Quick Update

Getting away with it all messed up…

  • Week of 31 August to 6 September.
  • Yes, this post is late, sorry, been processing a few things, took a while to write.
  • Not a health week. I need a new health goal I suspect, maybe something to write a blog post about.
  • I’m not going to lie, the last two weeks have been tough.
  • “…or (C) home, desperately want to talk to me, but trapped under something heavy.” — Harry Burns

  • Monday, yet another painful Monday morning *sigh* breakups are no fun, cold, windy and wet day, walked to the office, felt like I experienced a scene from Mr Robot, connected some dots.
  • Keep your swimwear nearby.
  • Tuesday, first day of Spring, the end end, swim, great catch-up walk with Fred around Woodstock, office, lunchtime walk, booked flights for Jacques’ wedding, left the office after dark, swim, in bed early, slept okay for a change.
  • Turns out that relationship sabbatical from last week, was actually a breakup. I’m such and optimist.
  • The Best Way to Get Over a Breakup – write about it.
  • Some breakup thinking, what to do now…
    a) turn gay
    b) start going to yoga classes and install Tinder
    c) become a workaholic, or go fitness crazy (still thinking about this one)
    d) realise nobody is dying of cancer here, an just get on with it.

  • Hello single Joe, how have you been? We’re kinda out of unicorns now, bud. The actual breakup (phone call) was Sunday last week, but it only really ended in my head on Tuesday. Super sad. I must be a bit slow in dealing with things like these. Feels like there were just too many variables. I’ve been sleeping very badly for more than a week. Really takes the wind out of your sales. No fun, especially when you don’t really understand the reasons. After you come up with about 4 different theories, you just kinda have to think it’s a mix of all of them. And so begins September. Almost made it to a full year – great memories. I learnt a lot about myself and relationships I think. Probably very healthy ending a relationship with lots of good memories and a series of sad feelings. Seems Brian Flanagan was wrong – not everything ends badly. The bar has been set very high for woman to date next. I guess the trick with breakups is to choose to accept and respect and move on. I’ll let you know if this journalling to get over breakups business works out.
  • Something about intense woman in an infatuation curve. When it’s good it’s super good. Best drug ever. Remember: Only woman feel infatuation. Only men feel jealousy.
  • I think relationships really need 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, city fibre planning meeting, catch-up brunch and a walk with Jonathan around the Waterfront, office, took a long aimless sunset walk towards Clifton, when I get sad I read my older blog posts, cheers me up, lots of perspective to be gained – I sometimes really amuse myself reading older posts.
  • Hacking Human Suffering is the Only Real Growth Industry
  • Safe to say, SA is an awesome place to live, and a bad place to build wealth.
  • Thursday, swim, office, attended a building body corporate meeting, La Vie with Georg.
  • “Most people when pushed to the edge of their refusal to receive love will admit to what may be the most painful universal wound of all – the belief that underneath it all we don’t deserve the love we say we want.” — Elephant Journal

  • Friday, up at 4:00 for some document writing, drove to Stellenbosch, gym, swim, catch up with Alex at Stomme Jonge, lunch with Theo and Paul at Greengate, a glass of Mullineux Kloof Chenin with Jan at De Warenmarkt – cool place – bumped into Anjela, fetched Mia, a beer with Charl at the Stone Three office, drove back to Cape Town, a rather underwhelming supper at Manna with Mia – I thought their calamari looked awesome the last time I was there, but it was pretty meh, introduced Mia to her first creme brulee.
  • “Jy lyk of jy goed gerus het.” — Jan

  • PnP Stickeez seem to be all the rage. Mia has the whole set now.
  • After a week of financial models, I think I’m way more of a words guy than a numbers guy.
  • Been pondering an idea, and I’m happy to say that I think for the first time I’ve really solved the why, before I’ve worked out the name.
  • “Ask why three times.” — Fred

  • Mia received an Eisteddfod gold for a pig artwork and her choir group received a Cum Laude (prize winners)
  • Saturday, promenade walk with Dave – who is looking very good – now that we’ve all worked out what to eat – only took like 40 years – from the Sea Point pool to New Port deli and back – while Mia cycled, very cool catch up chat, brunch at La belle in Camps Bay – Mia loved the blueberry flapjacks, ice cream, epic nap, we spent the afternoon on Clifton 1st with Georg – had a long chat with Alan, sundowners and a great sunset, pizza at Posticino with Mia, Futurama, such a perfect day.
  • “Smart and tall, in that order.” — Alan’s girlfriends spec. He says he’s having more luck with Afrikaans girls recently.

  • Sunday, up early, notes and photo processing, Green Point Park walk, brunch with Mia at New Port Deli, bumped into Alex and Joost at the Mouille Point play area, Futurama (the one where Bender stars abusing electricity), Sea Point Put-Put game with Mia, Moussaka for supper at CaffeNeo.
  • Mia seems to really want a dog. That could be cool.
  • Tune of the week: R.E.M. – Strange Currencies
  • Remember, everything has already happened.
  • I guess time outside of relationships really lets us clean up our own back yard. Or, as Tyler likes to say, “self-improvement is masturbation”.
  • On a happy note – I’m really looking forward to summer in Cape Town.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Soundtrack to Summer
Soundtrack to Summer