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Gin and stoic…

Mozilla Party
Mozilla Party
  • Week of 16-22 November.
  • This is my first post published with the WordPress OSX Desktop app.
  • Monday, school run, gym, office, lunchtime podcast walk, DD doc editing, weekly blog post writing, sunset podcast walk (Tim Ferriss show).
  • Seems I’ve inspired some people to do the fasting thing – Cameron came up to me at gym saying he’s started a fast.
  • “How do you become a good writer?: live an interesting life.” ~- from a Tim Ferriss podcast Ep4. Hmm… I need to find more interesting projects.

  • Facebook detox week, I witched off phone notifications for a whole butch of apps. I try and only check the social media sites twice a day.
  • I’ve been pondering a more productive (early) morning routine.
  • “I am not here to be your good influence.” — spotted on a tshirt

  • Follow your gut.
  • I need to watch Inception again.
  • Check out Headspace.
  • Tuesday, 10min meditation, swim, AfricaCom at the CTICC, lunch with Raphael – who I met in Geneva – he is living is Singapore now – sounds like a cool city, more DD doc writing at the office, upgraded www.swimgeek.com to a Let’s Encrypt early Beta programme SSL cert – works well.
  • Worth a rewatch: How great leaders inspire action
  • I like the idea that “why?” speaks to the limbic brain – passion and motivation.
  • Check out Mobility WOD
  • Wednesday, published my thee recent health related posts on Medium – my three month journey from a flabby text neck geek to single digit fat percentage, swim (actually spent more time in the sauna than in the pool), lean coffee with David and Roger, AfricaCom, I met up with Niel from Vumatel at the Waterfront, DD meeting at the office, bacon and eggs at 16:00 with Michael and a frogurt, Mozilla party at Tjing Tjing – good fun (see above) – thanks, Teraco party at the aquarium, also good fun.
  • Stating the obvious, but I realised that swimming is a great form of meditation.
  • Still battling with my Pocket reading list – wish I was not so obsessive about reading all the articles I save.
  • I think it’s safe to say the best order at Myog is Oreo with Oreo.
  • Good read: Jessica Livingston
  • “…we’d refuse to fund founders whose characters we had doubts about even if we thought they’d be successful.” (1st rule of startups)

  • Thursday, longer than usual meditation, walked to the new office (same building, different floor), civil engineering firm meeting, MBA project Skype interview about business models (with somebody that used to go to school with me), rib-eye steak at NV80 for lunch with the Octotel team, trenching project route walk, frogurt, network management system meeting, caught up on a lot of notes and admin (after being out of the office for two days), tinkered with the ergonomics of my new desk – not very successful, caught up on some reading at home, in bed early.
  • “Creativity is the new literacy.”

  • I looked into Day One app – but I figure my current lifelogging / notes taking process is just fine.
  • I’m up to Episode 9 of Tim Ferriss podcasts. Not sure why I feel I have to start from the beginning. Only 110 or so to catch up on.
  • Tune of the week: Interstellar soundtrack
  • “The web was not envisioned as a form of television when it was invented.” — The Web We Have to Save

  • I read the above and thought, what really changed? I’m still blogging like I did from around 2006 days. I still read RSS feeds every day. I still have most of my content outside of Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. I guess I post most of my photos to Facebook – I used to host them myself – but the bulk of my photos are not public anyway.
  • “The philosophical school of Stoicism is, I believe, the perfect operating system for thriving in high-stress environments. For entrepreneurs, it’s a godsend.” — Stoicism for Modern Stresses

  • “I change by not changing at all.” — Eddie Vedder

  • Friday, 10min meditation, podcast walk to the office, a tour of three (fibre) data centres with Malcolm, Rory and Michael: DFA Portside, RSAWEB, City Telecoms Keller House – pretty cool, lunch with Coenraad at Beer House – we chatted selling out of startups, afternoon on Daniel’s farm in Constantia with Michael, supper at Pastis in Constantia with Daniel and Michael – have not been there since 2005 days with ERnst.
  • Daniel eats only game meat. I need to look into raw egg yolks.
  • Turns out we should be growing perennial plants for food, Rhubarb etc.
  • Check out Learning Man – kinda anti-AfrikaBurn in some ways.
  • I’ve been enjoying the latest Deadmau5 album.
  • Chase excitement, not happiness.
  • Turns out Neil Diamond has a song about an imaginary friend: Shilo. I’ve been making music mixes for Mia. Neil Diamond, Queen, Elton John and Roxette.
  • Saturday, breakfast at La Vie with Wouter, bus ride to Grabouw with Wouter and Philippa, Tropical Roast dress up tennis party on a farm there (see below), played some tennis with old wooden rackets, more than one gin and tonic, fun day – but too cold to swim, nice catch-up chat with Luke, bus ride back to La Vie chatting with Paul who produces the Expresso Breakfast TV Show, we allegedly almost went to DecoDance.
  • Sunday, breakfast at Rock & Roller with Philippa, pool party at The Radisson, walked home (still in my retro tennis gear), had plans to go for a drink with Anton, but “just closed my eyes for 5 minutes” and woke up the next morning, babies don’t sleep this well.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Tennis Party
Tennis Party