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Memory design…

Kloof Street
Kloof Street
  • Week of 11-17 January.
  • Health week 1/3.
  • Yeah, this post is a bit late, I’ve been tinkering with Python / Django and PyCharm. I figured it’s a bit of a shame that I can actually write some code and I have a pretty good understanding of DevOps – but I never use these skills. So, this year, I’m going to write some code and build a few things. I’m enjoying learning Django. Thanks Jonathan.
  • A week without drinking, and driving… good use of the Oxford comma there.
  • Monday, podcast walk to the office, Michael cracked two ribs and took the day off, Daniella’s first day, Sababa lunch, post work swim at home, nap, watched some Mr Robot.
  • Tune of the week: Space Oddity, RIP David Bowie.
  • “You have to be odd to be number one.” — Dr Seuss

  • Very random observation, but I’ve been eating a lot more cheese than usual, and enjoying it.
  • “We will be able to create avatars of people who have passed away from all of the information they have left behind (their emails and other documents, images, videos, interviews with people who remember them). These will be compelling but not fully realistic, not until the mid 2030s, so some people will find this ‘replicant’ technology to be in the ‘uncanny valley,’ that is, disconcerting.” — What The Next Decade Will Bring – here is at least 402 weeks of info for you, dear future AI of myself.

  • “I’m going to be dropping pins like it’s nobody’s business.” — Paul, after working out how to send his location via Whatsapp.

  • Tuesday, podcast walk to the office, wayleaves meeting, a few rounds of business card design updates – scratched my OCD itch – Octotel now has 5 employees, lunch with Paul at Sababa (again), post work swim at home, watched the last three episodes of Mr Robot – it was okay – I guess I struggle with series, finally processed all my notes and photos from the holidays.
  • Bring back your personal website / blog. My personal site kinda got stuck in 2010 – but the blog lives. I might have to update the personal website content this year.
  • Too Many Cooks, 11 minutes well spent.
  • Mia has so many movies to catch up on. I’ve been making a list for her.
  • Wednesday, the health plan begins, podcast walk to the office, figured I needed some new trainers – Nike Free 5.0, post work swim at home, long aimless podcast walk to Camps Bay, another swim at home (hot day).
  • I’m at 86kg after the holidays – about 3kg gained – not too bad, considering I’ve not really cared much about what I’ve been eating (read: beer and pizza) since mid November with no real exercise plan, but my BIA stats have regressed – I probably gained 3kg of fat and lost a bit of muscle. Three week goal: lose 4kg of fat and gain 3kg of muscle. I’m keen to see if I can do it in under three weeks.
  • Made it up to ep. 54 of the Tim Ferriss show – I’m still a year behind. That’s 10 episodes for the week.
  • “Creativity is the new literacy.” and “The creative class flocks to a handful of happy cities, abandoning the rest.” — From The Refragmentation

  • 21 Self-Improvement Experiments – I’m pondering trying some of these. More in my 2016 goals post – to follow soon – after Origin.
  • Thursday, podcast walk to the office, aimless sunset podcast walk to Clifton and a bit of a beach walk, Wouter made some salmon and herb pea mash… very nice.
  • Nice conversation about the Burning Man experience and how to recreate it, ep53, about half way in. I listened to this and thought… that’s it, I’m going to AfrikaBurn 2016!
  • “The correct use of wealth is magnificence.” ~- Aristotle

  • Also from that podcast, the concept of memory design or designing the best/ most memorable house party. Great idea. Spread memories spatially – different themes, venues, music. Create unique memories in a short amount of time. I guess this kinda relates to designing a life of many different projects and experiences. Probably a good idea for dating. Have dates in various different places – design good memories. If it’s true that relationships need 5 good experiences for every 1 negative one, 5 new experiences for every 1 familiar one is probably also a good rule.
  • “Tech startups are the great driver in modern culture.” — ep53, also related to how the Silicon Valley startup scene influences Burning Man. Read: if you are going to live in our day and age, building tech businesses is the place to be.

