Why I Don’t Use WhatsApp

A number of people have been asking me: why are you not on WhatsApp?

The quick answer is: don’t cross the streams!


I don’t like the idea that Facebook has access to my private conversations.

Facebook owns WhatsApp.

I use Facebook. I kinda like finding random things to read and seeing what friends are up to (even though I did recently switch off all notifications from Facebook).

Facebook is public, I choose to share (or not share) things there. Text messages are private – I don’t want to mix the two.

Don’t cross the streams…

Hmmm, ever stopped to think…

  • How does WhatsApp make money?
  • Why did Facebook buy WhatsApp?
  • Why does Facebook keep asking you to enter your mobile number? …maybe it’s for more than just “safety” reasons.

We all know: if it’s free you are the product, but it should worry you much more when you become a product where they have insight into your private communications.

I use Telegram. I really hope Telegram stays independent. I use iMessage. Please don’t send me Facebook messages, even though I will probably end up reading them.

I kinda use Twitter, but in a “write only” mode – I never read anything there, just too noisy. I use uBlock Origin in Firefox so I don’t see the lame Facebook ads (turns out Ad Block Plus is not cool).

I’ve never used Gmail, I try and avoid “the cloud”, I recently deleted just about everything I had in Dropbox. That’s just me.

Now you know.