Quick Update

My first 72 hour fast…

Sea Point
Sea Point
  • Week of 10-16 August.
  • Health week 4/6.
  • Monday, woke up in the Cederberg, frozen water pipes, 3degC outside, changed a car tyre, road trip home, stopped for brunch at De Tol Plaasstal near Citrusdal, sense of humour failure with Naulene – she just ignored the plans to drop Mia off, dropped Georg off, went for a nice long sunny afternoon walk along Camps Bay beach with Mia… which was awesome, early pizza supper at Col’caccios, ice cream, kinda watched Spy Kids with Mia while processing photos.
  • Tuesday, office, Mia skipped school and did Mathletics (read: and played some Monkey Island), promenade visit and a fresh juice for Mia, Naulene fetched Mia (for the first time in years), visited Workshop 17 at the Waterfront… pretty cool, got some new Reef sandals on a 40% discount sale – previous pair lasted about a year, watched Terminator Genisys at the VIP cinema… amusing.
  • Wednesday, 1km swim (40 hours into a fast, no religious experience yet), office, lunchtime walk, got some MCT oil and egg white (very low carb) protein and topped up my fats and proteins to go to a 72hour ~zero carb fast, processed some photos and notes, another 1km swim – very nice swim – feeling tip top, could it be the MCT oil?, wrote the weekly blog post.
  • “Teach when you are filled with wonder, before you become a boring expert.” –Mark Pilgrim

  • Make your Mac not disconnect from the wifi network when you lock the screen.
  • Thursday, up early, TiTea with MCT oil, gym – squat day, 1k swim, office, hand full of vitamins, we made a cool new badge for Fibre Champions – nicely retro futurist, a walk, ribs special at Hussar Grill with Wouter – took a bottle of Andrew’s Chardonnay, watched I Origins… interesting movie (Thanks Ernst).
  • Fasting is beneficial to the immune system.
  • I was on a 72 hour fast this week, Monday 18:00 to Thursday 18:00. Only water and green tea. Well, on the 3rd day I had some MCT oil and very low carb protein.
  • “It’s the boredom that gets you.” — Jacques, about fasting.

  • Friday, up early, inbox zero, rss feed zero, notes and photos processed, walked to the office, completed the migration to the new Octotel logo (lots of document editing), we received our first signed landowner consent form, some press release writing, walked home, a beer with Anton and Georg at La Vie, a steak at The Butcher Shop and Grill / Mouille point with Anton and Georg, tea with Nikki.
  • Saturday, carb day, brunch at Bootleggers / Bantry Bay with Nikki, rainy day, took a nice long walk along the promenade and had very good cheese cake at New Port Deli, nice chats, Stephanie’s birthday party at Bocca / Bree Street – had a quick pizza – very good, AfrikaBurn Decompression party with Nikki at the German Club / Hope Street – cold and rainy, but good fun, my first silent disco party – can’t say the headphone thing works for me though, bumped into a number of people, great evening.
  • “I could fix you in six weeks.”

  • Sunday, tea with Nikki, gym, swim, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s (that dude with the ponytail is a legend) – last meal for a few hours, worked on a health and eating blog post, some Miss Molly bubbly at La Vie with Georg.
  • “Your boobs are getting smaller.” — Nikki

  • I think I need to take a holiday soon, have not really had a holiday since 2011.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Sea Point Sunday
Sea Point Sunday