Quick Update

12kg lighter than I was in London…

Granger Bay
Granger Bay
  • Week of 17-23 August.
  • Health week 5/6.
  • Monday, swim, Space TV meeting, office, lunchtime walk, a 90min aimless walk to Clifton – nice sunset, finally watched Chappie… very cool.
  • Some PR: MyBroadband: Octotel’s Cape Town fibre-to-the-home prices emerge
  • Wouter and Ernst are now also trying some of my new eating and fasting ideas.
  • Tuesday, at the office early, catch up meeting with Zulfiq at CaffeNeo, TiTea+MCT+protein, 1hour spinning class and a 1km swim, feeling pretty good.
  • Wednesday, TiTea, gym, swim, lunchtime walk, yet another new car tyre – note to self, don’t take a sedan to the Cederberg again, spinning, swim, watched Insurgent… not bad, but I think the 1st movie was better.
  • Did another 84 hour fast this week. I’m now 12kg lighter than I was in London last year. 81kg today.
  • I finally finished my blog post about my recent diet adventures: Three Meals a Day is the New Tobacco.
  • Thursday, office, fetched Mia and took her to art, watched Mia’s hockey match and played photographer, they won 3:1 (Mia scored all 3 goals), early supper with Mia while she did homework at W Cafe – fresh juices and ginger shots, Mia chose some flowers for Nikki, dropped Mia off, Nikki visit.
  • Mia finished reading the 4th Harry Potter book, in two days she says.
  • Mia took part in the art and choir Eisteddfod (art competition thing).
  • Friday, woke up in Franschhoek, almost went for a walk, took a drive through Kylemore… just because I’ve always wondered what’s down that road, worked at the Stellenbosch gym, great breakfast with lots of spinach at Open Kitchen – nice sunny Stellenbosch day, took an aimless walk through Stellenbosch and worked out what I must do, attended a talk at Launchlab – very cool space, got a quote on some 3D printing, Stomme Jonge visit, fetched Mia, a walk around the Waterfront – Watershed etc, found some carrot cake ice cream… yum, we found Mia some new shoes – same story, carrot cake and tea at Melissas, 11h sleep.
  • Saturday, breakfast with Cath and Mia at Jason Bakery – nice to catch up, we shared a Doughssant: “Vanilla Bean Creampie” – pretty amazing as far as pastries go, an extended visit to the Maker Faire Cape Town at the Waterfront – lots of cool 3D printing toys, Mia flew her first drone, lunch at the OZCF Market at Granger Bay (see above) – Mia finished her usual tub of olives, back to the Maker Faire, epic nap, 10h sleep.
  • “Your dad looks like a teenager.” — one of the boys in Mia’s class – Mia tells me.

  • Next level dome calculator site. Very cool.
  • Sunday, chilled morning at home, we hacked Mia’s new shoes to fit better – some maker culture with a big pair of scissors, pizza at Bacini’s Kloof St with Mia, Wouter and Zander, Mia and I rented bicycles and went for an hour cycle up and down the Sea Point promenade… good fun, another great nap – pizza coma, some photo processing and blogging, sense of humour failure with Naulene again – she decided to ignore our agreement and not fetch Mia, did not sleep well.
  • “I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” — Audrey Hepburn

  • Turns out, Jacques went to go buy a suit for his wedding that is too small – motivation to lose weight. Brave.
  • Tune of the week: Louis Armstrong – We Have All The Time In The World. …because we don’t. Treasure the good times and good memories. Do more.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.