Quick Update

The Paul Carr crew in Camps Bay…

Lions Head
Lions Head
  • Week of 12-18 October.
  • Detox week, mostly.
  • Monday, made Mia breakfast, walked to work, introduced Mia to lunch at Sobaba, photo processing, Mia finished all the Mathletics in the programme, Glen Beach and Camps Bay beach walk with Mia, early supper at Nu and shared an end of the holidays cheesecake treat, dropped Mia at her Mom’s house.
  • I think this LOMAD thing works – I gained about 2kg of muscle mass in two weeks.
  • Tuesday, up early, TiTea, gym day (Olympic bar), LOMAD day, tea with Max and Chregan – chatting payment systems – feels like a past life – reaffirmed my decision to walk away from GUST, lunchtime walk, inbox zero, notes zero, photos zero, rss zero, blogging, left the office at 20:00ish, 1km swim in 17:17 – figured I needed to start pushing myself a bit with the swimming.
  • I migrated about 400 photos from the OSX Photos app to Aperture – Photos is lame, but at least it keeps the iPhone modifications – so it’s become an extra step in the process.
  • Seems I’ve added around 10k photos to FB (9,845).
  • The only real growth industry is avoiding human suffering.
  • Turns out I’m at beginner / intermediate level with squats and dead lifts. Lots of room to improve.
  • That feeling again, I need to take more photos. I think I need a new camera and laptop and migrate from Aperture to Lightroom.
  • Wednesday, walked to the office, good meeting at the Waterfront – nice project, sunset walk exploring Moses Beach (Clifton 0), I was going to write that 2nd health and fitness blog post, but I got stuck reading this.
  • Get stuff done.
  • Thursday, up early, BCAA’s for breakfast, 7:00 Lions Head walk with Dan, Andy and Tony (see above), ran down the mountain to make a 9:00 meeting, lunchtime walk, meeting with Jamey, sundowners at this big Camps Bay house up on the hill which Dan rented, dropped Aiden off – he looked a bit frazzled from all the packing and goodbye parties.
  • Dan and friends are in Cape Town for a while, they are working on something called Rise To. Building UK startups in Cape Town.
  • I think I’ve watched three SA world cup rugby games so far – about 15min in
    total. Not doing very well.
  • Friday, TiTea, gym at 7:00, 100kg bench (ORM), office, LOMAD day, document writing, drove to Stellenbosch, De Warenmarkt with Fred, Dan and Duncan, a great CBC Lager with David and Fred at Trumpet Tree – we chatted tech festivals, fetched Mia, fruit shopping, chilled early evening writing a blog post with a G&T.
  • I kinda worked out that I’m not ready to be in a relationship yet.
  • I’ve finally forgiven myself for the GUST f-up last year – after a meeting this week with somebody that has been busy building something very similar (and struggling) and a meeting with Quicket (they also asked for advise). The fundamentals are just missing. We were already tired after ~3 pivots by the time we got to Techstars. Techstars was a very cool experience – but in many ways cruel to drag on something which was just not going to make it out of startup mode – just because a big bank was trying to make a similar product work.
  • I deleted 1/3 of the apps on my phone this week.
  • Missed my high school reunion, not in the mood.
  • Nice to see Mia three weekends in a row.
  • Saturday, up early, some health blog post writing, major backups day (like 70GB), buchu tea, made fruit salad with Mia, Futurama, processed Mia’s photos from her Pretoria visit, Discovery shop visit to get our BIA readings, Myog, went swimming with Mia – she did a few sprints again but did not improve her time and she seemed a bit disappointed so we had a long chat about sport, talent and training, I showed her this Nike ad, swim, braai and rugby watching day at Dan’s place in Camps Bay – I actually watched the whole rugby game this time and it was gripping till the end, awesome afternoon, great braai, had to leave when the coffee Patron started flowing, thanks Dan and Georg!
  • I’m really good at admin, backups and upgrades before I need to write a blog post.
  • I might have an unhealthy preoccupation with health at the moment.
  • “Luck is the last dying wish of those who want to believe that winning can happen by accident.” — The Grind

  • Sunday, up early again, more research and blog post writing, 4 hours on Clifton 1st with Mia, Georg, Cath, Philippa and Jocelyn – it’s becoming a bit of an institution (see below), steak night at Hussar Camps Bay – Mia had three bowls of olives this time, a quick visit to Dan’s house to fetch Georg’s car and Mia’s ball.
  • I completed my 2nd health and fitness blog post: I Want To Look Good Naked
  • Just for fun, I scrolled back in my weekly blog posts and realised… love really is blind. Post AfrikaBurn, with the exception of four nice weekends (Waterfront, Hemel en Aarde, Decompression, Constantia Uitsig), the last few months were actually pretty painful – then again, those 25% of weekends were awesome.
  • Star Wars, 16 Dec.
  • Mia read a 900 page book in less than a week. New levels of bookworm.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Clifton 1st
Clifton 1st