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Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay
  • Week of 15-21 February.
  • Monday, office, IFC meeting, Calix GPON workshop, Kloof st Knead, a walk up and down the full length of the promenade, some Reyneke Organic Merlot while hacking a user management system together for the ISP Portal part of the Octotel website – WordPress + Gravity Forms is a pretty cool rapid prototyping tool.
  • I switched to using the Overcast podcasting app. It’s a bit better than the default iOS app.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, catch up chat with Lee at Knead, La Vie with Georg and Nick, a steak at Nelson’s Eye and some Saronsberg Shiraz 2013 (epic wine) with Georg and Nick – epic steak, nice to see Georg.
  • It was a liberating 5 days without a phone. Podcast listening suffered a setback. Because of Telegram I could still communicate with most people from my laptop – at least those I communicate with regularly.
  • I found a photo for last week’s post.
  • Support FMR. It’s R320/year.
  • “We are all super fragile.” – Nick, I think we were chatting about relationships.

  • Wednesday, lean startup coffee – chats about creating the world you want to live in, fetched a phone, restored all my apps and settings to an iPhone5 – this Android business was never really going to happen, took Mia some snacks and watched her girls relay gala, shared a pizza with Mia, we found some Mulante Spiced dark chocolate in the Waterstone Woolworths… very good, dropped Mia off at home, sunset drive to Cape Town, had a drink at La Vie with Georg and Nick.
  • “Make the kind of things you want to see exist in the world.” – Maria, of Brainpickings fame.

  • On the topic of creating the world you want to live in: You need a plan to live in South Africa!
  • “The best art divides the audience.”

  • So, Ari – I hope I meet this future wife in April, or I’m going to go have to come ask for my money back.
  • Thursday, gym, swim, office, got a Masked Ball ticket – let’s hope the weather is good, wrote a newsletter for the Octotel ISPs, sundowners on Clifton 1st with Georg, pasta and red wine at Hugo and Dennis’ place in Clifton… chats about analogue surveillance devices, kinda fell asleep with the lights on.
  • Friday, office, ZTE meeting, swapped the maps on the Octotel website to CartoDB – looks pretty cool, watched Mia’s school gala, she won three of her races (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke) and the U10 most points trophy (3rd year in a row), drove to Cape Town and had a celebratory pizza at Bacini’s Kloof St with Mia, tiramisu at Goloso in Sea Point, a sunset Famous Grouse with some sea views at home (see above), processed the photos and videos from the gala while Mia watched Futurama, 11h sleep.
  • Saturday, tea, we had flapjacks at Bootleggers (because of the recent shot put gold medal), Mia did some PyCharm Edu tasks while I renamed an AppleID, early thai food supper at Phuket in Camps Bay with Mia and Georg – it’s where the old Baraza cocktail bar was (see below) – we watched the 2007 Rugby World Cup Final there, a nightcap (at 20:00) at La Belle – Mia was tired.
  • What a nightmare trying to change my AppleID email address – I just wanted to merge an iCloud and iTunes account. Really painful process. Took like 2 hours. Had to reboot everything. Never use a company email address for an AppleID – things change. Make it a personal / generic account.
  • Lesson in iPhones going missing: always enable Find My iPhone via iCloud. Makes it a lot harder for the person who steals your phone – even after a full reset and OS re-install it gets stuck if the device is linked to an iCloud account with Find My iPhone enabled.
  • Sunday, tea and PyCharm Edu tasks, I showed Mia the banana ice cream thing – never gets old, gym, swim, smoothies, fetched Georg, Goldfish at Kirstenbosch with Mia and Georg (see below)… good fun – time well spent. The last time I was at a Kirstenbosch summer concert was in March 2013… it’s been too long – it’s been so long Mia is not really interested in playing in the kids area anymore.
  • Tune of the week: We Belong, Pat Benatar – random radio tune that got stuck in my head.
  • “This is the decisive second. The second when you act, the point of no return. This is where you meet yourself. This is where a new adventure begins. This is the moment. This is your time.” — Wired

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Camps Bay
Camps Bay