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Returning some video tapes…

Octotel Roof
Octotel Roof
  • Week of 8-14 February.
  • No photos this week – I’ll get to that.
  • Monday, school run, Waterstone gym, fetched a Constania Fresh ticket at Eagle’s Nest, office, Journey Apps meeting with Dirk, kinda forgot to eat all day, left the office at 19:00ish, had a good chat with Wouter – the only real solution to this Naulene problem is for Mia to live with me – Wouter made banana ice cream (without ice or cream) – very cool process of putting half frozen banana through a masticating juicer, phone chat with Mia, some blogging.
  • Tuesday, Headspace, podcast walk to the office, Trello training session, drinks at Up Yours with Jess, Max, Amanda and Marion (bit of a Techstars London reunion meetup), a burger at Junior (hipster McDonnalds) on Kloof Nek with Max, tacos at El Burro Taqueria (right next door) with Jess and Amanda, dropped Jess off at home and took Wouter a Junior burger, upgraded 6 Let’s Encrypt SSL certs.
  • “No please not Trello. It’s like bringing a spoon to a gun fight.” — Jonathan

  • Wednesday, podcast walk to the office, two ISP meetings, more Octotel website tinkering, our Calix GPON gear arrived (finally), took an afternoon walk around Tamboerskloof, attended the Vumatel community information evening at the German school, another walk around De Waal Park to get to 10k steps, sunset drive home, a beer and a smoothie with Wouter, more website hacking after he pointed out a few design snags.
  • I gave the Octotel website a fairly major design and content update this week and made it https. I also added some GIS / mapping features. I’m pretty happy with it now: www.octotel.co.za. Notice we have 5 ISPs on the network now. Still a few more things I want to improve.
  • Mia won a gold medal for shot put this week – competing against two other schools. Seems my weekend coaching worked. 6.09m. Interesting thing, genetics. I used to do shot put and swimming. Mia seems to be good at those too.
  • Thursday, podcast walk to the office, we took a company photo on the roof of the building (see above), ZTE GPON lab setup, long painful meeting, a fresh juice with Paul, fibre patch manager demo, more website tinkering, a beer with Wouter – watching the State of the Nation speech.
  • I know, let’s all email Excel spreadsheets around. Not.
  • I ended up buying an AfrikaBurn ticket. They were not sold out (a week later), interesting. 74 days until the Clan burns.
  • “The collective noun for people who live in Cape Town: a flake of Cape Townians.” — Wouter, about planning a braai.

  • Friday, gym, office, after work beers at the office, a swim and a braai at our house, good chats with Michael, we ended up in ERA, I donated an iPhone to Long Street :-/
  • I tried both the tracking apps on my phone within 30min of it going missing. Nothing. I suspect it was stolen and switched off. Oh, well – I guess losing one phone in 16 years is not the worst stats.
  • So, yeah, no photos this week, but more hyperlinks than usual. At least I did not lose much data – a few photos and some notes.
  • Saturday, watched The Princess Bride… of When Harry Met Sally director fame – really enjoyed it – not sure how I missed seeing it until now – gap in my education filled, had some left over braai meat and beer for lunch – bacheloring hard, nice to do nothing, had a Telegram catch-up chat with Paul – he finally managed to see you-know-who for a dinner this week – only took him about 4 weeks to arrange that, epic nap, watched SuperMensch – inspirational and a bit sad, aimless sunset walk to Clifton and a beach stroll from 1-4, got in bed with sand on my feet and watched Risky Business… not bad for an 80s movie – the Genesis soundtrack was a nice touch.
  • I realised two important things this week:
    1) Mia should live with me. It’s the only long term solution.
    2) I’ll make a note to come fill this in, in a few weeks time.
  • Sunday, lazy morning, backups and more braai meat, I installed Cyanogenmod on a Samsung Galaxy S3 – it’s not bad – after all the Google crap is removed from Android – let’s see how many weeks I last on Android, nap, took a sunset walk to Clifton, had a burger at The Craft Burger Bar in Sea Point.
  • Update: I found a photo for the week.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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