Quick Update

Trying a life upgrade…

  • Week of 2-8 November.
  • Took a week off from my health and fitness programme. No supplements.
  • Monday, up early, school run, a swim at Waterstone gym, bit of a self experimenting day – mixed results, walked to the office, catch-up with Randolf at Beerhouse, a very tasty Royale burger in Long Street – interesting flashback from a Groovy Troopers party, worked a bit at Tigers Milk – with some Stevie Nicks, haircut at Parters in the Gardens Centre – have not done that since the early 2000s when I lived in Gardens.
  • …been having fun recently?
  • “The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.” — very stoic.

  • TED talk about mindfulness meditation.
  • I’m going to try and have more quality mornings, do the creative / productive stuff first.
  • A good friend’s sister used to say that I reminded her of that guy in American Beauty that made a video of a plastic bag in the wind. Yeah, I guess I can see why.
  • Tune of the week: Landslide, Stevie Nicks
  • Octotel’s first FTTH customer (in Green Point) went live.
  • Tyler started posting weekly updates.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, quick dentist visit, an after work Aperol Spritz at La Vie with Aiden, Camilla, Georg etc – nice to see them one last, last, last time, had a nice chat with Andy about #HackSTB days and different tech startup programmes.
  • Check out “happn” – iOS app. Had an idea about location based dating apps in 2013. Nice to see somebody implemented something similar.
  • Aperol is okay, but I still like Campari.
  • “If we weren’t designed to be here we would not be here.” — James Fadiman

  • In case you were wondering, I like my tea with lots of milk and no sugar. Insert joke about how I like my woman. (-:
  • Wednesday, woke up feeling pretty unwell, got back in bed, 10min meditation, tinkered with some off-site backups, watched Mia swim in the regional girls relay gala, nice event, early supper, fresh juices, ginger shots, and homework at W Cafe with Mia, dropped Mia off, swapped an off-site backup drive in Stellenbosch, sunset Eersterivier walk up to the swaaibrug and hockey fields – love that walk (see above), drove back to Cape Town.
  • Mia swam in the freestyle, medley and ladder relays. This was her first butterfly race (medley). Not always easy to work out how she did in a relay, but she kept a good pace in the videos I took – and had good form with the butterfly race all the way to the end.
  • More than one long email exchange with Naulene’s lawyer this week. Joy. Only 9 more years. Some people you just can’t reach.
  • My life is now all redundantly backed up again, all 1046GB of it. Now I just have to hope some weird event does not take out Cape Town and Stellenbosch at the same time. It might be time for a Joburg backup plan, ERnst?
  • Thursday, 10min meditation, walked to the office, tried a new brunch spot – Jarryds – pretty decent egg white omelette, Sea Point trenching project kick-off meeting for the first 20 Octotel buildings – we’re going to have to get some branded soccer bibs soon to look the part – health and safety etc, fetched my first Ethical Coop order from Vondi’s – the holistic pet nutrition shop, eggs were broken, but the milk survived – The Dairy: Pasture Fed – a2 Flechvieh Milk – not just any hipster milk – tastes nice, watched the 5th of November fireworks at Maiden’s Cove with Georg, took a walk to Camps Bay and got some ice cream.
  • I made my 2nd ever Wikipedia contribution …and they seem to have accepted my edit the 1st time, wow, there is a god.
  • Turns out you want to do a 5-7 day fast every three months – yeah, that’s right – every 12th week of your life you should not eat anything. This kills (pre) cancer cells and keep your immune system sharp. Kinda feels like the start of my next 3 month health hacking phase. My last fast was early August (3.5 days) – so this is right on time, I’m going to try a 6 day fast next week. Depending on your base metabolic rate – you will probably lose between 1kg and 2kg of fat in a fast like this – nothing too crazy.
  • Listen to this: Dom D’Agostino on Fasting, Ketosis, and The End of Cancer
  • I listened to three more Tim Ferriss Podcasts this week. Pretty cool.
  • “Chase quality”.

