked to work while Mia played Monkey Island at home for an hour (while Sam was there), Wembley 1km swim with Mia, Cybersmart meeting, 6-monthly dentist check-up and cleans… Mia’s teeth are tip top, introduced Mia to raw food pizza at the Waterfront market with a fresh juice, great hot chocolates for a rainy day, a very competitive cave golfing session (mini golf next to the scratch patch), butternut soup for supper, Anton phoned – he’s getting Vumatel fibre soon (the free 4Mbps line option), we tried the new Lindt roasted sesame dark chocolate… pretty good, more Monkey Island (3)… Mia finds her own walkthroughs now, photo and notes processing, we read the East London Swimmers book at bed time – taking turns reading pages… I should take Mia to go see the Sea Point pool photos at Kleinsky’s.
  • Nice to see Mia for seven days in a row – and seven days of swimming with her.
  • Friday, fruit salad, tea and Monkey Island, work, drove to Hout Bay to fetch some dog food for Nikki’s dogs, a late lunch at W Cafe and rooibos cappuccinos with Mia, dropped Mia off at her mom’s house, drove to Franschhoek, weekend at LQF with Nikki.
  • Saturday, minor disaster averted, lunch at Nikki’s house, very cool wine (and buchu spirit) tasting with Nikki and Rob at Haut Espoir (thanks Rob), dinner at The Tasting Room with Nikki… nothing short of spectacular, amazing food, great wines, superb service.
  • I found a photo I took at Klein Constantia a while back in House and Garden Gourmet Magazine (Winter 2015).
  • Sunday, nice lunch at Bread and Wine with Nikki, we watched Wish I Was Here… not nearly as good as Garden State.
  • Great weekend.
  • “Simplicate and add lightness.”

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

2nd photo for the week…