Quick Update

Squats, milk and fish eyes…

Lions Head Walk
Lions Head Walk
  • Week of 5-11 October.
  • Week 3 without coffee. Never really crosses my mind any more. Interesting how quickly you can change habbits. Not so much a health week, pretty chilled – school holidays – tried to gain some muscle.
  • Ten weeks to the holidays, kids. Time to work hard and get beach abs.
  • Monday, Mia school holiday, I made Mia breakfast and some buchu tea, walked to the office while Mia did Mathletics, drove to Somerset West, hake and salad for lunch with Mia, found Mia two new swimsuits for the summer season, had some passport photos taken and bought a fish eye lens for my iPhone (case and a lens for the price of a case) – cool toy, took Mia to her holiday crash course swimming lessons – first a group stroke correction class and then a private lesson (1h in total) – while I worked next to the pool, wrote a “business of growing up email”, Mia seems happy with her swimming lessons, Radloff Park walk (probably the only people there without a dog) – playing with the fish-eye lens – Mia seems to want a Beagle now, early supper at Hussar Grill at Waterstone – Mia finished her usual two bowls of olives, beef ribs special, dropped Mia at her gran’s house, drove to Cape Town, in bed early.
  • I recently set my iPhone font a lot bigger – for my wedding speech – and I kinda like it.
  • “All love stories are frustration stories… To fall in love is to be reminded of a frustration that you didn’t know you had.”

    “We fall in love not just with a person wholly external to us but with a fantasy of how that person can fill what is missing from our interior lives.” — this article

  • “World gone crazy? Own private Armageddon? Wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/dachsund/significant other left you? Hell, nothing quite like dreaming up a wildly creative project to take your mind off things. Call it art therapy.” — AfrikaBurn newsletter intro

  • “On the other side of this line, there exists a world where everything is different.” — Roots, fruits and offshoots.

  • Really need to find some AfrikaBurn worker bees to collaborate with soon.
  • How many times did you say no today?
  • Tuesday, gym (Olympic bar day), office, 12.6% body fat (BIA), first LOMAD day (litre of milk a day – I add about 40g of whey isolate protein to a litre of grass fed milk), lunchtime promenade walk, tried some tuna biltong for the first time – not bad, Lions Head walk with Paul (see above), milk and egg whites for supper – eating like a bodybuilder – Jacques suggested I eat less tuna, upgraded Mia’s laptop to OSX 10.11, Wouter had these two cute couch surfing Dutch students over, watched about 1/3 of 500 Days of Summer.
  • Grass fed milk tastes much better than the usual stuff – try it.
  • The one thing I managed to fix this year is my health – if I think back at what a grumpy little bitch I was around March and my text neck issues – I’ve come a very long way.
  • Wednesday, swim, office, inbox zero, inner city wine route with Philippa, Al, Hilah and Paul – great fun, bumped into a number of people I have not seen in a while – Karin, Alex, Joost, Janey, Cath , watched some rugby, visited Tjing Tjing, House of Machines, Youngblood Gallery, Publik, Weinhaus and Biergarden and Bocca, ended up at Aces taking lots of fish-eye lens photos (see below) – Rock and Roll karaoke night – super fun – I kinda failed at pitching that fall in love with anyone in 90min idea – Hilah did not seem to agree with the idea so we debated it for an hour, very cool evening.
  • “Something zigged when in should have zagged.” — Paul

  • “Never let a woman be a) cold, b) hungry or c) tired – and you’ll do ok.” — Philippa

  • I’m fairly happy with recent gym nerd experiments – on myself (see below) – I figured a vanity beach shot could be included after all the recent fitness content.
  • Been pondering surviving vs thriving recently. Making some changes.
  • I figure I had four big projects this year. Next year I think I should have three.
  • I joined Keybase.
  • Thursday, fibre route survey walk, sent off an FTTH proposal for 530 homes, fetched Mia – after she spent the day with Anjela: beach walk and ice cream and watched Hotel Transulvania 2 – bit of a last minute scramble to get Mia to gym after Anjela took her to the other Virgin Active (don’t blindly trust GPS devices, kids), worked next to the pool while Mia had her two holiday crash course swimming lessons – try the Kauai Salsa Juice (kinda virgin Bloody Mary), sunset promenade walk with Paul and Mia, La Vie with Georg and Aiden, nice after dark summers walk back to the car with Mia, good sleep.
  • Tunes for the week: Rampue – Live At Robot Heart – Burning Man 2015
  • Friday, made Mia breakfast, finally took my Aeron chair to the office, health and weight loss chat with Greg at Bootleggers – I need to finish that 2nd blog post, quick tour of the BUC gym in the building… very cool, a late brunch and fresh juices with Mia at Baked / Bakoven, try the mushroom + poached egg breakfast option, good investor meeting, nice to see Tim, putt putt with Mia in Sea Point – it was a tie – and she was very happy with herself, fish and chips at The Grand / Camps Bay with Mia, Dan, Georg, Cath and Fred, gelato, 11h sleep.
  • Mia is 150.5cm, 45kg now. 2.5cm growth since July. Up from 3.89kg birth weight – hard to think.
  • Saturday, buchu tea (with grass fed milk), introduced Mia to TiTea and she liked it, gym (95kg bench – two rep max), swim, LOMAD day, olives and ice cream with Mia at the Granger Bay Market, some beach day white wine shopping at Ultra Liquors – I have a loyalty card now – great wine selection and prices – caught up on some photo processing and reading, promenade play area with Mia, pizza night and rugby at La Vie with Georg, Dan, Camilla, Aiden, Paula, Maria and Sandra – Mia tried to get Georg and Sandra to fall in love with the 36 questions app – fun evening.
  • Mia managed to swim a 25m freestyle in 19.3sec – nice improvement from last season’s 22sec.
  • Hawaiian – the universal pizza.
  • Going to miss Aiden – good reason to go visit Dublin again soon.
  • Interesting chat with Dan about relationships – maybe connectedness / friends – family is more rewarding than dating one person. Hmm. Not sure.
  • I managed to work out where I left my fish-eye lens after that Aces outing. I was worried that this was going to be a very short lived hobby.
  • Nice to see Mia two weekends in a row.
  • Finally, wifi that works everywhere in the house. Cheap 802.11ac Tenda router from Scoop with 5db antennas.
  • In the process of testing the PS4 on the new wifi network for Mia, I stumbled across this, Blank Space – Taylor Swift, entertaining video.
  • Only thing worse than a run: The Colour Run. Some muppet outside the gym tried to get me to go.
  • Sunday, tea and more Taylor Swift video watching with Mia – she seems to know all the songs, discovered Paul and Claus were in the house (post Kinky Disco party cats) and made tea and fruit salad with Paul, Mia insisted on flapjacks for brunch – walked down to Bootleggers with her, lounged around the pool and had a nice chat with Paul, nap, watched some Futurama with Mia and Paul, 5 hours on Clifton 1st with Mia, Georg, Cath, Philippa and Jocelyn, beach bats, frisby, snacks, great sunset, open shawarma and cheesecake at Aris Souvlaki with Mia, Georg, Philippa and Jocelyn – no fortune telling this time, such a perfect day – all round general life affirming feeling that the time spent was meaningful.
  • Jocelyn says there are only 42k Jewish people in SA – and some girls move to Joburg because the dating pool is bigger up there. I feel like I’ve walked past 1/2 of them in Little Tel Aviv.

Safety in no safety, crazy kids.

Fish Eye Lens
Fish Eye Lens – Aces
Clifton 1st Sunday
Clifton 1st Sunday