Quick Update

6kg lighter than last week…

Sea Point
Sea Point
  • Week of 27 July to 2 August.
  • Health week 2/6. Started the week at 87.5kg, ended the week at 83.7kg, 90kg last week. Fairly strict IF diet. Lightest I’ve been since April 2013, after a SleekGeek challenge (86.5kg).
  • Monday, school run… more like Mia took her self driving car to school while reading Harry Potter on her Kindle – the bookworm, gym, swim, dumped some camping gear in storage (finally), visited Hotel Verde’s vertical aquaponics farm… pretty cool – but no fish?, dropped a pair of sunglasses off around Black River Park to get new lenses, office, sunset Promenade walk, watched Ted2… had a few funny moments, but the 1st one is better.
  • Tuesday, 1km swim at Point gym, office, interesting meeting with some 3D modelling and printing guys about an AfrikaBurn idea, a promenade walk with Nikki, tea with Dan at Truth… only a 20min meeting, but could be something interesting, 1km swim at Wembley gym.
  • The CKD Diet
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, office, visited the two new cool kid spots in Cape Town with Paul: Tiger’s Milk (Long Street) and The Village Idiot (Loop Street), both nice spaces, lots of money going into creating the look and feel, a bit like upmarket pubs in London – which is kinda nice, but also a bit sad.
  • I remember they played Pearl Jam / Better Man at Tiger’s Milk – great album that.
  • Who has time to watch series?
  • Thursday, wheel alignment thing again – finally fixed, office, the R16 paleo brunch from Checkers (to survive the day – after going out with Paul), drove to Somerset West listening to the first Tim Ferriss podcast, fetched Mia from school, raw juice at Fred & Max, took Mia to art class – hockey games were rained out, worked at Imibala… nice new look, a 1k swim with Mia at Waterstone gym, early supper at W Cafe with Mia while she did her homework, dropped Mia at her gran’s house, visited Bianca and Andrew… nice place she has in The Orangerie, another swim at Point gym.
  • Communication with Naulene still at an absolute minimum.
  • The Kindle was a nice idea, but Mia’s school does not want to let her bring it to school.
  • Woke up with new plan on Monday morning, reinforced by the Tim Ferris podcast and my chat with Dan. I’ve kinda worked out that I’m only really happy when I’m busy with exciting projects.
  • Friday, Discovery health (blood) test at Wellness Warehouse – tip top and all in range again – full bonus points, but I’ll be taking iron supplements again, vitB shot, walked to the office, we made a poster for Octotel, walked the scenic route home, no plans for the weekend, but not in the mood to do anything, watched Son of a Gun… nice movie, watched John Wick… visually pretty entertaining.
  • Discovery Vitality test:
    Blood pressure: 118/79
    Cholesterol: 4.8
    Glucose: 3.8
    Haemoglobin: 11.1

  • “Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.” — Nice read about failing with honour.

  • Saturday, my first attempt at titanium tea… pretty good, gym, swim, La Vie with Georg and Excelda (see above), epic nap, Hussar / Camps Bay with Georg… very nice rare winter steak special.
  • I’ve been making notes for a blog post about health and eating – recent findings and conversations with Jacques. How to lose 10kg in four weeks. Soon.
  • Sunday, woke up in Clifton, omelette at Bantry Bay Bootleggers, took a long walk to Glen Beach and Camps Bay – perfect sunny day (see below) – actually managed to get a bit of a tan, ice cream, went to go help Paul jump-start his car in Tamboerskloof (his batteries looked almost as flat as his car’s), a drink with Nikki and Tony at Open Door / Constantia Uitsig… nice lazy Sunday afternoon, great to see Nikki, drove to Franschhoek… never managed to find that pizza I was craving all day.
  • Relationships 2.0 and managed expectations. Let’s just say that this week ended a whole lot better than it was going on Tuesday afternoon.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Camps Bay
Camps Bay