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Dress up. Leave a false name. Be legendary...

Octotel Beach Rd
Octotel Beach Rd
  • Week of 14-20 March.
  • Monday, some press release writing, office, fibre team manager interview, lunch with Dan, fetched my new Macbook Pro 13 Retina from the Waterfront (Macbook number 4 since 2004), discovered Paul was still at the house, had a post weekend catch-up chat and more braai meat snacks - his car battery had died, migrated some stuff to the new laptop.
  • Press for the week: Octotel expands Cape Town fibre network, Octotel to expand Cape Town FTTH, Octotel expands R50m Cape fibre network.
  • The new laptop is cool. It's about 30% faster than the old one - which is nice, but not Moore's Law kinda nice - then again, the screen is awesome! Crazy how many little configs there are all over the place when you migrate to a new laptop. Took me two days. Homebrew is pretty cool.
  • After a recent braai, I realised I'm back to full card carrying member status of the League of Emotionally Unavailable Gentlemen.
  • Tuesday, office, two interviews, set-up work for the Octotel event, took a podcast walk along Beach Road in Sea Point (see above), Octotel Sea Point Community Fibre Information Evening at the Marais Road Shul (Little Tel Aviv central)... it went well - we had about 70 people there, had a Myog with Michael and a vodka tonic with Wouter - chats about social tiers and self control.
  • Wednesday, swim, podcast drive to the office, installed emacs, sunset promenade walk, Wouter cooked an epic steak and asparagus dinner while we chatted AfrikaBurn planning.
  • I switched from using jed to emacs. This is a big thing actually - I've been using jed for about 18 years. I'm about to switch from Aperture to Lightroom. Apple's pro apps have really become very lame. I guess that's what happens if you make 90% of your money from selling phones.
  • I should probably change my Facebook religion status from Jedi to Emacs now.
  • I discovered Prelude. Thanks Charl.
  • Thursday, TiTea, gym, swim, podcast drive to the office, more interviews, we connected the first Cool Ideas customers (new ISP on the Octotel network), some new business card design work, attended the launch of Spin Street House (soon to be an Octotel fibre customer) - now associated with Speedspace (of Seedstars World fame), Wouter and I wanted to go have a St. Patricks day Guinness at Twankey Bar, but they stopped selling Guinness on tap - must be something that happened after Aiden went back to Ireland, then we tried five other bars and ended up having a Guinness (out of a can?!) at The Butcher Block and Grill - with some tiramisu - chats about crazy ex's that used to make good tiramisu.
  • Are you healthy? - maybe less than 5% of the population is.
  • Friday, podcast drive to the office, fetched Mia from school - start of the school holidays and a ten day holiday for me, a late brunch at Fred & Max, drove to Cape Town, we made some frozen banana and strawberry ice cream, Mia watched The Princess Bride - she loved it, a sunset promenade walk with Mia - we chatted about finding things you are passionate about, I figured out how to remap some Slack keys, some Reyneke organic Merlot with Wouter, Anton arrived (Mr Kobayashi), we chatted about his eco-tourism ideas, lots of red wine and cheese, stayed up way passed our bed times.
  • Turns out Brie is more creamy and Camembert has a stronger flavour. I've been meaning to read about that for ages.
  • "Dress up. Leave a false name. Be legendary." -- spotted on FB

  • Saturday, breakfast with Mia and Anton, Anton left for a wedding, Mia and I went to watch Kung Fu Panda 3 at the Waterfront - very cool movie, some aimless walking (flaneuring) around the Waterfront, ended up at Den Anker for an early supper - with pomme frittes, mayo and weiss beer, more aimless walking and chats - including some AfrikaBurn planning, ice cream, we listened to Eloctrolite on the way home - Mia asked me what my favourite song was and it was first to pop into my head, in bed early, 11h sleep.
  • "Shifu: If you only do what you can do, you'll never be better than what you are." -- Kung Fu Panda 3

  • I decided it's time I help Mia to learn Afrikaans a bit quicker after reading one more article about the benefits of bilingualism.
  • "Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone." -- Billy Cox

  • Sunday, the first day of autumn, Afrikaans day with Mia, breakfast with Mia, Ernst, Lisa, Owen, Tim and Wendy at Caffe Neo - and a bloody Mary - nice to see Ernst - chats about how we are very good at rationalising emotional decisions - he was on his way to convincing me to go for scenic runs - until he mentioned his knee that's busy disintegrating - also chats about Stellenbosch, tech businesses, Afrikaans and wine, a Constantia Wine Route adventure... wine tasting at Constantia Glen - bumped into Zia, wine tasting at Eagle's Nest - good Merlot - had to get a few bottles, Beau Constantia (see below) - bumped into B and Nick, Hout Bay Market, Chapman's Peak drive - stopped for some views of Hout Bay, I had The Red Herring pizza at The Red Herring in Noordhoek (good memories from 2004 days), a sunset promenade walk with Mia (see below), notes and photo processing with some Eagle's Nest Merlot while Mia built a Scratch game, nice Sunday - time well spent.
  • Fish oil, asprin and magnesium. Probably all you really need to add to your diet.
  • Somebody should start selling braai broodjies at weekend markets.
  • Tune of the week: Eloctrolite, REM.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Beau Constantia
Beau Constantia
Queens Beach
Queens Beach