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Find your Tyler….

Clifton 1st
Clifton 1st
  • Week of 14-20 December.
  • This post is not late.
  • Monday, woke up with a bruised rib and hip – not sure how that happened, podcast walk to the office, quick visit to the French school, after work beer with David at La Perla – to be honest I was a tad afraid to go there after the Sunday antics, early supper at Aris, slept like a baby.
  • Tuesday, last working day of the year, podcast walk to the office, built two WordPress sites with Let’s Encrypt SSL certs, after work swim at home, nap, a beer and pizza with Aiden and Georg at La Vie, in bed early.
  • I’ve not really had a holiday since 2011 – so this should be good for me.
  • “Beer will get you over the fear.” — Aiden

  • Wednesday, #ZumaMustFall march from parliament to the Company’s Gardens, I bumped into Richard – seems he put a friend onto my health hacking posts, a braai at Jacques’ house.
  • Keep the momentum going for #zumamustfall campaign, see you on Feb 1st.
  • Thursday, woke up at Jacques’ house, chilled at home, nap, lazy late afternoon on Clifton 1st with Georg (see above) – waiting for the holiday vibe to set in – time well spent, supper at Lucky Fish and Chips, Tiramisu and a Jamey at Goloso, epic sleep.
  • Gust Pay gets a mention here, after a year of being in limbo.
  • Friday, been enjoying way more sleep than I actually need, dark choc TiTea, gym, nice swim (how the gym gives back), some blogging, took an aimless podcast walk to Clifton, took a stroll from 1st beach to 4th and back, many swims – warmer than usual water, some beach volley ball (I kinda sucked, but these guys were like Top Gun level beach volley ball regulars), sundowners with Georg, Jessica, Excelda, Mercia and Jenine – we only left the beach at about 21:00, a streak at Hussar Grill with Georg and a nice bottle of Reyneke Organic Cab Shiraz, red wine and meat coma, time well spent.
  • Find your Tyler.
  • Be idealistic and authentic.
  • Some relationships should be measured in dog years.
  • I think it’s safe to say I’m now too old for three day adventures with Paul.
  • The end of a bit of a self destruction phase. I think I became tired of the whole self improvement thing, or at least took a break – and that’s okay – but, I’m back. Health is cool, kids. Becoming Tyler Ferriss (-: – squats and milk. If you are not in a state of repair – you are in a state of decay.
  • “The internet is a self perfecting organism.” – Maria

  • “Make the kind of things you want to see exist in the world.” – Maria

  • I think my next startup, will be 10 startups.
  • “Deadlines make you creative.”

  • Saturday, collected some Ultra loyalty points, fetched Paul – he very calmly told me he’s not going to AfrikaBurn – not sure how I feel about that, we arrived a bit late to JD’s birthday brunch at Nederberg (a bit is like 1.5 hours), we attended the institution that is the annual Love & Light day party (see below) – must be our 8th one (who’s counting?) – Paul, Claus, Janey (it seems she actually reads my weekly posts – hi Janey!), Luke, Abbey, Ross, Michael etc – very good fun – as always, I almost managed to get Milly and Phillipa to attend.
  • Nice to see JD, aka J5. Happy birthday, big guy!
  • Pre-rehidrat is a thing.
  • Sunday, a swim at Paul’s house, nap, big AltJ appreciation day – driving back from Stellenbosch, Clifton 1st with Georg and Jess (I skipped a day – I was on a roll to do a whole week of Clifton sunsets), a walk to the Sea Point Spar – sunset chat with Jacques on the way – random and purposeful mission to make some (wholesome) Camphill (pasture fed milk) White Russians – they were grand.
  • “Love is the warmest colour.”, “I want to be every button you press.” — AltJ

  • Holiday vibes have kicked in, ahead of schedule.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.