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Staycation week with Mia and NYE adventures…

Clifton 1st
Clifton 1st
  • Week of 28 December to 3 January. Post number 400.
  • This post is a bit late, I’ve been spending time with Mia. Great to spend lots of time with her.
  • Monday, breakfast with Mia at Knead, Myog, Mia explored every feature of her new phone and rearranged the apps a few times, mocktails and cocktails at La Vie with Georg… try the Cape Town G&T, putt putt game with Mia (I won, by one shot – unplanned), ice creams and a sunset promenade walk.
  • Cath wants to start doing Sweat 1000. I said I’d join her in checking it out.
  • Don’t be lonely. Have good quality relationships. Work on health and friendships.
  • Tuesday, Mia and I watched Steve Jobs at the Waterfront – her first Nouveau movie… good movie, I had a bit of a passive aggressive moment with the cinema manager not wanting to let us take our smoothies into the movie, we found some great chocolate cake and chatted about the story after the movie, extended book shop browsing session, afternoon shopping for clothes for Mia – I think we make a good team… good value, good taste, we picked up some Body Shop specials, an early supper at Quaglino’s in Mouille Point – I often drive past the place, so I figured I’d give it a try after reading about it on Tyler’s blog – not bad, the kind of place you never need to take your sunglasses off and you can sip white wine all day (Igby Goes Down style) – service was a bit B rate and slow, but the ice cream was great, Green Point park walk, promenade walk, some blogging, 1/2 an avo each – dinner of champions.
  • For some reason I feel kinda vulnerable in the hours after publishing these posts. Seems being a Neurotic Extrovert is a thing.
  • “Artists lead, and hacks ask for a show of hands.” — Steve Jobs movie

  • I showed Mia this TED video, and now she really wants to go to Burning Man.
  • Easy way to fall asleep, this works fairly well.
  • DStv can’t die soon enough. I hate the UI.
  • Wednesday, Mia watched Pirates of the Caribbean while I tinkered with some personal sysadmin’ish stuff, backups etc, for some reason I had to figure out some location tracking for Mia’s phone and set up a shared calendar, I cooked a ridiculously healthy lunch for Mia, afternoon on Clifton 1st, Mia found a friend (from Sunday) and ended up going to supper with them at Willoughbys – she does not usually eat sushi, but it seems a bit of peer pressure got her past that – this gave me a way to test my new location tracking apps, Georg and I walked to the Taj in Camps Bay and had some indian food – I was feeling adventurous and had a vindaloo option, interesting deserts (Klufi), welcomed Mia back at home.
  • Seems Life360 is the best app to track kids phones.
  • Somehow I managed to spend four days in board shorts…
  • Thursday, Mia and I walked down the hill to the Bantry Bay Bootleggers to have breakfast with Tyler – nice chats (startups and stoic philosophy) – good to catch up, pest control guy came to spray for cockroaches (must be the time of year), Georg and I dropped Mia off in Somerset West and we had a beer with JD at the Old Bridge Tavern, a beer with Al and Georg at the De Zalze clubhouse, a swim and braai at Melissa’s house just outside Stellenbosch – very cool house – built next to a river, general NYE mayhem with Paul, Al, Claus, Henning and about 15 other people (see below), very fun evening, thanks!
  • Friday, more swimming and post-NYE party at Melissa’s, ended up at Paul’s house in the late afternoon and watched Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.
  • Saturday, a day on the farm with Paul – swimming, bubbly, Campari, AltJ, watched Star Trek, perfect day, we kinda ended up missing Johann and Victoria’s party in Cape Town.
  • “Here’s to making days disappear…” — Spotted on Paul’s wall, a note Christina left there.

  • Sunday, watched Star Trek – Into Darkness again (no hair colour changes involved), drove to Cape Town and had a burger at Jerry’s in Park Rd… tasty, Naulene dropped Mia off after what sounded like an extended Deer Park visit, Mia and I walked to Clifton 1st – mostly for Georg’s going away sundowners, beach time and many swims with Mia, Cath, Georg and Melvi (see above, bottom left umbrella – that’s been our regular spot), warmer than usual water, I think I’ve reached my optimal summer tan level, pizza at Posticino’s with Georg, Mia, Victoria and Johann (the newlyweds) – good to see them, very nice pizza.
  • I should write a little summary of 2015… maybe read all my posts for the year again. Soon.
  • LLAP

Have a fun 2016, crazy kids.

NYE Stellenbosch
NYE Stellenbosch