Quick Update

Mild sense of panic setting in…

  • Week of 18-24 April.
  • Health week 3/3. Well, mostly.
  • Monday, office, wrote a newsletter, booked a flight to Joburg for Anton’s birthday party, sunset podcast walk to Clifton and a stroll from 1st to 4th beach (see below), made a healthy dinner while chatting to Jacques via Facetime for about an hour, catch up chat with Paul.
  • Tuesday, office, an extended city wayleave meeting – all about trench sharing, sunset walk around Nettleton rd, cooked a healthy supper, Wouter made tiramisu – yum.
  • Wednesday, podcast walk to the office, migrated a bunch of forms on the Octotel website, Wellness Warehouse visit and a VitB shot (I should do this more often), DStv over fibre training workshop, dropped a tent off with Darryn, drove to Canal Walk, haircut – tried something new – I guess it’s a Brandon Flowers man-crush hairstyle, planned all the things I needed to get for AfrikaBurn in about 25min – mostly by dragging around items from previous Wunderlists, shopping- I actually had to go get a map of Canal Walk to make sense of the place, packing and making more lists at home.
  • Thursday, bumped into Paul at 6:30 in the kitchen, TiTea, gym – while listening to Sam’s Town – always makes me happy for some reason, office, lomad and chia day, manicure, Seacom meeting, met up with Paul for a coffee and a walk, catch up chat with Dan, a burger at Hudsons with Paul (see above), drove home listening to some Nick Cave and had some dark chocolate with Paul, kinda delayed my packing but managed to get all the important stuff in place, minor Youtube party.
  • “Martial arts on Valium.” — Paul, about Pieter’s Tai Chi.

  • I’m starting to think I should aim for 9 square photos per week and one 16×9.
  • Suffering really is voluntary.
  • Cool new Brandon Flowers video – Lonely Town
  • “Without adventure, civilization is in full decay.”
    — Alfred North Whitehead

  • I’ll have to fill in the rest when I get back from the burn.
  • Ok, here we go – the update. Bit of a dalay, but better late than never.
  • I made some studio Gibly posters of Kiki’s cat and the Bath House ghost as signs for our camp and had them laminated. No-face and Jiji. We never worked out an actual name for the camp, but the visuals had to do (see above).
  • AfrikaBurn X, number 5 for me.
  • Friday, up at 6:00, backups, packing with Paul – thanks for the help, drove to Franschhoek, quick re-packing, drove to Ceres with Nikki, nice drive, good chats, dramatic weather, stopped at a padstal and had rye and beef sandwiches (thanks Charley), drove along the R355 in a bit of a dust storm with some Fleetwood Mac tunes, stopped at the Tankwa Padstal while the worst of the dust storm passed, stopped to take in the views – rain storms in the distance, nothing short of spectacular, we arrived at AfrikaBurn just after sunset, had a vodka tonic or two with Chris and the Pompeii crew, nice rain, took a walk around the desert with Nikki, memories of listening to that Lonely Town song more than once.
  • How to survive on avos, biltong, coconut water, almonds, protein powder and chia seeds… but mostly avos for 7 days. I figured I should stick to healthy eating for this burn.
  • I actually made a lot of this week’s notes in a paper notebook. Reminded me that I don’t like my own handwriting – especially with a somewhat broken hand.
  • Saturday, Nikki set up her personal mini-theme-camp, I went to go claim some space for our camp in the quiet zone around 6ish, met our tent setup crew, tried to keep space for Tammy and co, took a nap, fetched my bicycle at Nikki’s camp, took a long night-time ride and went a bit too fast over a patch of mud which had some dried car tracks through it from the recent rains, took a nasty tumble, drove back to my camp and figured I needed some help, Nikki cleaned off the worst dirt and patched me up (thank you), in bed early.
  • Sunday, visited the medics, they cleaned me up and covered everything again, my knee, shoulder, hand and face lost a fair fit of skin, took a cycle around (looking like The English Patient) and took some photos, nap, finished reading Zero to One – the founder paradox chapter was very interesting, took a hot shower at New Beginnings, nice chat with Carel, Maia, Otto etc, had a beer on the sundowner deck next to our camp and took an evening walk around the Binnekring, mostly felt a bit sorry for myself and took some photos of the rising moon with my tripod.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.