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The Last Braai of Summer...

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  • Week of 7 to 13 March.
  • Monday, school run, gym, office, super boring Telkom community fibre event at the Sea Point High School with about 7 people, swim, some blogging.
  • Tuesday, office, ward councillor meeting with Michael in Wale street, catch up with Fred in Woodstock, worked at the Wembley gym, a beer with Dan at Paradiso.
  • Wednesday, swim, Mia went on her first two day school camp, office, added the finishing touches to our Octotel Home Fibre Guide print brochure, catch up lunch with Joseph at Ravish in Bree street - we chatted GPON devices, premium wifi and space suit design, catch up with Cor and Steven at 75 Harrington, a swim at the Wembley gym, ordered a MacBook Pro 13 with Retina display (256GB model), a burger with Jonathan at Hudsons on Kloof - good fun, chats about parenting apps and mental health apps.
  • Thursday, podcast drive to the office, sent some newsletters to get people to come to the Octotel Sea Point Community Information Evening, some serious braai shopping with Wouter, sushi at Harbour House in the Waterfront with Wouter.
  • Friday, office, mostly tried to get more people to attend the Octotel event next week - newsletters, FB event and ads, flyer drops and press release writing, some final braai prep - candles, fairy lights (see below), music, snack platters... The Last Braai of the Summer (see below).
  • Very cool braai, perfect wind-still evening, 35+ people, bucket loads of G&T, Wouter braaied enough meat for a small army, I remember playing some The Cure songs and The Groovenator, a few good laughs about Ryan Gosling movies, nice to see Al, Diabi, Daniel, Becky, Claus, Janey, Paul, Hilah, Bienne, Dan, Pieter etc. (see above). We might have to do a first braai of Autumn soon.
  • Our AfrikaBurn theme camp sound system has made it through its third party. Not bad for a cheap boom box system that went to the desert.
  • We finally have a recycling bin - we figured we needed an extra bin for the braai.
  • Saturday, Janey woke me up at 7:00ish, processed some photos, fell asleep watching Hackers (1995), braai meat for lunch, The Grand / Granger Bay with Dan, La Vie with Dan... good chats - I'm excited.
  • I've been living in ~Cape Town for 20 years now.
  • Stating the obvious, but not all craft beer is good beer.
  • "Enjoy your own company."

  • Sunday, slept till 9:00ish, finished watching Hackers... Angelina Jolie as a geek is pretty hot, braai meat for lunch again, nap, some notes processing and blogging, read through about 30 saved (Pocket) articles from the last six weeks (only 70 to go), more braai meat, watched an episode of Rome.
  • "Hack the planet."

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Braai lights (pic by Luke)
Braai lights (pic by Luke)
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