  • Back to school for Mia this week and Thursday was her first day of taking her phone to school – nice to keep in touch with her – seems she did well in the high jump and shot put and was 2nd in the running event.
  • I agree with Peter Thiel on failure. It sucks. It’s a big loss of momentum / optimism / confidence. Interesting experience, but best to be avoided. It’s not the badge of honour which it seems to have become in a few tech startup circles.
  • Be mindful – make things interesting for yourself, be present.
  • After recently switching off FB notifications on my phone, I moved the Facebook app to the 4th screen in a sub menu. I’m trying to avoid it. Just eats battery, attention and data. I was planning to delete it – but I do like posting the odd photo. I also deleted Happn – dating apps are just hard work.
  • “Adults follow paths. Children explore.” — The Ocean at the End of the Lane

  • I’ve been reading a chapter of a plain old paper book before bed each night. Seems to help me sleep. I should try and read more books this year.
  • Friday, up early, car service day, fibre splicing demo and node room tour, fetched my car, fetched Mia, Fred&Max with Paul P. – gave him some advice on building apps, stationary shopping with Mia at the Waterfront, Mia insisted I get a new Yoda phone cover, extended bookshop visit – Mia walked out with Tintin and the Crab with Golden Claws – I got Zero to One, burgers at Gibson’s – we had to try it since Paul gave it good reviews… pretty good, food shopping with Mia – including the usual Mini Babybels cheese – a favourite from when I was a child.
  • After my Saturday morning meditation on this topic, I have to say the best burger in Cape Town is at Da Vinci’s (burger in a bowl) – and Mondialle, if you like bread. Seems I have to go try Junior soon.
  • Mia had swimming trials on Friday and won the freestyle, butterfly and backstroke races – she says the breaststroke race was a very close finish – not sure who won.
  • My headphones really were a great investment.
  • Looking at my iPhone Health app, I seem to average more than 10k steps per day. In linking my health app to Discovery app I noticed I got 300 points for going clubbing at ERA recently. *grin*
  • I’ve started taking a lot less supplements – I now have multi vitamins (B/C etc) maybe twice a week.
  • Keeping with the memory design theme I figured we should go visit Llandudno and Hout Bay this weekend.
  • Saturday, tea, cherries and Netflix – watched Galaxy Quest (RIP Alan Rickman), the usual device backup and photo processing party (pocket, notes, photos -zero), stuck some tape over my laptop camera (after a podcast I listened to this week), Mia and I covered her school books and we compared notes on our shared calendar, drove to the Garden’s Centre to get some things printed, but their lame Windoze PCs could not read my exFAT USB drive (and yes, exFAT is an MS format), gym and swim at Wembley Square – I snapped the above photo on the way – I showed Mia the power plate machine and how to do squats (without weights on the bar) – she was complaining about her ankles hurting when running, I’m interested to see if powerplate and squats help stimulate the growth of the supporting muscles around her knees and ankles, we drove to Llandudno for a beach walk, early pizza supper at Posticino’s in Hout Bay – good pizza, sunset walk on Hout Bay beach (see below), 11h sleep.
  • I have Mia using Wunderlist now. If only her mother was this receptive to productivity apps.
  • Sunday, we made tea and breakfast, Mia watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off while I processed some notes – I’m struggling with this screen-free day thing, gym and swim at The Point (more power plate and squats), quick Waterfront visit – to print Mia’s school book covers, leftover pizza with bucket loads of avo and humus (yum), five hours on Clifon 2nd for Michael’s birthday (see below), bumped into Grant who seemed to be well positioned to appreciate views of a group of very scantily clad models, long swims – Mia stayed in for about 25min (warm for Clifton), walked up and down the beaches with Mia, Nicole (she’s back) showed Mia how to paddle out on an SUP board (Mia went out on her own later), bubbly and some Sterhuis Chardonnay at sunset, I took my DSLR/85mm to the beach for a change, really magic sunset. Time. Well. Spent.
  • I think Mia enjoyed her (half) only child time.
  • This post is probably a bit long, 1600 words, new record I think, but I’m too lazy to make it shorter.
  • Mia seems to like my pasture fed milk and whey protein cocktails.
  • “You are everywhere I go, all the places we have been.” — from the epic audio masterpiece that is Over and Over by Moloko.

Go design some good memories, crazy kids.

I couldn’t really make up my mind about which photos to use. So this week we have four. A new record I think…

Hout Bay
Hout Bay
Clifton 2nd
Clifton 2nd
Clifton 2nd Sunset
Clifton 2nd Sunset