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Trapped in a snow globe…

Clifton Full Moon
Clifton Full Moon
  • Week of 26 Oct to 1 Nov. Week 6 without coffee.
  • Yeah, I know – two weeks in a row, blog post done, ahead of schedule, impressive.
  • Monday, took a day off from my training programme and slept till 7:30, walked to the office, trimmed down my Dropbox use to only two folders (19MB), walked home to have some remotes programmed, a beer with Michael at La Perla, walked home, a quick swim at home.
  • Octotel is now taking orders in 22 buildings.
  • Found this amusing. As ERnst stays, some careers don’t really need more creativity – like being a pilot.
  • Tuesday, gym, 11% body fat and 43.8kg lean muscle (personal best metrics) – seems the extra resting day is a good idea, LOMAD and chia (I updated my recent post to include more fibre), managed to renew my drivers licence and car licence (painful, but at least it’s done now – a bit overdue), aimless afternoon walk to Clifton, G&Ts and some long Aerobie glides across Clifton 1st with Georg (see above), great sunset, full moon – good times, watched some strength training technique videos at home, I entered myself into Mia swimming gala again, parents relay race.
  • I’m starting to get a bit bored with gym. I think I’m going to try The Grid classes next week – it’s a bit like CrossFit – see if I like it.
  • My drivers licence eye test seems to show that my left eye is 6/6 (20/20), right eye is a bit weaker at 6/7.5 – I might need to go for a real eye test soon. 85 deg peripheral vision (at least, I guess).
  • It was time to add a Health Hacking category / nav item to my blog. Easy to share, if you feel like sending my recent collection of health and weight loss post to a friends.
  • Wednesday, 24h fasting day, epic 1km swim – left the gym in a great mood for some reason, sorted out a plan to get our home recycling going, Spin street meeting – went to go have a look at the new TwentyFifty, renewed my PO Box and found an interesting letter, fibre supplier meeting, placed my first Ethical Co-op order, walked to Call-A-Pizza to buy a Love & Light ticket – they still have an A2 print of one of my photos on the wall, sunset walk around Bantry Bay, a glass of Chardonnay and finally finished watching 500 Days of Summer (again) – good ending.
  • “(1)”

  • How the gym gives back… sharing a lane with a beautiful swimmer.
  • Whenever it’s hardest, start prototyping.
  • I read the chapter about sleeping in the 4hr body book. I seem to almost naturally do the “half military crawl position”, but with a pillow under my arm and leg. Works well. One might call it the pack animal position.
  • I suspect the real value in all this diary style blogging and notes processing is that I get to chew on ideas a second time.
  • Jacques says he still does not have EE “fibre” internet at home. Very amusing.
  • I received an anonymous letter in my (snail) mail box with a collection of content from a few articles. Very interesting. I can only imagine it was from a blog reader. Thank you. Made a lot of sense. Yeah, I was a bit confused.
  • I really need to start cooking at home at some point. With the exception of me boiling some eggs every 2nd day, I’ve pretty much been on a Soylent-like diet for two months – with some salad bar lunches. Very efficient and quick, but gets a bit boring.
  • Thursday, day 1, once around Lions Head – I really should figure out how to walk up Lions Head from the house, walked to the office, Sobaba lunch with Michael (snow globe favourite), I got some tickets for Mia and I to go to the Queen show at Artscape – she loves Queen, got some spinning / mountain biking shoes – on 20% discount sale with 25% Discovery cash back, spinning class, some muppet with a drone followed / filmed me walking for a while (wtf?) – I hate drones, promenade walk (snow globe central) – long afternoon phone conversations with Anton, Nikki and Ernst – nice chats.
  • I’ve become a green tea drinker. One green tea bag, one ginger tea bag. Makes about three cups.
  • I have to say, I’m kinda looking forward to taking a few days off in December.
  • Seems Georg is going to the middle east for 6 weeks.
  • I think I should write less about health and get back into writing about tech.
  • Friday, TiTea, 6:45 gym (with the usual Deadmau5 mix), new nutty LOMAD shake (milk, whey protein, flax seeds, chia seeds – blend), office, swapped my spinning shoes for a size bigger, watched Mia’s swimming gala, swam in the parents relay, lunch at Vergelegen with Mia and Alex – Alex showed me all the photos from his recent EU visit, dropped Mia at her pottery class (a bit late), worked at Fred & Max with a Kings Craft / Lion Heart draught and some Alt-J, fetched Mia, drove to Cape Town, sunset cocktails an mocktails at The Radisson with Mia and Georg, missed the rugby, 11h sleep.
  • So much easier to get up early in the summer.
  • Swimming gala results: it was a relays only thing, Mia did very well, she swam in the medley and the ladder relay. She was first to finish with the backstroke (beating the boys) in the medley and stayed ahead in the ladder freestyle race. A ladder race – for those who don’t know, is where one child (fastest swimmer) from each grade swims a lap (Gr1, Gr2… Gr7). The parent’s race was interesting, we were one team member short, so I had to swim twice, and if you ask me we won (it was very close).
  • 9.8% body fat on Friday. Goal reached (see below). In the fantastic words of Mr Fox: Cuss yeah! I think I’m grand with the weight loss thing now. Single digit fat percentages are cool, but no need to get too extreme.
  • I’ve become one of those grumpy people who care about gym etiquette. Not clearing weights and doing stupid things like crunches on the bench press bench have become a problem for me.
  • We had a couch surfer stay with us for two nights this week. She was okay, but I really don’t think this couch surfing thing is all that great.
  • I ~lost and found my ID this week, joy. Almost went queuing for a new smart ID card – they only issue 200 per day, so you have to get there before 7:00 when they open.
  • I don’t like Halloween. The Americans can keep it. Meh. Super meh.
  • “Het doel van de staat is de vrijheid.” — Baruch Spinoza, from one of Alex’s Amsterdam photos.

