Quick Update

Like a fish needs a bicycle…

Lions Head Walk
Lions Head Walk
  • Week of 28 September to 4 October.
  • Health week 4/4. Week 2 without coffee, feeling much better.
  • Started the week at 14.6% body fat – reached 12.9%.
  • Monday, walked to work, 24h fast, lunchtime wedding photo publishing, sunset walk from Bantry Bay to Clifton 1st then to 4th and back, Wouter made filet steak and broccoli, more photo and notes processing.
  • Tuesday, 24h fast, TiTea, gym (gym machine day), killer abs, office, new car tyre, Wellness Warehouse visit – picked up some BCAAs, 1h spinning class, swim, photo processing and blogging.
  • Wednesday, great 1km swim – I should set myself more swimming goals, office, found some grass fed cows milk in the Spar (camphill.org.za) – going to try that LOMAD thing soon, good chat with the supplements guy at Dischem – we exchanged training and eating tips – got some flaxseed oil, ordered a new high power 802.11ac wifi access point for home, failed promenade walk plan with Paul, gym, killer abs, spinning class – gay men make the best spinning instructors, swim, reading.
  • Managed to reach Discovery Vitality Diamond status again, passed 45k points.
  • I finally activated my Discovery rewards at Woolworths, Sportsman’s Warehouse and Dischem. The Dischem one is a bit lame – very few items you get rewarded on.
  • I’ve been thinking… who programmed Deckard to fall in love with Rachael? Can’t imagine it was Gaff’s memories / personality. J.F. Sebastian maybe. Or was it Rachel – is there a recipe, is it deterministic?
  • I found this again: To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This. Interested to try this.
  • Thursday, up at 6:00, TiTea, gym (functional / Olympic bar day), office, Waterfront sales meeting, OSX 10.11 upgrade – painless – and feels more responsive, manicure, Lions Head walk (see above), Glen Beach to end of Camps Bay walk – nice sunset, Wouter made filet steak and broccoli, dinner with Willem and Harry, we had some MKM2010.
  • Turns out Wouter’s uncle was also in Pretoria Oos Jrn school.
  • Thursday was the first day I think I could say I had visible abs, managed to get to 12.9% body fat. I started taking flaxseed oil and Creatine HCL – still no fat burners (avoiding the caffeine). This 10% body fat thing is not trivial.
  • Next fitness goal: 10% body fat, 5kg muscle gain, in 4 weeks. From Geek to Freak.
  • No Daisies for me this year. Seen that movie enough times to skip a year.
  • Two more Octotel buildings signed this week.
  • Friday, walked to the office, finally signed over all my Gust shares, catch-up tea with Will, fetched Mia – sense of humour failure with Naulene because she did not take Mia to school and she changed her mind about taking Mia to swimming lessons – more than one phone call to Naulene’s lawyer, a wine tasting and late lunch with Mia at Vergelegen / Stables, nice paleo burger and Chardonnay, bumped into Tomi and invited her to the wine festival on Saturday, drove to Cape Town, food shopping, great nap (biltong coma) – nice afternoon with Mia, Vergelegen is a sure favourite, 11h sleep.
  • Really makes a difference if I process all my notes daily rather than weekly, last week was a bit of a mission – being in Joburg without a laptop PSU.
  • Saturday, we found Mia a new pair of swimming goggles and a long hair cap at Sportsman’s Warehouse – I also needed a new cap, Myog frogurt, drove to Stellenbosch, gym, swim, sauna, lunch and cheesecake at the botanical garden with Mia and Anjela – nice to see her – she was missing Mia and we were overdue for a catch up, drove to Franschhoek, New School Grand Cru 2015 (the 2nd one) at Moreson with Paul and Georg (see below), I can’t think of anything better than spending a Saturday drinking the best South African Chardonnays with friends – Mia also had a great time, nice chat with Chris (the wise – of AfrikaBurn fame), kinda forgot to watch the rugby, but managed to get a few nice photos with the 85mm, at some point I had a bit of a moment (because of Melissa) and cried like a baby – which is probably not a bad thing – it’s been a while, such a perfect day.
  • Sunday, woke up next to Mia and Bruno, took the dogs for a walk, many cups of tea and strolls around the garden chatting with Nikki – it’s over, but it’s all good again – warm fuzzy and healthy vibes – I think I understand the “why” much better now, drove to Cape Town – failed sea kayak outing with Cath – weather did not play along, nice nap, processed the Chardonnay festival photos – strangely happy and sad at the same time, early evening pizza at Primi Camps Bay while blogging, publishing photos and Mia read more Harry Potter, sunset walk Camps Bay with some ice cream, more blogging, in bed early.
  • “Your life was going kinda sideways.” — Nikki

  • “We had amazing chemistry.” — Nikki, yeah – we sure did.

  • So nice to see Nikki – an exceptionally cool human. Very happy I decided to go to the Chardonnay festival. So many awesome memories in the time between two Chardonnay festivals. Full circle. Looking forward to the next one. I have a fair amount of back yard cleaning to do before then. Lots of learning over the last year.
  • Awesome weekend… smile because it happened.
  • “Love that is not madness, is not love.” — Pedro Calderon de la Barca

  • Update 2016-01-17: this is where the blog switches to using https and it was the last time I saw Nikki (for a few months/years?).

Have a fun week, crazy kids.