Quick Update

Keto mousse and sober raves…

Milly 30th
Milly 30th
  • Week of 16-22 May.
  • Monday, school run, Waterstone gym, Mouille Point trenching project kick off walk, office, a whisky with Wouter, dinner at Hugo and Dennis’ in Clifton with Georg and Excelda – had a bottle of Saxenburg Private Collection Merlot – memories of drinking that around 2003 with Ernst in Bulduci’s, some notes processing.
  • Three more people joined Octotel this week. 20 people at Octotel now. 18 Active buildings. 6 ISPs connected.
  • I listened to that Ketosis podcast again – really worth it. 5 day fast every three months.
  • “There is no way to happiness — happiness is the way.” — Thich Nhat Hanh.

  • Tuesday, office, extended city wayleaves meeting, fibre network design meeting at Jarryds – basically meetings and email for 8 hours, sunset promenade walk, cooked a healthy meal at home, watched 1/2 of King of Kong.
  • Good hobbies: Discomfort. Ketosis. Immediacy. Squats.
  • Weeks to death. Some Stoic thinking. I’ve done 420 weeks of weekly blog posts. I have around 1363 to go if I think 65 is a good age to retire. About 3189 weeks until death – if I’m optimistic and stay healthy till 100.
  • Life is short. Too short for BS.
  • My Instagram hobby seems to be going strong. Pretty much daily snaps.
  • Wednesday, office, Charly’s Bakery chocolate cake for Rob’s birthday, catch-up chat with Michael of Seedstars World fame, a late afternoon breakfast bagel at Kleinsy’s and a catch up chat with Paul, dinner with Yolande at Mondiall, made some keto mousse, watched the 2nd 1/2 of King of Kong… very cool.
  • Tune of the week, Everywhere Fleetwood Mac – memories of the G&T Garden at AfrikaBurn with Paul.
  • “Drowning, in the sea of love, where everyone loves to drown.” — Great lyrics, Sara

  • “Selina Kyle: It’s the so-called ‘normal’ guys that always let you down. Sickos never scare me. At least they’re committed.” — Batman Returns

  • Made it to Dec 2015, TimF show.
  • Just for fun I read my first few Quick Update posts this week. It all started around March 2008. It’s been 8+ years of weekly updates. I started when I was 30 – Mia was just about to turn 2. Seems it took me a month or three to work out the format, by July 2008 it was a weekly day-by-day log – pretty much how it’s been since then.
  • “Friendship is the most underrated relationship in our lives… it remains the one relation not bound by law, blood, or money – but an unspoken agreement of love.” — Hanya Yanagihara

  • Love is not the answer. Art is. — from the Alain de Botton interview, 10 Nov 2015, Tim Ferriss show.
  • Humans need routine, guidance and social support. I found this video about type2 diabetes, affects about 270 million people – can all be fixed, crazy.
  • Check out The School of Life – cool videos.
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Thursday, office, drove to Stellenbosch to watch Mia play hockey vs Rhenish, she played for the A and B teams and scored one goal, we went to get a Thule Vectros 13″ MacBook Pro Retina Bumper Case for my laptop (now I can drop it from 1m), we found Mia a new 36.5″ hockey stick, burgers at Hussar Grill in Stellenbosch, I took Mia to the finals of the LaunchLab Ideas 2016 pitching competition – we watched 4 pitches – Mia was a bit unhappy that all four pitches were from boys, dropped Mia off at her mom’s house, podcast drive to Cape Town, upgraded the firmware on my SanDisk SDDR-289 USB3 card reader (yes, it’s a thing – it had issues with lots of big photo downloads), made some more dark chocolate keto mousse – this time 1/2 dairy and it worked way better – yum, processed some hockey photos.
  • Keto Mousse – whip some coconut cream and dairy cream (50/50), dark chocolate cocoa powder, whey protein powder, cinnamon, salt, stevia, freeze for 30min, grate some 90% dark chocolate over it. Basically a fat bomb – tastes good. If I had to live on a 70% fat diet, I could easily have this for dessert every night. I think I should switch to cacao powder (not cocoa).
  • I’m going to make a fortune selling cacao keto mousse at sober raves (-;
  • Try the new lime Lindt dark chocolate.
  • Friday, podcast walk to the office, Camphill milk (in tea), network automation meeting, lunchtime walk with a NuWhey protein ice cream, after work drinks at the office – nice sunset views from the roof, walked home, sirloin, broccoli, keto mousse, whiskey and a catch up chat with Wouter.
  • Mia went camping at Tankwa for the weekend, and took exactly one photo – of an AfrikaBurn artwork, see below.
  • Really annoys me when a photographer puts a random black and white photo in a set. Or keeps two very similar photos in the same set – make up your mind. Can’t help it.
  • Saturday, reading (meditation book), backups, tea, helped Sam fix a leaking gutter, coconut ice cream, epic nap, took a bunch of photos with the 85mm at Melissa’s 30th birthday party in Stellenbosch, we had a healthy amount of NorCal Margaritas – kitchen drinking with Paul and Milly’s parents – cool party, thanks!
  • Number one way to eradicate poverty – educate young girls. Maybe a podcast? I talked to Mia about the idea but she was not that keen.
  • On becoming a student of life… I suspect I’m drowning in self improvement tips. I’ve been geeking out on the Tim Ferris podcast for the last 9 months. It all started when I lost 10kg around August 2015 and managed to get to 10% body fat around October 2015. Now, I feel like I’ve grown into somebody that’s a whole lot wiser – and I know myself much better. Good journey so far. Not sure where it’s going.
  • As I like to remind Mia, the first step is always to care and be interested. Be really interested.
  • Sunday, woke up in Stellenbosch, drove to Paul’s house and chilled on his lawn, Pearl Jam and pizza for supper, a Jamey Black Barrel at Balboa with Paul and Dennis, watched The Departed again – epic movie, weekend well spent.
  • Complete silence is the revolution.
  • Life starts feeling kinda disorganised if I’m a week late with a blog post. Hash-tag first world stress. A friend messaged me this week saying “I see you’ve stopped blogging?” – and I was only 4 days behind at that point! I guess I can relax again.
  • I have decided to swap the photos for these posts – I figure it makes more sense to see the nine square snaps after reading the week’s bullet points.
  • Ok, off to a hipster weekend market – this post might need some editing.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.