Quick Update

A week of not eating…

Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay
  • Week of 9-15 November.
  • Monday, 10min mindfulness meditation, walked to the office, lunchtime podcast walk, did some research or fasting and home ketone blood meters, mild ketosis (1-2 millimolar/l ketone levels), watched two weight lifting technique videos.
  • It’s been three years, to the day, from the 2012 Naulene breakup – I actually put that in my calendar.
  • Check out 9 Others.
  • See you at AfricaCom.
  • Something I found a few weeks ago, worth a watch: Biohacking With Bullet Proof Coffee Creator.
  • Tuesday, 10min meditation, swim, sauna, cold shower – makes you feel alive, catch up chat with Roger, office, lunchtime walk around Sea Point, ketone levels around 3mmol/l, aimless sunset walk to Clifton 4th – got a cool photo of Lion’s Head with the setting sun lighting up the top bit – no filter (see below), watched a spectacular sunset from Bantry Bay (see above) – my phone died while taking photos – but I guess that’s cool – made me appreciate it more, a long pre-birthday phone chat with Nikki, catch up with Wouter and some 4hr Body reading.
  • At this rate I don’t have to pack any food for AfrikaBurn.
  • “If I change my way of living, and if I pave my streets with good times, will the mountain keep on giving?” — Killers

  • Wednesday, 10min meditation, gym – bumped into Elan (Mr SleekGeek), feeling tip top 60 hours into the fast, ordered some flowers, a tour of the 6th floor office we’re moving to, some boring document writing.
  • PR for the week: Fibre-to-the-home in South Africa – what is open access?
  • Thursday, daily 10min meditation, office, a cup of green tea with Daren, catch up with Joseph at Truth, chilled evening at home, chatting with Jacques and watched Billions in Change.
  • I started tying my shoes the right way.
  • Friday, up early, 10min meditation, worked on a blog post, bought a ticket to an Elgin tennis party, I was really looking forward to an omelette on Saturday, office, green tea at Caffe Neo with Sanja and a promenade walk – we chatted tech startup IP and silent meditation retreats, a Kings Craft / Lion Heart draught with JD at Fred & Max – bit of an early end of the fast – it tasted really really good – we had a chat about his birthday brunch, fetched Mia from pottery class – bumped into Naulene and managed to say less than three words to her, biltong shop visit, office, BIA stats (Mia gained some muscle), frogurt from Myog, wig shopping, we masticated some kale and broccoli (all groovy more healthy than healthy juicer) – which was fun, but takes a lot of time, Futurama, we Mr Fox’d a whole punnet of fresh cherries, Chardonnay and some dark chocolate – which also tasted amazing, 10h sleep.
  • Wow, food tastes pretty good after not eating for 5 days. Pizza and craft beer was amazing.
  • Sorry if I write about food a bit much this week.
  • Remember to make backups, kids. Daily and weekly. You never know when you are going to lose a phone. You too Paul. Hmm… my backup redundancy has suffered a bit with not being in a relationship, need a new location.
  • Come to the Tennis party in Elgin!
  • After the chat about startups on Friday, two rules for SA tech startups:

    Rule 2) Never build any IP (software) in an SA company – if you have plans for the product outside SA. This is almost as important as…

    Rule 1) The universal rule of startups: no assholes, this goes for investors too.

  • Saturday, tea and fruit salad, adventure game installs for Mia – LOOM, Day of The Tentacle, Sam & Max, Full Throttle, had a Steph Weiss with lunch – reminded me of Christina (how AfrikaBurn gives back), we finally watched The Simpsons: Blazed and Confused – The Simpsons go to “Blazing Guy” (S26E07), go on – watch it, super epic nap, early pizza supper at Da Vinci’s with Mia and some tiramisu (not nearly as good as last week’s) – Mia and I chatted game design (ARG for aB), I think we have a pretty cool idea going, introduced Mia to Pachelbel’s Canon on the way home, wrote a blog post about my recent fasting experience – one more in my Health Hacking series, random late night Telegram chats with Jacques.
  • “Stop staring.” — Mia, about me looking at the girl at the table next to us.

  • Mia has watched all the Futurama episodes now.
  • Three tunes this week: John Farnham – You’re the Voice, 1986, Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time, 1984, Here comes the Sun – Yuna.
  • I set up and upgraded Prey on my laptops, phones and tablets again.
  • Always liked the Longridge Chardonnay. 2014 is pretty good.
  • Maybe it’s all the meditation, but I had this weird thought… what is it that YOU actually DO? What VALUE do you ADD?
  • Finally watched that TRE video – all about relaxing the Psoas muscles. Note to self: try this stuff.
  • Are you expanding or contracting?
  • Thinking back – some hints in life really need a bit more attention. For example, when I started working at IOL (around 2000) I did not eat breakfast for a few weeks – I noticed a good impact, but never really made a point of changing any habits. When I first went to AfrikaBurn (2012) I remember thinking all this physical activity and squats are a really good idea. I’d like to think I’m a bit more receptive to these things now.
  • New diet: only eat on weekends. Hehe, no way.
  • “Write drunk, edit sober.”

  • Sunday, edited my blog post from the night before, Mia made a presentation deck on how to make brownies for her upcoming oral while we watched about 15 Killers videos on Youtube, lunch at Sgt Peppers – with a very chilled Sunday Long Street vibe – nice – I think we missed Johann and Victoria a bit, watched the “Queen – It’s A Kinda Magic” show at Artscape with Mia – great seats: front row balcony in the middle – she loves Queen – good act – we enjoyed it, frogurt at Myog, more kale and broccoli juicing, Mia finished her deck – and did a great job.
  • “Back on the food?” — Wouter

  • I’ve recently had this lingering thought that South Africa, in a macro context, actually sucks. The whole rainbow nation dream is falling apart at a rapid rate. Need to ponder some contingency plans.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Lions Head
Lions Head