  • Saturday, slept till 8:30 – bliss, buchu tea, LOMAD shake and Futurama, caught up on some reading and processed the swimming gala photos, Mia demanded flapjacks – so we had gourmet crumpets and french toast at Liquorice & Lime at 13:00 (had to phone around to find all day breakfast spots), De Waal Park walk, we decided to take a drive – to escape the Little Tel Aviv snow globe, Boyes Drive to Kalk Bay, Kalk Bay book shop, ice cream, Brass Bell, back to the book shop (so Mia could finish reading an Asterix book), extended Kalk Bay harbour stroll, sunset Campari and an early supper at Harbour House – nice seared tuna, introduced Mia to panna cotta desert, 11h sleep, magic day.
  • Might have had a bit of an over achiever carb day on Saturday.
  • Mia and I have been chatting about creating a game for kids as an AfrikaBurn project, something interactive to connect the kids, make friends etc. Treasure hunt, cards, wristbands, teams, prizes, learn about the principles – something like that. I’ve been teaching her some gamification principles.
  • I used to be so sure I was into brunettes, now I’m not so sure.
  • Somebody should design a real life Monkey Island adventure game in Kalk Bay – maybe as an AfrikaBurn fundraiser.
  • Sunday, rainy morning – very nice actually, buchu tea, fruit salad and Futurama (I think Mia must be at season 9 now), caught up on some more reading, migrated about 50GB of photos (since June last year), backups, failed putt putt outing with Mia (snowglobing – rain), pizza in Camps Bay with Mia (moar snowglobing), cocktails and mocktails at Caprice – a goodbye drink with Aiden (who is leaving on Thursday), Georg and Nick (who is single again since Sunday), Mia and I gave Aiden the LLAP and quickly removed ourselves from Caprice, some blogging.
  • I installed Tinder for all of 15 minutes, *sigh* too much bad photography to deal with. (And the profile photo manager thing is _still_ buggy, since 2013 days).
  • I always wondered about AI Focus vs. AI Servo. Seems the quick answer is: just use servo.
  • Browsed through some photos from 2015 in the process of archiving them – it’s been an interesting year, some struggles, but all in all, some very cool memories – especially the AfrikaBurn photos. Funny how the more you endure some pain and hard work the more fond the memories become.
  • Eat your cheese and drink your milk, kids.
  • After looking at the UK, US and NL growth charts for kids I think Mia is going to end up at around 180cm – assuming I feed her enough milk and egg whites (and her mom plays along). She’s well above the US chart and around the 94 percentile on the NL chart.
  • Jacques thinks I need to meet a 28yo Afrikaans girl and have more children. Hmm. Private schools are expensive. More expensive than UCT degrees.
  • Tune of the week: Nara, Alt-J, good memories. Listen to it really loud!

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Body Fat Stats
Body Fat Stats