Quick Update

All these things that I have done...

Camps Bay
Camps Bay
  • Week of 19-25 October.
  • Monday, up early, TiTea - Mia was not convinced about the taste but had some anyway, school run, gym - personal bests squat, military press and dead lift (85,55,110), swim, office, walked to Glen Beach and back, tweaked my recent health blog post and changed the title - avoiding going out with Dan and co.
  • New AfrikaBurn plan. I'm thinking I'd like to just set up a small child friendly camp and take Mia from Mon-Thu again. I might do some gate duty or something similar to at least contribute something - but I'm pretty much going as a tourist. I figure it's the last year I can take Mia. Going for the relaxed family vibe.
  • I joined Medium, my first post is here.
  • Seems about 553 people read my first Medium post. Not bad. Another 100 from Dlvr.it plugin to FB. Not sure about the SleekGeek group reads - but I think it's safe to say 1k+ people read it. Not bad.
  • Tuesday, 24h fasting day, 1km swim in 16:56 (11sec better than last week), office, nice chat with Ian and Joseph, late afternoon nap, mid-week braai with the Paul Carr crew at the Camps Bay mansion, Dan, Georg, Fred, Andy, Duncan, John and Daren - turns out one of the girls they took home after a Caprice evening did not let anybody know where she was for 2 days and there was some missing persons drama, nice chat with Fred about Burn culture, Georg made great braai broodjies.
  • Wednesday, walked to the office, geodesic dome chat with Nathan, some flowchart making, wayleave meeting, catch up chat with Jordan, sunset walk to Clifton, some blogging.
  • I suspect I'm not eating enough protein. I should be eating around 150g and I'm probably only eating 100g per day.
  • Always remember the first rule of startups.
  • Is this why you feel tired?
  • Thursday, gym, office, took a walk around Tyger Falls, took a lunch time walk through the middle of Sea Point - some interesting shops, sunset walk to Clifton and walked back via Biskop steps.
  • Hmm. Safe to say life's excitement levels have gone down a bit recently. Is this it?
  • Friday, 24h fast, up early, Lions Head walk, walked to the office, inbox-rss-notes-photos-zero, a drink by the pool of The Bay Hotel with Dan (see above), Dan screwed up his back - I think I can fix him - sent him my recent blog post, good chat, Caprice adventure with Dan and Georg, some late night cd shuttle re-organising.
  • "You and I are very similar, we've had money, we've had no money, we've had some interesting experiences." -- Dan

  • Happy Friday Cape Town. Busy week - many reasons to feel optimistic about SA. Well done students. #FeesMustFall #ANCmustFall
  • Pro tip: go to gym four times a week and get a weekly free juice from Kauai - with the Discovery app.
  • Mia was named artist of the week at school again.
  • Saturday, Ultra, three hours on Clifton 1st with Georg, Cath, Louis and Philippa, rugby and pizza at La Vie with Georg and Philippa - great game.
  • Daughters are cool.
  • Screw Finding Your Passion - Hmm... health, photography, all things Bucky.
  • "If I only knew the answer, I wouldn't be bothering you." -- The Killers

  • Sunday, Joe-time kinda day, chilled morning, Mr Foxed and omelette, watched The Martian an the Waterfront... very good, frogurt, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci's, a late afternoon G&T at Winchester Mansions and some cheesecake - failed attempt to meet up with Paul - who was too broken to show up probably - shitty friend behaviour, sundowners with Georg and Melvi on Clifton 2nd (see below), blogging, watched more 500 Days of Summer - not sure why.
  • "What would Dan do?" -- Georg

  • Feels like I've aged three years in reverse this year.
  • "Silence is the loudest parting word you never say." -- Ben

Have a fun week, crazy kids.