Quick Update

Remember why you started…

Sea Point
Sea Point views from the roof
  • Week of 2 to 8 May. I wrote most of this on a flight to Cape Town.
  • Whenever I’m on a plane which is accelerating to take off the following words go through my head: “Punch it, Bishop.” – I can’t help it.
  • Monday, public holiday, Mia made us some fruit salad, the last AfrikaBurn photo processing, we drove to Strand Beach for some putt putt – nice 18 holes (better quality / design than the Sea Point one), soft serve ice creams and a walk on Strand Beach, I dropped Mia off at her mom’s house, some quick shopping for a dish Wouter was cooking, nice dinner with Gerald, Sarah and Wouter, we phoned Paul on speaker phone – he stopped for a burger in Ceres on his way home from AfrikaBurn – after finding his car keys at lost and found, good chats, in bed fairly early.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, processed 11 days of email backlog, stayed at the office till after dark, braai at Jacques’ new house and a good catch up chat, they have a new dog called Nesquik – super cute.
  • Wednesday, office, city fibre meeting, spent a bit of time of the roof of our office building to install a new dish for our home wireless link, watched The Jungle Book with Jacques, Marietjie and Charlotte at the Waterfront, take-away Wagyu burger from Mondiall, phone chat with Mia, a G&T with Jacques, tinkered with the wireless link config at home.
  • Thursday, finally managed to get the new wireless link running, walked to the office, Bantry Bay trenching project kick-off meeting, climbed on our roof at home to align our wireless dish, managed to get the link to be pretty stable at around 20Mbps (-53db), post-burn catch up chat with Paul at Knead, home, great dinner at Carne on Kloof with Hilah, Al and Diabi – very nice rib eye and a bottle of John X Merriman, tiramisu (not bad, but Wouter’s is better), Van Hunks with Al and Hilah, bit of an odd feeling when you want to just drive home to listen to a new album on the way.
  • For some reason I’ve been in this super chipper mood all week. Must be the six days of great Cape Town weather, or a post-AfrikaBurn glow. Feel like I’ve processed a lot of stuff.
  • Counter-intuitively, I think, sometimes it’s easier if things end badly.
  • Impressive how the body heals in two weeks. Almost back to normal. I’ve pretty much been left-handed for two weeks.
  • “There’s a power in letting go.” — Brandon Flowers, Between You and Me

  • Friday, walked to the office, a ten minute packing session, drove to the airport, flew to Joburg and caught up on some Pocket reading and blog notes, I suspect I don’t travel enough for my Pocket habit, Gauntrain to Rosebank, Uber to Ernst’s house, worked on the porch at Ernst’s house – inbox/rss/photos/notes zero, tapas and gin at Workshop 55 with Ernst and Lisa, we had some Monkey 47 and Gin Mare – the holy grail of gins, good fun, nice to see Ernst.
  • Pocket reading list went from about 155 to 120.
  • So much for that Greek coffee, Ari!
  • I think I’m pretty comfortable with my Intermittent Fasting lifestyle these days. Two meals a day is all you need, kids. Don’t eat before 13:00.
  • Tune of the week: yeah, still Lonely Town. Safe to say I love this album… The Desired Effect.
  • I really hate voice notes in messaging apps. Feels like voicemail.
  • Saturday, tea with Georg and Ernst, caught up on some blogging, brunch with Al and Georg at Vovo Telo in Parkhurst, catch up chat with Dan, epic nap, Wilderer and Swaan G&Ts with Lisa, Anton’s 40th birthday party at Anton’s house – nice to see Georg, Andrew, Kloppies, Cath etc, ended up staying there till about 3:00, Anton made a nice speech – the bit about immediacy was cool, I obviously made everybody listen to that album I’d been listening to all week.
  • “Nothing you do, buy, build, make, or contribute to this earth is going to truly fulfil yourself from the inside out.” — nice read on the topic of immediacy.

  • Sunday, tea with Ernst, we fetched Georg from Anton’s house, Ernst drove us to the airport (in his rather awesome new car), a beer at the airport with Georg, flight to Cape Town, dropped Georg off in Clifton, watched a Netflix documentary about algorithms while blogging, backups, in bed early, watched 1/2 of Love and Mercy – the Brian Wilson movie – very good.
  • “Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind.” Be an optimist and an idealist. — 9 Learnings from 9 Years of Brain Pickings

Have a fun week, crazy kids.