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The other parts of the perfect world…

Wintery Promenade
Wintery Promenade Walk
  • Week of 28 March to 3 April.
  • It’s certainly not summer any more in Cape Town – but it’s been a nice change.
  • Monday, public holiday, woke up with this Paradise song stuck in my head, wine tasting with Paul, a burger at Hudsons in Stellenbosch, we watched Half Nelson (with an intermission) – one more movie from Paul’s Ryan Gosling collection – very good, listened to some NIN Downward Spiral – Hurt, such a good song.
  • Best weekend in a long time.
  • “Just pop it in the gas microwave.” — from one of Anton’s stories.

  • “Why is it always so late?” — Paul

  • Turns out worms are optimists and even they like adventure.
  • “We’re wasting time.” — in a Point Break kinda way.

  • Some people bring out the best in you. Over time, I think you learn to appreciate this much more.
  • Tuesday, woke up in Stellenbosch, back to work, two interviews.
  • “I’d rather be a comma, than a full stop.”

  • I installed Instagram this week. Interesting how the square format forces you to be a bit more creative.
  • Wednesday, first rainy Cape Town morning in a while, listened to some Nick Cave on the drive to the office – Darker With The Day – great song, another interview, I managed to get telegram-cli to work, cold’ish sunset promenade walk (see above), cooked myself a healthy supper, catch up chat with Wouter.
  • “Well, it’s rarer than you think.” — Wouter

  • Good read: Julie Rubicon (reads a bit like Microserfs).
  • If you ever want to backup Telegram conversations.
  • Two people have recently suggested I should read the Ian Banks books.
  • “The unexamined life is not worth living.” — Socrates

  • Thursday, gym, office, I managed to work out our home wireless link is screwed and it’s not going to get any better – might need to get fibre, new Tenda wifi and GPON toys arrived, I walked our Beach Road trench over lunch, stayed at the office pretty late, some AfrikaBurn tent admin, notes, rss and inbox zero, promenade walk, healthy supper with Wouter, caught up on some reading.
  • I really miss my childhood days of adventure games.
  • New health mission for April: 21 days of health, lose 5kg fat, gain 4kg muscle.
  • Note to self: I should really try and limit adding todo list items and pocket reads. I’m still about 100 articles behind.
  • Mia turned 10 this week. Only 8 more years of officially needing to deal with her mother.
  • Write for yourself. Design and create for yourself! – it’s the best way. Success is all about consistency and a deep need to work – from Tim Ferriss show 24 July 2015. Good listen.
  • I asked Naulene twice through the day to get Mia to switch her phone on so I can at least phone her for her birthday, but no – and obviously Naulene does not answer her phone either. Nice, really classy.
  • Hmm… I’m starting to suspect I might have some note making disorder – and it’s getting more random (as I write this) – I don’t remember my head being this busy ten years ago.
  • Friday, swim and a steam-bath, office, fetched Mia – chats about what it means to be a geek on the way to Cape Town, epic post-rain sunset promenade walk – great light for some Instagramming and a freak wave splash, I cooked Mia a healthy supper, in bed early, 11h sleep.
  • So, after trying for about six weeks to convince Naulene that Mia can go to Anton’s birthday in Joburg – and go to AfrikaBurn with me, she’s just making it impossible, and she does not want Mia to miss any school, fair enough. Sorry Mia.
  • Since that cryo-sauna experience I’ve been doing three cycles of the steam bath and cold shower every now and again. Works well. Try it.
  • Why the seventh Star Wars movie was a copy of the first.
  • Saturday, breakfast with Mia and Wouter at Jarryds – good breakfast – try the Huevos Rancheros, catch-up with Dan while little geek hacked some PyCharmEdu, promenade walk, lunch at Rockpool with Mia (the old La Vie), another promenade walk, backups, nap, more PycharmEdu, Mia had a moment, I cooked Mia a healthy dinner, in bed early, 11h sleep.
  • I deleted all the games off Mia’s phone and she had a bit of a moment about that – but, it had to happen and we had a long chat about it on Friday. So long Minion Rush.
  • Ever notice that love is only the third layer of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? I guess it’s a bit like the OSI networking stack – nobody really talks about anything above layer 3.
  • “Copyright is for losers.”

  • Funny how making mistakes makes you look at things in a different light. Make a ton of creative mistakes before 30, crazy kids.
  • “The meaning of a thing is the change it causes in the world.” — from this article.

  • Sunday, super chilled day at home, configured Aperture on my new laptop, I imported about 33k photos (2000-2010), and put about 19k photos from between 2005-2010 on Mia’s phone for her – had a good nostalgic browse, we made kiwi and strawberry ice cream, (virgin) G&Ts by the pool – with the cat, some blogging, Mia refused to eat more of my veggie dinners, so we had a Nick Cave appreciation drive to Hussar Grill (Mouille Point) for some burgers, a night time promenade walk with Mia past Three Anchor Bay beach – I pointed her at the Chris Chameleon album on her phone and we talked about why Ingrid Jonker walked into the sea at Three Anchor Bay beach, big overnight backup – around 1.2TB – including every photo since around 2000 and a few before that.
  • So, no more phone games, Mia – sorry, but an extra 19k photos and 16 home videos – I should make more home videos – I have lots of footage.
  • “I thought of my friends who had died of exposure, and I remembered other ones who had died from the lack of it.” — Nick Cave

  • I found some interesting photos on Sunday. Nice to have all my photos in one place now. Why did I not do it sooner? – well, my old laptop did not like big volumes of photo imports. Let’s just say my idea of a photo worth keeping has moved on since early 2000 – nevermind camera quality improving a lot.
  • You have to appreciate how special Mia’s mother is. She has an iPhone, but I’m not allowed to phone her, or text her on that number. I am allowed, to text her on some random Nokia phone – but I can’t phone her on the Nokia either. So 5 hours go by on Sunday afternoon, with me trying to arrange when Mia can be dropped off. Then Naulene texts Mia’s phone – from her iPhone – saying she has no airtime on the Nokia phone – and she still refuses to answer text messages to the iPhone. Honestly, you just can’t make this stuff up.
  • I seem to be drinking way more tea than usual – must be a seasonal change thing. Units of work delimited by cups of tea.
  • “Love is not a maybe thing, you know when you love someone.” — see below

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Instagram walk
Instagram walk
Instagram walk clouds
Instagram walk clouds
Monday morning
Monday morning, spotted at Paul’s house