Quick Update

Low on toner…

Sea Point Pool
Sea Point Pool
  • Week of 20 to 26 July.
  • Health week 1/6… the new new series, with Jacques.
  • Monday, woke up at LQF, dropped Nikki off, a quick tour of an aquaponics farm – very cool, drove to the office, a quick lunch time walk (see above), sunset walk around Clifton, Georg cooked a nice supper (with cauliflower rice) and we had some Haut Espoir Chardonnay 2010 (thanks Rob), watched Get Hard… good fun.
  • Watch these… Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco
  • Tuesday, office, wagyu cheeseburgers for lunch with Edward at Mondiall (try the Macadamia & Salted Caramel Cheesecake)… we pondered a TV media idea, left the office at 22:00ish.
  • I started using the Photos app in OSX – just to import iPhone photos and keep their tweaks, not great.
  • Wednesday, gave Michael a crash course in networking: ATM, PPPoE and the disaster that is the over encapsulated and lossy Telkom ADSL network, came up with some new icon design ideas for Octotel, got out of the office at around 20:30, 1km swim, phoned Ernst and Anton about Mozamboogy.
  • Missing my week of following Mia’s sleeping patterns.
  • Seems Frogfoot was sold.
  • Thursday, walked to work, interesting meeting about GPON vs AE, our Octotel proposal folders arrived, booked a flight to Joburg, a very cold, wet and dark walk home.
  • Friday, worked at gym in Stellenbosch, 1km swim, Allee Bleue herb tour and brunch with Nikki… very cool herb farm they have there, nice tour to do, fetched Mia from school, drove to Cape Town, worked at the Wembley gym, swim with Mia, cancelled the Mozambique trip we were planning, far from ideal – all kinds of unhappiness, *sigh*, some call centre fun to cancel the flights I booked, Waterfront visit with Mia (load shedding), early supper (Mia wanted a shawarma) and found Mia some new shoes… spot the pattern, she never arrives with shoes and she keeps taking the new pairs to her mom’s house, in bed early, 10h sleep.
  • The road quality between Cape Town and Stellenbosch (R310) is looking very good these days.
  • Turns out mint stems are square.
  • Kinda miss the days of Stellenbosch gym mornings, and the spa sessions with Jacques in Islington.
  • I managed to get un-engaged in 2012, but that’s 1/2 the story. The evening I (partially) broke up with Naulene in my mind was about 4 months before that actually. 11 July. The real reason was this article from June 2012: The Busy Trap. Blogging every week has its uses.
  • Saturday, made Mia breakfast, gym (squats), swim, ginger shots (pulling sour faces) and fresh juices, wrote a tricky email, epic nap, watched the rugby at Carlyle’s while Mia read her book, Georg’s birthday dinner, nice group of people, nice chat with Fred and good to see Dan and Al, had to leave early to put Mia in bed, 10h sleep. Happy birthday Georg!
  • Challenge for the next six months: grow up and try and fix the Mia situation.
  • “Sometimes I think we’re alone.
    Sometimes I think we’re not.
    In either case, the thought is staggering.”
    — R. Buckminster Fuller

  • Mia seems to be very into reading recently, she pretty much devoured the whole 4th Harry Potter book this weekend and started with another one. Real book worm, she does not want to do anything but read.
  • If skipping one meal a day does not work, skip two.
  • Jacques needs to lose 20kg before his wedding in September. He’s going to try the “Lion” diet (only eat 1/2 the days of the week, 3.5 days without food per week). Eat like a Lion. One gym session per week. I said I’d join him with a less extreme IF programme. We now have a little spreadsheet game going. He’s going for 20kg, I’m going for 10kg.
  • Sunday, nice sunny winter Sunday, Mia now has a Kindle with 7 Harry Potter books, photo processing, backups, lazy day at home, sorted through some camping stuff, late afternoon swim with Mia (well – I forgot my costume, so I blogged while watching her swim), in bed early, nice to have all my photos, notes and blogging done on the Sunday already.
  • “I might be a badly xeroxed copy of myself by tomorrow.” — Paul

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Square pants herb
Square pants herb