Titanium Tea

This was breakfast today…


Here you have…

  • Black tea: English Breakfast or Earl Grey
  • Green tea or Ginger tea – sugar free
  • Butter, unsalted, grass fed – must be grass fed
  • Coconut oil, extra virgin, organic, I like the non-unscented one
  • MCT oil
  • Add some Matcha or Raw Cacao if you like, or cinnamon, turmeric and cayenne pepper

Very easy to make, just make two cups of tea. Put it all in a blender.

Read more here, I don’t bother with finding the exotic teas mentioned.

Update 2015-08-05: Drop a block of dark chocolate in the blender.

Update 2015-08-17: Make sure you use virgin or extra virgin coconut oil. You can also use MCT oil. I use butter, coconut oil and MCT oil.

Update 2015-08-18: Also add: cinnamon, turmeric and cayenne pepper if you like.