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View from Vredehoek
View from Vredehoek
  • Week of 7-13 December
  • Yeah, this post is a bit late, year-end-party kinda times.
  • Monday, podcast walk to the office, listened to Beck – Morning Phase more than once… very cool album, Sobaba, Myog, walked home and jumped in the pool, some blogging, catch up chat with Wouter over a very pleasant Amani Chardonnay before his trip to Thailand – chats about addiction and how it’s almost always a function of same underlying issue, broc-kale-avo supper, some random and pointless Netflix surfing.
  • Paul has been bugging me to start dating again. I’ve been thinking, I might start with girls who are not presently formally married, they must like Campari, and use the Oxford comma.
  • Tune of the week: Blue Moon, Beck, listen to it really loudly.
  • Tuesday, office, fetched snail mail, fetched my sunglasses, a swim at Wembley Square, Heavy Chef, very nice dinner at Jens’ house in Vredehoek with Cath, Alex, Roslyn, Ksenia etc. (see above)
  • Cool Heavy Chef talk by Rich Mulholland. The four parts of any presentation: 1) Reason to Care (why?), 2) Reason to believe you (credibility), 3) What you need to know (facts), 4) What you need to do (action).
  • I’ve been rocking the Neil Diamond in the car lately… this song kinda stuck: Lord of my night… yeah, I know.
  • Sense of humour failure with Naulene again. After 4 weeks of trying to plan Mia’s holiday time I still can’t get any answers out of her and the holiday starts this week. I suggested dates. I tried to plan holiday swimming lessons for Mia (and obviously failed). We’re talking – four weeks of daily emails and daily text messages asking her to please communicate plans. At some point her lawyer asked me to stop CC’ing her into the emails. Naulene is, what we in the industry refer to as, an absolute train wreck of a human being. WTaF. What kind of a person can not in four weeks work out which days of the holiday her child should spend with which parent? (yes, it’s all defined in our legal agreement – but why would she care about that detail?). So now, we’re in a state of complete communications breakdown. I’ve given up. It’s just a clusterfck. I knew she was cooked, but this is pretty extreme. *sigh* Oh, well – let’s see how this plays out.
  • Wednesday, early Lions Head hike with Dan – good chats – I think we have a plan, Lean Startup Coffee, office, lunch with Brian at La Perla, bit of a delayed start to an Inner City Wine Route walkabout with Paul – good fun, a very tasty burger at Tiger’s Milk, possibly a series of bad decisions: HQ – where we kinda gate crashed a company end of year party, then Aces – where we met some roller derby lesbians who are into karaoke.
  • “You don’t just throw away ten years of code.” — seemed like a profound statement at the time, the wine talking.

  • Thursday, wine tours on school nights are not a good idea it seems, office, R16 Checkers breakfast, discovered Startup School Radio, spotted a whale hanging around in the sea in front of our office for quite a while, Barclays Rise Africa launch in Woodstock – nice to see Jess and Max, RAMP year end function, a sunset podcast walk around Bantry Bay, post-sunset swim at home.
  • 10 December was an interesting day. Big wake-up call for South Africa. Feels like somebody rapidly increased the rate at which they were boiling a frog. It woke up. Maybe a good thing.
  • ZAR / USD goes to 16. Joy.
  • I might have a case of that end of year feeling flat feeling.
  • Seems ERnst bought himself a new car because Georg complained about the pull away power of his french car.
  • “Live a life of appreciation, not expectation.” — Tony Robbins

  • Hack the now.
  • I was looking for a Pomodoro app – and ended up installing Tadam for OSX.
  • I made it to ep 38 of the Tim Ferriss podcast.
  • “What you know doesn’t mean shit – it’s what you do consistently, with emotional intensity that counts.” — Tony Robbins, this is very true.

  • What if I do the complete opposite?
  • Friday, office, after work drinks at La Vie with Dan, Aiden and Fred (see below) – Brannas year end party – yeah, the brandy and coke draught (it’s a case of: one is not enough, two is too much), Decodance with Paul – my first time there – we probably stayed longer than what was absolutely necessary – weird high school vibes.
  • Saturday, woke up to Sam vacuum cleaning the house, we walked to the Summer Sensation Beach Party (Neelix) at Maiden’s Cove – it was fun, but a bit windy, sunset drinks by the pool with Tanya (we’re FB friends again :-P) and Paul, a visit to Tash’s place in Sea Point with Philippa, Tanya managed to get us onto the guest list for Era – great sound quality, bumped into Will and Luke, again – probably stayed longer that what was really needed.
  • “Klam grond word vinnig nat.” — Paul

  • Sunday, drinks by the pool, afternoon beers at La Perla with Paul and Pieter – for some reason we (I) thought it would be a good idea to try one arm push-ups – the record was only 3, pizza at Call a Pizza – very nice guy who runs the place – we got a round of beers on the house – because they sold a number of my outdoor party photos, slept like a baby – it was quite a weekend.
  • It’s been a bit of a self-destruction / Paul Carr week. Somehow no real damage was done. As I’m writing this, I’m on holiday for a few weeks…

Have a fun week, crazy kids.