Quick Update

Caveat lector, as always…

Lions Head
Lions Head
  • Week of 14-20 September.
  • Health week 2/4. Started the week at 80.3kg and 15.6% body fat, ended at 13.6%.
  • Monday, 24h fast, walked to the office, sudden urge to listen to Neil Diamond, walked home for a wine delivery (thanks!), more presentation deck making, photo and notes processing, blogging.
  • I really should figure out a plan to go experience Burning Man.
  • Tuesday, up early, TiTea, gym, Deadmau5 Strobe – reminded me of the Bakoven house, killer abs, office, pitch practice day, moar killer abs, 1h spinning class, swim, a can of tuna, a drink with Aiden, Georg and Chris (who’s new startup sounds interesting) at Brian’s bar – another Sea Point institution – one more of Aiden’s going away events.
  • Aiden had some story about the southern hemisphere being genetically superior – I think it was rugby related. Darwinism in moving South.
  • Naulene must have read about recent events – she’s way more chilled now.
  • Wednesday, pretty stiff, drove to Hout Bay to chat about a FTTH project (see above), stopped in Bakoven / Baked for some eggs on the way back, office, lunchtime walk and promenade, raw juice, moar investment deck hacking, two failed haircut attempts, a bag of biltong from Frankie Fenner – protein craving, failed meet-up with Paul and Andrew at La Parada in Bree Street, Heavy Chef in Woodstock – good fun, bumped into a bunch of familiar people – Ingi, Graham (off to London soon), Andy, Alex etc – I should go to more industry events again, iOS9 upgrade.
  • Updated GF spec: Smart, tall, skinny, takes good care of herself + dog (not cat) person, non-smoker, goes to AfrikaBurn, not too busy.
  • Two more Octotel buildings signed this week.
  • Thursday, epic 1km swim, 13.2% body fat (BIA), office, finished the pitch deck, Sobaba lunch – discovered Piazza on St John – nice spot in the middle of Sea Point, catch-up chat with Jordan, a glass of wine with Georg at Harvey’s / Winchester Mansions – good chats – and a few interesting plans, in bed early.
  • Hmm. Those items that pop up 4+ times in your notes. Just can’t ignore them.
  • It’s going be be a good summer. Jacques is here most of December. Note to self: get crayfish diving fit – check wetsuit.
  • Friday, pitch deck dry run, Met with Alex and Fred at Stomme Jonge, Landbousaal visit, lunch with Fred at Greengate, coffee with Marlise at Hazz, Ian’s new Big Data Lab visit, a glass of wine and some biltong at De Warenmarkt with Dirk and Philip (who is almost 3yo now), Mia’s school concert: “Who’s Afraid” – she played DJ Simple Simon, drove to Cape Town with Mia and had some frogurt in Kloof Street.
  • Nice to spend some time with Alex and pondering big ideas, very refreshing.
  • The first part of life is all about working out boundaries and the second part is all about questioning them and breaking them down. Some Fred wisdom.
  • I’m still busy imagining Joe 6.0.
  • Not sleeping well for a few days in a row can really mess with your week. That, and they moved the ‘new note’ button in the iOS9 notes app. Painful.
  • I’ve been thinking about ways of spending more time with Mia. I see her about ten days in a month at the moment. Not bad, but I really get the feeling she’s not going to be a child for very much longer.
  • Saturday, mega carb day, Bircher Muesli and fresh juices in Wembley Square with Mia while we processed the photos of her school play, a swim at The Point gym, 3 hours on Clifton 1st with Mia, Georg, Cath and Alan (see below), Da Vinci’s pizza, watched the end of a pretty lame SA vs Japan world cup rugby match after getting BBC iPlayer to work on an iPad via the Apple TV, in bed early.
  • Sunday, up early to catch up on some reading, walked to brunch with Wouter, Zander and Mia at Bootleggers / Bantry Bay – flapjacks treat, tweaked Mia’s bicycle breaks etc and swapped a car tyre, Mia and I cycled to the Waterfront to go get an oversized pencil case (space case) for her and have a late lunch – stopped for ice cream on the promenade, great weather, Hamley’s V&A visit, cycled back via Green Point Park, we bumped into Philippa, Mia had a bit of a morale failure about one block from the house – tears of exhaustion from cycling up the hill, some Futurama cheered her up – it was her first real city cycling adventure – avoiding cars etc, photo processing and blogging with a glass of MKM2010, such a perfect day.
  • Super weekend.
  • Explore the World and Take Risks. Makes for a good story. I went for a promenade walk with Dave Duarte recently – who I have not really seen since 2011 days – in telling him my story of 2012-2015 and I kinda realised what an adventure it has been.
  • How to lose weight in 4 easy steps
  • Yeah, I kinda miss falling asleep next to somebody. Damn you pack animal evolutionary instincts.
  • Some days I think I’m either very brave or very stupid to keep writing these weekly updates – mostly because I fear the robots are going to use this against me. Hello friendly AI overlords.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Clifton 1st
Clifton 1st