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AfrikaBurn X… the kid in lonely town.

AfrikaBurn 2016
AfrikaBurn 2016
  • Week of 25 April to 1 May. This post is a bit late, I wrote it on a flight to Joburg.
  • btw. I updated last week’s post. You might want to read that first.
  • There was this moment on Thursday night before driving to AfrikaBurn, chilling on the couch and chatting with Paul. A moment before it all. Very cool.
  • From a chat with Nikki… people I motivated to go to AfrikaBurn for the first time: Paul, Ernst, Nikki, maybe Wouter – and Mia obviously.
  • Monday, day 4, all the stresses melt away, medics visit, bumped into Richard (at the Rhino camp), cycled to the gate to go leave a note for Wouter and co about how to find our camp, (green 10×12 stretch tent), chilled afternoon alone in the camp – mostly reading this Osho meditation book on a mattress I dragged out into the middle of the camp with a view of the airfield while listening to Radio Free Tankwa (from the neighbours), epic nap, our neighbours played this great classical guitar music so I went to go chat with them, Gerald and Sarah arrived, I went for a photography cycle and bumped into Laura and friends, we watched the sunset from the top of the nest-like artwork (the Khoisan language shrine), the medics took my head-gear off so I did not look like the English Patient any more, dinner with Gerald and Sarah, an evening walk with Gerald and Sarah and the 85mm – got a few nice evening shots, in bed by 0:00.
  • Nice to be alone with pretty much nothing to do for three days, good time to meditate. Meditation in a strange thing, so much text to describe something so simple.
  • Being relaxed is a hobby. You have to enjoy being calm. You have to care and be interested. Stating the obvious, but I think a lot of people who want to be calm don’t care enough about being calm to be calm.
  • AfrikaBurn is a social thing, the key is to be engaged in building something, so not really doing anything is a new experience, I don’t think I’ll do it again, but it was a needed experience. I missed Mia.
  • Tuesday, catch up chat with Andrew (of Mxit days), shower, medics – they took my bandages off and gave me a few layers of spray plaster – which burnt like hell, Wouter arrived, spent some time at the Tankwa library, took a photo walk and a mutant vehicle ride around, sunset street party at the Bekfokte Crew camp, in bed by 23:00.
  • Timeless things for chilling in the desert: G&T with lots of ice and fresh lime, Alt-J.
  • Pro tip: keep your cuticles hydrated in the desert.
  • Wednesday, Tammy’s crew arrived, medics, I found Paul randomly driving around close to our camp, chilled at the camp, more G&Ts, sunset walk to the G&T Garden camp, we found Tammy’s tent, catch up chat with Paul – I seem to remember we covered the topic of Aliens and Sigorney Weaver, spent some time at Tammy’s camp, fell in bed just in time.
  • “Is that for the ducks?” — Wouter, about some bread at our camp.

  • Thursday, no notes for Thursday it seems – hmm – epic sunset party at the G&T Garden camp again, I remember walking home next to this mobile karaoke machine singing along to Mr Jones / Counting Crows, best (random) memory: jamming to a Fleetwood Mac song at the G&T bar at sunset with Paul.
  • Friday, woke up in a somewhat broken state, very windy day, really not much fun packing up in the wind with a screwed up hand, finally left with Nikki around 13:00, we stopped at the Tankwa padstal briefly and again in Ceres, I passed out pretty soon after we arrived at Nikki’s house, great sleep.
  • No real damage done, than I know about. Nothing lost or broken.
  • I took about 900 photos at AfrikaBurn this year – and published about 260. Almost enough. I seem to always feel I should have spent more time with my camera, but I have less of that feeling this year. I just shot in JPG – as I did not want to worry about running out of space with RAW photos. You notice the difference in the post processing though.
  • My highlights were: the drive up and the two G&T Garden sunsets.
  • Sometimes you just have to go and be alone in the desert for three days, and do some hyperventilating breathing.
  • Big thanks to the medics at AfrikaBurn.
  • AfrikaBurn was very healthy for finally getting over Nikki. Only took 8 months. Not sure if I’m getting better or worse at this post relationship emotions thing.
  • AfrikaBurn takes practising discomfort to a new level. Or if you are used to practising discomfort its an interesting environment to test your thinking.
  • I actually gained 2kg at AfrikaBurn. Must be all the avos.
  • My six photo albums from AfrikaBurn are here… Sunday, Monday Day, Monday Night, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Saturday, woke up in Franschhoek, played with the dogs, fetched Mia, drove to Cape Town, another epic shower, Waterfront, Mia and I had steaks at Den Anker – good to have some red meat, we found Mia a new Superdry hoodie for winter (green this time), we watched Ratchet and Clank… not bad, food shopping, downloaded around 900 photos from AfrikaBurn, more spray plaster, did some basic first round photo processing, 11h sleep.
  • Touch typing with one somewhat screwed up hand is tricky.
  • Sunday, Mia helped me make a pretty impressive bacon, eggs, mushroom etc. breakfast spread, I processed AfrikaBurn photos, watched an Aperture tutorial and mostly tried to avoid unpacking – but I finally unpacked my car and found most of the things I hoped were not missing, burgers at Hussar Grill in Mouille Point – I suspect Mia likes going there because of the olives, 11h sleep again.
  • Mia is still browsing through all those photos I added to her phone a while back.
  • Nice to see Mia. I really missed her.
  • Kinda surreal writing this. Seven days in the desert go by very quickly.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.