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Relationship sabbatical week…

Groot Constantia
Groot Constantia
  • Week of 24-30 August.
  • Health week 6/6. Actually this week was pretty chilled.
  • Monday, worst Monday in a while, felt like I woke up in a parallel universe (see title above), made Mia breakfast and got her going with Mathletics, walked to the office, took Mia for lunch in Camps Bay, investor meeting, afternoon walk with Mia – Glen beach and Camps Bay beach, shared a 500g rare rump steak with Mia at Hussar Grill, in bed early.
  • Tuesday, up early, school run, worked at Waterstone gym, swim, office, finally got my green sunglasses back – with new lenses, lunchtime walk, left the office after dark, a Jamesson 1780 with the mayor of La Vie.
  • Arnie, on the power of vision.
  • Wednesday, swim, site survey at Kanonberg Estate, fetched a PVC fence dropper for my 3D printing project, office, tea, backups and photo processing at home, started watching Mr Robot after reading about it on Charl’s blog (worth a watch, extreme product placement for hoodies).
  • Tune of the week: Over & Over – Moloko. Epic masterpiece of a song, always good for a wallow.
  • Thursday, TiTea, gym, swim, Web Africa meeting, lunch with Dario (SeedStarsWorld Mozambique winner) at the Company’s Gardens restaurant, investment workshop, catch up with Zulfiq at Kamili, a swim at the Wembley gym.
  • Memeburn republished my blog post: Three meals a day is the new tobacco: one geek’s guide to losing weight.
  • About 1000 unique IPs read my recent three meals a day blog post.
  • Woke up thinking, I read a lot, too much. Less reading, more writing, more doing.
  • “Global economies are on the cusp of a ‘third-wave industrial revolution’ in which enterprising, young innovators will play a central role. The rise of ‘micro-multinationals’ – start-ups which operate across high- and low-cost locations, delivering to an international customer base exemplifies the opportunities wrought by globalisation, digital communications and the internet.” — The Economist, found this useful again.

  • Friday, up early, car service day, Michael gave me a lift to the office, took an Uber to have lunch at Man Make Machine, Paul’s Madame Zingara show birthday party – general mayhem (see below), train party.
  • “Wait, I can’t get over this, …and she did not even offer you some wine?” — Paul

  • Saturday, epic nap, watched some Mr Robot, pizza at Posticino with Paul, more Mr Robot, slept like a baby.
  • After 6 weeks of my new eating programme, I kinda have a new relationship with food. Really enjoyed my Saturday pizza outing.
  • “A lama is, like, my spirit animal.” — Paul, about his phone’s lock screen photo.

  • “I’m having mechanical problems, where are my lesbians?” — Random quote I found on my phone, I think it was Richard who said this.

  • “A bug is never just a mistake, it represents something bigger, an error of thinking, that makes you who you are.” — Mr Robot

  • I finally lost the full 10kg I set out to, 6 weeks ago. 80kg now.
  • Sunday, took Sarah some coffee and flesh juice, Hout Bay market with Jacques and Marietjie, cheese cake at Simon’s / Groot Constantia (see above), blogging, Mr Robot.
  • “My lewe is ‘n bachelor party.” — Jacques, about not having a formal bachelor party planned.

Remember kids, Marla is not real.

Zingara Tent
Zingara Tent