Quick Update

Holiday week with Mia...


  • Week of 21-27 March.
  • Monday, Afrikaans day with Mia, gym (powerplate, squats and stretches), swim, smoothies, chilled afternoon at home - super slow internets - had to do some debugging, a sunset G&T with Al and Hilah at La Vie, in bed early, 11h sleep.
  • It seems La Vie is about to change its name. Not sure I like it.
  • "Your download is in the mail." -- joking about our ridiculously slow internet at home.

  • Tuesday, gym, swim at Wembley Square, RoboArt - Kids Robotics Holiday Workshops at The Woodstock Exchange, a Kyoto style cold / slow brew coffee at Rosetta Roastery - amusing, it's a bit like a tea version of coffee - if that makes sense, catch up with Max and Chris at RISE (Barclays / Techstars space) - interesting chat with Max about an explorers club for A-types, iOS and OSX upgrade day, fetched Mia and her robot art, we had a burger at Gibson's, watched Allegiant (Divergent #3) at the Waterfront VIP cinemas - great seats - good story - nicely wraps up the plot from the first two movies, Mia liked it - so I'll have to show her the previous two movies.
  • Battery life on this new Macbook is epic. A whole day out and about and I come back home with 60% battery.
  • Wednesday, climbed on our roof and tried to improve the alignment of our wireless dish, weekend packing, I cooked a ridiculously healthy lunch for Mia, part 2 of her EDRO robotics course, Las Marias flat white at Rosetta (mega hipster coffee), a chat with Max at RISE again, drove to Bettys Bay (while Mia watched the second Divergent movie), braai with Anton, Kloppies and Niel.
  • Very nice to take some time off, swim, move around more, spend time with Mia - good chats.
  • Random 80s song of the week: Heart and Soul, T'Pau
  • Thursday, rainy day in Bettys (see above), Kloppies and Niel drove home, a nice walk with Anton while Mia watched Divergent 2 again - I think she might have found a next Harry Potter-like phase, we watched The Abyss - epic movie (in preparation for a related sci-fi classic ...since Mia asked me what my favourite movie is recently - and I figured the alpha-female characters are an interesting theme), sunset walk, we made a stew (it was not braai weather).
  • "Little geek is on the case." -- The Abyss

  • Mia seems to be getting into Scratch Jnr and some of the other coding related apps on her iPad, finally.
  • Friday, brunch with Anton, Cath, Mia and Piet, Mia and I drove to the Harrold Porter Gardens for a walk and some scones, drove back to Cape Town while Mia watched the 1st Divergent movie, we attempted to match Aliens - and made it about 1/2 way, a bit too scary for Mia - I remember watching it at her age and it was pretty scary, we watched a cold front cloud bank roll in over the ocean (see below), 11h sleep.
  • "Building better worlds." -- Weyland Corp.

  • Saturday, notes and photo processing, tinkered with some document writing, catch up chat with Dan, I dropped Mia off at her mom's house, Trumpet Tree with Al and Margot - planning a boules day, house party at Adi's.
  • Sunday, woke up in Stellenbosch, breakfast with Al at the De Zalze clubhouse - and a bloody mary, nap, a late lunch with Al, Henning and Margot, burgers and T10 with Paul and some Fleetwood Mac, time well spent.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.