Quick Update

The life of Joe…

  • Week of 4-10 April.
  • Health week 1/3. Muscle gained + fat lost = 4.4kg.
  • Monday, walked to the office, interview, lunch with Mia, putt-putt with Mia in Sea Point – Mia won – I might have been a bit distracted with my new Instagram photography craze (see above), supper at La Vie and a glass of Miss Molly to celebrate Mia’s win, dropped Mia off at her mom’s house – after her last day of school holiday, podcast drive back, catch up chat with Wouter.
  • We connected IS / Web Africa to the Octotel network this week. Looks like MWeb will be on the Octotel network soon.
  • I think I might have listened to too much Nick Cave last week.
  • Tuesday, podcast walk to the office, some postfix tinkering, catch-up with Sarah and chats about network automation systems, supplement shopping, took a walk around our neighbourhood looking for a new wireless dish causing noise on our link – walked right up the hill to where the Lions Head footpath starts – nice views, ended up having curry at Laura’s house and agreeing to install wifi repeaters for her mom – good chats about AfrikaBurn and her fax-spam-king friend.
  • “Instead of trying to make a better robot, try to make a better man.” –Shimon Peres

  • “Is it possible to be a mindful hedonist?” from 31 Jul 2015 TimF show.

  • “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

  • Wednesday, up early, gym, chia + lomad day (Camphill milk delivery date changed to Thursdays now), tinkered with LayersWP, left the office after dark, asked Wouter to help with a small design project.
  • Maybe you are awesome? Maybe this is paradise? …from listening to the Tara Brach interview TimF 31 Jul 2015.
  • “Make new mistakes.” — Kevin Kelly

  • Will this laptop migration ever end? I keep finding little things which I need to install or configure.
  • Thursday, swim, steam bath, office, good meetings with Seacom and Vox, Facetime audio chat with Jacques – Facetime audio works pretty well to London, catch up chat with Nikki, left the office after dark, Wouter cooked an epic pasta – we chatted startup ideas and we did a bit of a design experiment.
  • “I remember when, I thought I knew everything.” — Pearl Jam

  • Friday, swim, steam bath, office, breakfast for lunch with Carel at the new Jason bakery – we chatted Bitcoin and AfrikaBurn, inbox zero, an after work beer at the office, Clifton beach walk, sundowner with Pieter, La Vie (/Rockpool) with Pieter and Rodney – maybe not the best idea in hindsight.
  • Woody Allen says – “eighty percent of success is showing up” – I’ve learnt that sometimes you should not show up. Just don’t go.
  • Saturday, some design tinkering, Granger Bay market with Wouter – always a nice vibe, catch up chats with Jacques and Dan, sunset podcast walk towards Clifton (see below), watched American Sniper… great movie.
  • General sense of optimism this weekend. Nice feeling. The two most important things.
  • We stand for adventure. The joy and the rush of the new.
  • Sunday, TiTea, gym, lomad day, some reading, sorted a list of ideas, notes and photo processing, backups, I put Mia’s photos from 2010-2014 on her iPad (~12k – she now has about 34k photos in total), I deleted about 200 apps from my iTunes library – man, I collected a lot of crap over the years, some blogging and chats with Wouter.
  • Manage desire. Try and desire only one thing at a time. Accept. Be present. Habits are everything. You become your habits. Are you happy doing just one thing? … listening to the interview with Naval Ravikant, TimF show 18 Aug 2015.
  • Tune of the week: Heart is a Drum – Beck. This whole album is great.
  • Which book has had the most influence on your life? I think my answer is Hackers by Steven Levy.
  • The Day You Became a Better Writer.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Sorry, I kinda saved most of the week’s photos in a square / instagram format – short on 16:9 photos.

Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay