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500 weeks of summer (life is short)…

Riesling Rocks 2016
Riesling Rocks 2016
  • Week of 18-24 January.
  • Monday, school run, Waterstone gym, brunch with Paul at Kleinsky’s… latke benedict with pastrami – very good, bumped into Nikki at Kleinsky’s – I’m not going to lie it was a tiny bit weird – after not seeing her since October, but great to see her and give her a hug – yeah, safe to say, I miss her, WordPress dev meeting, tea with Paul (he likes his tea strong… He-Man skin tone colour) – I helped him upgrade and backup his phone, I installed PyCharm, after work promenade walk with Paul, pizza at La Vie with Pieter, Jean and Paul, nice summer night promenade walk back to our cars, Wouter experimented with home-made fried chicken – very good.
  • “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world.” — Casablanca

  • “Maybe he’s on Bluetooth?” — Paul, about the homeless guy talking to himself as we walked back to our cars after La Vie.

  • Mia sent me a message with a photo of her ribbon for coming first in the shot put event – inter-house track and field finals. Eat your egg whites and cheese kids.
  • “You like to poke the bear.” — From a chat about Paul’s ERA outing and upsetting a friend.

  • Tuesday, podcast walk to the office, I installed Snapchat – amusing, wayleaves meeting, aimless podcast walk to Clifton, walked up and down 1st to 4th (17k steps for the day), watched the sunset with Philippa and Luke, braai at our house with about 12 people, swims, red meat, Chardonnay.
  • A reason to get up in the morning: Ikigai.
  • I’ve discovered the “my list” feature in the Netflix web interface – way better than trying to find content using the remote. Also have a look at this list of categories.
  • After pondering this for a bit… I think the best text neck cure is not swimming, standing desks, less smartphone time, walking 10k steps a day – it’s simply a good chair and sleep.
  • Wednesday, very cool day, Lean Startup Coffee in Green Point – interesting chats about the next ten years of bots and the redundancy of human labour, haircut at Yogi’s, PC Networks meeting, catch up chat with Joseph at Chop Chop – mostly chatted LoRa tech, Cor took me for a roof tour of the building, a swim at Wembley, Jonathan gave Michael and I a six-easy-lessons in Django dev, sunset on Clifton 1st reading Life Is Short, walked my 12k steps for the day, set up a new Django dev Linode with Debian 8.2 (RIP Ian Murdock).
  • I’ve been pondering the 10 years view of the world. I’s going to get pretty crazy I think.
  • Seems about 0.2% of the world’s population can code.
  • After listening to a podcast this week, I really need to start eating only grass fed beef and milk – avoid antibiotics in our food.
  • “Talent neglected or misguided, investigations into the nature of things not completed, what is right understood but not acted upon, and the lack of energy to rectify what is wrong, these are the things which pain my heart, which I exist to remedy.” — Kung-Tzu (Confucious)

  • “Calm is contagious.” — Pavel Tsatsouline

  • “These were not guys with fast thumbs, these were athletes.” — Pavel Tsatsouline

  • Thursday, podcast walk to the office, catch up chat with Daren – chats about how nobody wants to earn Rands anymore, installed Python 3.5 on my laptop and Linode, some blogging, phoned Mia and had a nice chat with her, long phone chat with Nikki, left the office pretty late, sunset walk towards Bantry Bay, a post sunset swim at home, Wouter cooked some lamb in his SousVide machine – very good.
  • Are you working on things that can change the world?
  • Kinda jumped in the deep end with my new year starting to code again project. I figured Python is the best option for web dev, Raspberry IP GPIO stuff, and teaching Mia to code.
  • Friday, gym – my first real gym session for the year, office, configured an NMS server, lunch with Fred at Basic Bistro – plotting a kids friendly AfrikaBurn – chats about, RSS vs Twitter, new directions and garden variety narcissism, watched Mia’s inter-house athletics for a while, a beer at Fred&Max and some email tinkering, back to the athletics to watch Mia run the 4×100 relay, Gardens Centre, a 21:00 swim at home with Mia – hot evening, perfect water temperature, 11h sleep.
  • “The only easy day is yesterday.”

  • Saturday, tea and Clone Wars (brings back memories of Stellenbosch days), photo processing, backups and upgrades, OZCF market with Mia at the Waterfront – we bought some of Richie’s smoothies – said hi to Philippa and Tash, Mia’s usual fix of olives, we drove to Stellenbosch, Riesling Rocks 2016 at Hartenberg with Paul, Frieda, Josh (see above) – my 3rd Riesling Rocks I think – the Groote Post Riesling was the gem of the festival – I took my camera with 85mm lens and had some fun taking photos, late afternoon Eerste Rivier walk with Mia, up to the cable bridge, chilled on the top soccer fields, pizza at Col’Cacchio in Stellenbosch – Mia was feeling adventurous and had a mix of Tropical and Hawaiian pizza (big step), listened to some Morcheeba on the way back to Cape Town, post sunset swim at home, 11h sleep.
  • I had a chat with Josh about the Secret Sunrise events. I should go.
  • “Soak up wisdom all year long, then take action…” — Morcheeba

  • I only took 2689 photos in 2015 (106 events), 2014 was 4000, 2013 was 2389, 2012 was 4286 – so it seems a slow year is around 2k and a good year is around 4k.
  • Mia is 153cm, 45kg, shoe size 6 now.
  • Note to self, I should just use UberXL to transport bicycles.
  • Sunday, 2am swim – perfect wind free night, but very hot, Mia made me breakfast, processed some photos, added some (˜70) books to Mia’s Kindle, Mia watched more Clone Wars (in her rabbit onesie), a swim and a nap, walked to Camps Bay for some calamari – I made Mia walk 13k steps for her supper, ice cream, sunset series of beach walks on the way back (see below), time well spent.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Sunday Walk
Sunday Walk