  • Squats changed my life. I squat every day now.
  • I’m not ready to write about my latest experiments yet, but they are going well. Still working out what to do with my new knowledge.
  • People who shoot movie clips in portrait orientation – I never managed to work that out.
  • Friday, woke up early and meditated, but fell asleep again – nice sleep, but meditation in bed is probably not the best idea, TiTea, gym, walked to the office, ended up not buying an AfrikaBurn ticket (yet), lunch at Sobaba with Michael, frogurt at Myog, inbox-rrs-photo-zero, had an after work Jack Black Lager in a bottle – which was a bit strange, a beer at La Vie with Georg – sounds like he’ll be in Bahrain till March, a burger at Hussar Camps Bay with Georg, 10h sleep – ended up skipping a Friday night adventure with Hilah and Paul.
  • 120kg dead lift today (orm). It seems at 130kg my grip around the bar becomes an issue. Might need some other gloves. Some real gym monkey gear.
  • I’ve been pondering what happens if/when I croak – well, when, but hopefully not too soon – might need to give a close friend the password to my encrypted backup volumes. Feels like I need some form of time capsule for my photos and blog. Maybe one super big PDF doc on a flash drive.
  • …and the ZAR / GBP rate goes to 21.5!
  • We really need to redesign salad. It should not contain lettuce. It should contain all kind of other greens with some real value: kale, spinach etc. We should start a movement or something. A revolution! …maybe next week.
  • Saturday, productive morning of tinkering (admin, personal projects and generally cleaning up my own back yard), late afternoon aimless walk to Clifton – with extra aimlessness, bumped into Stu – who says he’s not going to AfrikaBurn next year, beach walks from Clifton 4th to 1st to Glen Beach, to the end of Camps Bay, a beer at the Camps Bay football club, pizza at Goloso / Italian Deli in Sea Point – best Tiramisu I’ve had since Naulene made one… with love – a very long time ago, finally watched Barbarella… weird and wonderful, but pretty cool for scifi from 1968 – cool costume design and Jane Fonda is nice to look at.
  • “I am endlessly creating myself.” — spotted on FB

  • “I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let… lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may.” — Tyler

  • “Needing nothing, attracts everything.”

  • “If you want to change the world – begin with yourself.”

  • I started using Pocket again – I just had to cut down my 300 article list to about 40 – not a trivial task.
  • I deleted about 4000 lines from my todo.txt file. Refreshing. Found some very weird stuff. It’s now about 400 lines. Healthy process of letting go of the last few years I figure.
  • “Simplicate and add lightness”

  • I’ve realised I’m not a very good “doer”. I don’t just jump in and do the high impact stuff first. I need to look at something from every angle before I jump in and do something. It’s more of a wide / creative view than a focused linear view. So, the solution is to just work more – take the time to do all the wide angle stuff before I get going.
  • “The 2nd day is the best.”

  • I.T.W.T
  • Thanks again for that letter. Fascinating once you’ve worked it out.
  • Sunday, a longer than usual meditation session, finished watching Barbarella, more tinkering, had a bit of a device OS/app upgrade party, TiTea, gym (90 squat, 55 military press, 115 dead lift, 65 yates rows, 100 bench), three hours on Clifton 1st (see below) with Philippa and Val (I have Georg’s beach gate tag – the tradition continues), early supper at Hudsons in Green Point with Philippa and Val, took an iPad to the beach and made a good dent in my Pocket reading list, some blogging at home, watched some strength training technique videos (dead lift).
  • So begins my first 6 day fast. Well – it’s more like 5 days and two nights (136 hours). Last meal was two burger patties and a glass of Chardonnay.
  • Jacques is joining me with the fast. He wanted to do the full 7 days, but I figure we’ll do that next time.
  • Val says the average cost per minute to run a call centre is R33. Keep those spammers on the phone a bit longer.
  • Safe to say my relationship with food has changed.
  • I suspect I might be moving to stage 3, a bit behind schedule, but I’m going to keep some stage 2 elements, I think.
  • Stage 3: Is this it? Yeah, this is it. Make the most of it. Live in SA. Do tech stuff. Raise Mia as well as I can. Find more geeky adventures.
  • Who would have thought, all this meditation and mindfulness and no sugar and weird fasting diets, not to mention the endless journalling. All seems a bit gay – I try and balance things with the weight lifting.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Clifton 1st
Clifton 1st

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